Hypocrites and Morons - but I Repeat Myself


    Once again, we step away from the reality that the majority of the world's population inhabits and into that dark, putrid, and decaying landscape in which this regime has rooted America.  So settle back, hold your nose, and allow yourself to be transported into that world of the mentally and spiritually challenged criminals that infect our nation's highest offices.

    As a bit of background, you should have heard about the incident in Moscow this week in which Chechen rebels (or terrorists or freedom fighters or martyrs or whatever each side called them) took over a theatre and held over 700 Russian audience and cast members hostage.  The rebel's demands were the immediate end of Russian "occupation" of their homeland (there's that word again) as well as other ultimatums with the threat that the group would kill all of the hostages if these mandates were not met.

    The stand-off began last week and ended Saturday when Russian troops filled the theater with an undisclosed gas.  The gas and the resulting shooting during the successful raid to free the hostages caused the deaths of all of the rebels and at least 100 of the 700 hostages.  Many of those hostages that were not killed in the fighting were still hospitalized days later from the effects of the gas.

    The Russians are refusing to make public the type of gas used to either the medical personnel trying to treat the injured nor to the media gathered to witness the clash.  Even the symptoms that the injured are displaying are being kept quiet from the media.

    Obviously, the gas used was extremely powerful in as much as it disabled the rebels before they could set off the explosives that many of the female members of the hostage takers had strapped to their bodies.  The fact that it also was responsible for the death of many of the hostages, themselves, also points to a very dangerous chemical mixture.

    The current regime in Washington were quick to condemn the Russians for using a chemical agent in a gas attack in that it was against the Chemical Weapons Convention treaty, signed by both Russia and the United States 5 years ago, that banned the development, production and stockpiling of any chemical for warfare, even such common gases as tear gas and pepper spray.  The treaty left a ten mile wide loophole, though, that allowed either nation to use certain chemical products for "law enforcement, including domestic riot control purposes".

    Let's break for just a moment to reflect on that loophole.  The two major powers on the planet signed a treaty that said that neither could use chemical agents against one another in wartime but either could use those same exact chemical agents against their own citizens for law enforcement or riot control purposes.  Kind of shows us lowly citizens our place in the political landscape, doesn't it?

    Okay, back to the point of this rambling.

    The current regime in Washington seems to have their undies in an uproar because the Russians won't tell them the chemical make up of the gas and because they are claiming that its use may have violated that treaty as well as others agreed to over the last century. 

    Once again, let's ponder that little conundrum, shall we?  The current regime in Washington is upset because the Russians may have used a banned chemical agent to end the stand off in Moscow.  They're angry that Russia will not disclose either the chemical composition of the gas nor even the type - opiate or calming or the more lethal nerve or other deadly potions.  Basically, they're in an hullabaloo because they think that Russia may have used a gas that violated treaties.

    This from the bunch of criminals that has unilaterally disregarded a slew of anti-missile treaties so that they could reward their owners at Lockheed and McDonnell-Douglas and the rest of the defense industry by going forward with a satellite defense system that began as a scientist's joke on a stupid old B-movie actor that infected the Oval Office at the time.  This from the international villains that ignores every single treaty that offered protection for military prisoners of war.  This from the miserable little worms that sent those same POWs to places like Egypt where they could be tortured and murdered out of sight of any of the world's media and groups like Amnesty International.

    The sickening hypocrisy of this regime should cause every single thinking, caring, and intelligent human being on earth to stand up and demand that the only regime change that these people need to be involved in to be the regime that festers in Washington, D. C. 

    Remember, the Sunshine Project has shown that the pentagon is also developing chemical agents for domestic use that would be illegal under international treaties for use in warfare.  In fact, the group has posted a contract on their site that shows the Office of Naval Research agreed to pay Penn State $88,750 to study the "utility of delivering nonlethal effects against personnel."  According to Edward Hammond of the project, "The pentagon is actively assessing different types of calmative compounds, "or narcotic materials meant to incapacitate rather than kill.

    Science magazine, in August of 2002, reported that the National Institute of Justice, the research division of the Department of Justice, had funded experiments at Pennsylvania State University to determine the effects of inhaling calmative gases and pepper spray as a crowd control device.  The resulting papers stated that the research could lead to "weaponized" Valium and other chemical agents for use in crowd control.

    There is no doubt that, although these chemical agents are initially meant to be used against any group who protests against the many illegal and inhumane activities of this regime, these same compounds will eventually find their onto the battlefield in direct opposition to the Chemical Weapons Convention and dozens of other international treaties.

    Regardless of the cruelties that the Russians inflict upon their own people, they have not, in the last few decades, invaded any other sovereign nation nor have they proclaimed themselves above all international laws and treaties nor have the allowed any candidate to steal the highest offices of that nation.  It is the owners of this regime in Washington that are guilty of every single one of those sickening transgressions and so many uncountable others.

    Because of the evil that infects our government, America has lost, entirely, any right to speak out against the acts of any other nation on earth.  Where we could once at least claim possession of the moral high ground, we have fell to the very bottom of that hill and we are digging furiously, searching for the deepest hole that we can possibly be led into.  We've discarded our freedoms, our democracy, and our honor in the last two years and it will take decades, at a minimum, before we can ever see the light of where we were when our founders gave us this grand experiment in democracy and self-determination. 

    Considering the abysmal quality of the spineless and corrupt creatures that control our government and the vile corporate lobbyists that own them, I don't see a lot of hope of every realizing the dreams of Jefferson or Adams or Franklin.  I think we're far too deep daddy Bush's "doo-doo" to ever climb back out.

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