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    Two items of note. Alice in Wonderland meets chicken hawks in America.  In a press briefing by White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer on Sept. 3, 2002, the following exchange took place;

Helen Thomas:    "Ari, is the President willing to prepare to sacrifice American and Iraqi innocent lives to take out Saddam Hussein?"

Fleischer:    "Helen, the President is prepared to protect innocent lives."

Thomas:    "Pardon?"

Fleischer:    "The President is prepared to protect innocent lives.  And that is why the President has said that Iraq is part of the axis of evil."

    1984 made more sense than these bozos.  ( 1 )

    Second item.

    In the September 24, 2002 issue of The Wall Street Journal, the Personal Finance section asked the all important question, "Is Your Portfolio Ready for War?"  Such focus on material wealth at the expense of innocent lives is stunning in its basic malevolence.  ( 2 )

    The little moron's Daddy explained why they, during the Gulf War, didn't attempt to defeat and occupy Iraq.

    "Had we gone the invasion route, The U.S. could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land.  It would have been dramatically different - and perhaps barren - outcome."

    Obviously, Daddy failed to instill in his mentally retarded son the lessons of wisdom or courage.  Meaning, of course, that the moron was too frightened to actually join his comrades in the war in Vietnam and he's now too stupid to see the death and carnage that his cowardly attempt to steal the oil from Iraq will cause.  ( 3 )

    The wasteful and dangerous Star Wars program that began its life as a scientist's joke on a senile and stupid old man who was pretending to be President at the time has already cost tens of billions of dollars and will suck hundreds of billions more into the black hole of the defense industry in the coming years.  The media has been fawning over this program, pretending that there is some tiny possibility that it will ever work well enough to pass its own test criteria let alone in the real world.

    The Union of Concerned Scientists, one of few truly unbiased resources for the truth behind corporate and government's scientific lies and half truths, did a very in-depth study of the claims and the tests and created an interactive demonstration of the massive differences between the fantasy world that senile old men and morons live in and the real world where bombs are real and lives are lost.  According to the UCS, these pages, "illustrates the many limitations and artificialities in the testing program."

    I wonder how much longer this regime will allow such informative and important sites now that the Constitution has become irrelevant?  ( 4 )

    Have you ever wondered where a bodacious amount of the filth in our air comes from?  Sure, a lot comes from those useless penis substituting SUVs and all the other wheeled smog producers.  But did you know that there are almost 600 electrical power plants that still burn coal?  In fact, 54% of the power generated in America comes from these filthy plants. 

    Consider these facts:

    For every 500 megawatts produced by burning coal, 3.7 million tons of CO2 2hich is equal to cutting down 161 million trees each year.

    For every 500 megawatts produced by burning coal,10,000 tones of sulfur dioxide is produced which is the main constituent of acid rain.

    For every 500 megawatts produced by burning coal,170 pounds of mercury is produced.  A fraction of an ounce of mercury can make the fish in a 25 acre lake completely unsafe to consume.

    These are just a few of the pollutants that are added to the air that you and your children must breathe every single day of your life.  They cause lung diseases such as asthma and even cancer.  They foul the air, turning it brown. 

    And what is the answer that the criminals in this regime have to offer?  more coal fired power plants.  More oil fired power plants.  And, of course, the dirtiest possible form of power production; nuclear power plants.  They offer nothing whatsoever that improves the air or the world, only what fattens their already obscenely thick wallets.  ( 5 )



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