The Death of Decency and the Onset of Hell


                Prepare yourselves for a Congress and a puppet president that will lead America into another moronic war over the control of oi, that will kill hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings and which will initiate more instances of gruesome terrorism all over the world.  Prepare yourselves for less Constitutional freedoms and less social justice and less taxes on the wealthy to be balanced by more taxes on the middle- and lower-class taxpayers and, well, frankly, into the sick Armageddon that these fanatically superstitious halfwits so ignorantly wish to force onto the world.  Prepare yourselves for at least two years of the most dictatorial and dishonorable government that has ever soiled this once almost decent nation.

            Why has this horror come to pass?  Was it because the moron and his puppet masters were so skillfully adept at running America that the majority of the people voted for two more long years of the same?   The economy of this nation has tanked, millions are unemployed, millions more have nothing left for retirement while the very few live as kings, the Constitution doesn't exist any longer, corporate crime is rampant and ignore by Congress, the fear of terror is a daily fact, and overall the nation is sliding into history as a footnote, no longer a chapter.

    Was it because the majority of the American people felt that the Republican Party offered the best policies and options for the future of this country?  Was it because the people honestly believed that they were better off now than they were two years ago?  See the preceding paragraph.

            The underlying cause of this debacle can easily be found in the two foolish and disgraceful terms of Willy-boy Clinton.  When he was elected, he promised to preside over an administration that would look towards the people for guidance and would work towards policies that benefited the people first and always.  When the Republicans were able to embarrass him (and Hilary in a supporting role completely beyond her capabilities) over his well intentioned but poorly constructed and completely undefended universal health care plan, the little simp decided that the only way to govern was to move the entire party towards the far right while pretending to move it towards the center.

            What Clinton established was a Democratic Party that avoided any hint of an actual belief system, a party that would far rather be silent than be passionate, that would rather be acquiescent than be morally courageous  He left a party without the balls to stand up to the most moronic, evil, corrupt and greedy administration that this nation has ever been infected with.  He left a party that constantly imitated the far right in all things while pretending that the three letters after their title, “DEM.”, meant some sort of difference that the American people could respect and rely on for protection from the vile and selfish members that represented those other three letters, “REP.”

            In the last two years, the Democrats have become nothing more than sweaty, servile, obedient little slaves of the Republican Party, the NRA, Corporate America and those cowardly chicken hawks that reign over the Oval Office.  The Democrats have allowed and even encouraged the policies of the owners of the occupant in their headlong rush into a theocratic, fascist dictatorship and calmly watched as everything that was once reasonable and principled within this nation descend into the sewers of the far right’s diseased vision for America.

            What the voters found on November 5th was one right wing and greedy Republican running for the same office that a greedy, right wing Democrat also desired.  What they found was that the only actual progressive and principled Democrat that ran for elective office, Paul Wellstone, had been murdered in a unbelievably suspicious and, for the moron and his owners, timely aircraft tragedy. 

    What they found was that, just as in the 2002 presidential election, they had the choice between two corporately owned and operated candidates, one, the Republican, that was owned outright and without any hint of shame and the other, the Democrat, that thought himself well camouflaged as an actual human being but was nothing more than a naked liar and political coward.  Just as when the electorate found themselves with one candidate, the little moron, that happily and overtly espoused superstitions and selfishness and violence and subservience to corporate domination and another, Gore, that thought his selfishness and subservience to corporate domination was well hidden, the people found themselves simply voted for the evil that was proud of its malevolence rather than the one that thought it veiled by lies of equality and fairness and dreams of social justice.

            The Democratic Party has again proven itself completely irrelevant to the lives of the American people.  The Democrats have finally shown the world that it is a party of weakness and camp followers and corporate whores without the slightest idea what the American people want or need.  They have become just more detritus that the Republican Party can sweep aside in its quest for total world domination or the complete destruction of all life on this beautiful blue celestial oasis.

            The Republicans didn’t win these elections, the Democrats simply conceded them by running poor copies of the Republican candidates, hoping the voters wouldn’t notice.  The voters did notice, though, and 60% of them stayed home rather than pretend to participate in the dying breaths of this grand experiment in the ideals of democracy.  Sadly, just as in the dark days of the Republican Revolution of Clinton’s first mid-term elections, less than 21% of the eligible voters in America were able to inflict their selfish and superstitious beliefs on the rest of us.  That isn’t the fault of the American people for staying home.  It wasn’t even the fault of the Republican Party since evil simply behaves as it must.  It’s the fault, utterly and completely, of the Democratic Party and the brainless, ludicrous, and useless “leaders” that have dragged it into unimportance and decay.

            Prepare yourselves for some of the saddest days of our short and ignoble 200 year history.  Acknowledge that death and terror will soon be a daily expectation in our lives.  Understand that, in every instance in which mankind has found itself confronted with horror and fear, they inevitably turn to a leader that rules with force and violence over the people.  It happened in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy and Stalinist Russia and Communist China and in Yugoslavia and Serbia and Bosnia and Somalia and Argentina and Columbia and Indonesia and Cambodia and Afghanistan and Bangladesh and, well, you get the idea.  Whenever the people fear outsiders, the people surrender their freedoms.  Whenever the people see one potentially repulsive future, they turn toward in a lesser understood but, most often, far more repellent direction.

            Do I sound defeated?  Does it seem that I see little in our future worthy of respect or hope?  Is America fated to die a death of a million small cuts from the poisonous arrows from the far right’s malicious quiver?  The answer is affirmative to all. 

Will I lay down my verbal and written swords in submission to these creatures of darkness and putrefaction?  Like the drowning man whose last act is an attempt to gather breath from the water, I will continue to attack and expose the criminals that have stolen our government and the spineless cowards from the party of the ass that allowed the little that was left standing in the light to be extinguished and forgotten.  I cannot cease to inform and clarify.  I owe my son nothing less.  I owe the spark of life within those yet to be born nothing less.

Never forget, you owe all that and more, as well.  The only use that the brave have for the white flag of surrender is to cleanse the wounds of battle and then to discard it along with the other trash that has become the landscape of the politics in this nation.  Stay alert.  Constantly inform and educate your friends and neighbors to those realities hiding behind the lies and confusion and distractions of the media. 

Always push back, never concede.

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