Since I Went Away


    Let's see, now.  Where was I?

    Perhaps we should recap the last three years before going on to the current carnage caused by the bunch of cowards occupying our government.

    So far, the stock market and NASDAQ have lost nearly half of their value. 

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans were forced to stand and watch as executives plundered and looted their pension funds at the same time these same little turds were stealing from the corporations that they were supposed to be leading. 

    Millions of Americans remain unemployed two years later. 

    The only barometer that the mindless media can see is the stock market, meaning that the media can proclaim that Americans support the war and all the catastrophes that the thugs in Washington have inflicted on us simply because the value of the market rose all of 3% in a random five day period. 

    The criminals that stole all of that money remain free to continue their sickening worship of profit while anyone dying of cancer and uses marijuana to alleviate the symptoms will find themselves dying in a prison hospital.

    The attacks on the WTC were funded nearly 100% by Saudi Arabian wealth that comes from selling oil to stupid Americans driving stupid, dangerous, ugly and wasteful SUVs which are only station wagons on steroids.

    We attacked one nation, Afghanistan, because they cannot, due to their religious convictions, hand over a fellow Muslim whom we blame for the WTC attacks.  Remember as well that we have never heard one iota of information that even slightly related the attacks to bin Laden.  All that has ever been produced was the moron and his limey lackey Blair proclaiming that they had evidence but, gee whiz, we can't show you because it's all, you know, hush hush secret.

    We massacred thousands of innocent Afghans in the process of annihilating the standing army of another sovereign nation and did so without ever achieving any objective except handing the country over to America's oil industry so that they can build a pipeline across the country to ship oil out more efficiently.

    To date, opium production has surpassed any previous output each year in Afghanistan.

    To date, there has been zero democratic, or otherwise, elections in Afghanistan.

    To date, the oil pipeline work is proceeding nicely.

    Our troops in Afghanistan are still being attacked by Al Qaeda fighters as well as some of the tribal armies that we supposedly "liberated".

    The moron hasn't said the name "Osama bin Laden" since July 8, 2002.

    This regime wants to cut $17 BILLION from the budget of Veteran's Affairs and put that into waging a war that will add tens of thousands of Americans to the already months long waiting lists for VA medical benefits.

    This regime wants $75 BILLION to wage the war for oil in Iraq.

    $75 BILLION invested in alternative power research would nearly guarantee that America would be using oil as a cheap and secondary lubricant within two to ten years without causing the death of one single human being as well as removing the funds from Saudi Arabia and any of the other oil producing financiers of terror.

    This regime constantly proclaims, "All we want is to return the UN inspectors into Iraq, er, we mean all we want is to destroy all of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, er, we mean all we want is a regime change in Iraq, er, well, what the hell, all we want is to steal every drop of oil that is contained in the second largest oil reserves on Earth and we'll kill everybody and anybody, Iraqi or American, that stands in our way."

    Protests are held almost daily in most of the planet's major cities and are attended by hundreds of thousands of peace loving, progressive and intelligent people.  These protests are dismissed in America's media as "A few thousand misfits and anarchists".

    Americans are old to "Watch what they say" and that, "There is such a thing as too much freedom" and "There are no longer any Constitutional protections". 

    Americans are told that the Pentagon was creating an office of "disinformation" which is meant to lie and distort and slander anyone that stands in the way of this regime's greed and violence.  Under pressure from the world's people, the Pentagon easily gives in and says that they promise not to lie about disbanding the office that was created to lie.

    The regime hires Charlotte Beers as, get this, Public Diplomacy Chief (can anyone out there spell "Propaganda Minister?) to create the impression that the moron isn't a total moron.  She controls all White House access to news photographers and has total control over which photos are allowed to be published.  Within months, the drunken, smirking, mindless moron is being portrayed with head slightly tilted to the sky, eyes full of wisdom, and always seeking the guidance of whatever god he believes in at he moment.

    Beers determines the best time to attack Iraq by proclaiming that they would never attack during the summer months since they would go up against the new shows on network television. 

    By the by, Beers resigned in Feb. after being accused of "dumbing down the message of America".  How in the hell do you "dumb down" the simple message that if you don't do exactly as we say, give us your oil for free, and convert from your damn heathen religion and follow the god that we invented we'll invade your country and kill anyone in our way?

    The regime proclaims that they will send ten billion dollars to Africa to help stem the tide of AIDS without mentioning that that money comes out of the funds that were once meant for treatment and research into the AIDS virus here in the good old US of A.

    As is always the case with the Nazi right, anyone who stands up and states the obvious; that this regime is illegal, that it has no right to give away our children's future to their wealthy owners, that the Constitution states very clearly that only Congress can declare war, that we despise their intention of spying on every single one of us in every way possible in direct defiance of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, is declared a traitor to America.

    As is always the case with the Nazi right and their halfwit followers, they proclaim that it isn't possible to support and pray for the courageous men and women that have been sent to Iraq to kill and die for oil unless you also completely support the little moron's thugs in their every policy.

    As is always the case with the Nazi right, they are so convinced of their infallibility that Cheney can declare on March 16, I really do believe that we will be greeted as liberators" only to have one of the commanders of the invading army report on March 28 that, "He's broadcasting, 'Surrender, surrender, surrender', and they ain't surrendering."

    This regime sends out one of their military types to inform the world on March 5, "The best way to [have a short conflict is] to have such a shock on the system that the Iraqi regime would have to assume early on that the end is inevitable" only to have the same mouthpiece on March 29 state, "This is going to take some time, and the tough part is yet ahead of us."

    The stark reality is that this regime has shocked the world with it's arrogance and its apparent belief that they are doing god's work while they murder hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings and are in awe of just how stupid Bush and his advisors really are.

    Now that this regime has illegally invaded Iraq, they are whining because the Iraqi people and military won't fight fair.  Since Iraq is well aware of the fact that they are outnumbered, have vastly inferior weapons and possess zero air support, they have begun to attack the troops using the same guerilla tactics that the Minute Men found so useful back in 1776.  The Iraqi generals know without doubt that trying to stand toe-to-toe with America's military might will only result in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi military personnel so they are falling back on the exact tactics that any Third World country would utilize when their very existence is at stake.

    Instead of the war lasting just a few days as the moron and his thugs convinced the American people this carnage would take, these same thugs are now trying to spin the resistance of the Iraqi Army as a virtue for the American military, going so far as to have Gen. Richard Meyers debase his uniform by changing the prediction of near instant victory to, "We have the power to be patient in this, and we're not going to do anything before we're ready."  In other words, this just might make Vietnam look like a complete success in comparison.

    Oh, and on the subject of protestors and the First Amendment and Constitutional freedoms and the like, LA's Daily News, one of the main mouthpieces for the Nazi's right's propaganda machine, had as their columnist on March 31st an article provided by a writer for the Ayn Rand Institute (second only to the nation's many toilets for absorbing and occasionally spewing out pure feces).  The title and sub-heading of this little masterpiece?  "Coercion is the Point.  Protestors' goal is to impose anti-war beliefs on others."  I could explain and report on the crap that followed but I think that the logic of the headline speaks for itself.

    Crawling out of the vermin infested sewer of conservative talk radio comes one Michael Savage.  This sad little right wing slut knows that just attacking anything progressive, thoughtful, intelligent or decent is the best way to garner the ears of the right wing insects that flock to anyone that will fill their empty souls with more and more filth.  This sad little example of interbreeding among morons proclaims that anyone defending women's rights is a "femi-fascist" (not as catchy as Limbaugh's "femi-Nazi, though) and that Hispanics "breed like rabbits" and that "sick, liberal lawyers" are to blame for 9/11 because they fought the policy of racial profiling at airports.  The only thing shocking about just another nasty, right wing purveyor of hate and idiocy is that he's not on FOX but on MSNBC.

    There has been a total of 2.5 million jobs lost in the United States since March or 2001.  In Feb. of 2003, employers cut another 308,000 jobs.  The official unemployment figure is 5.8% but is far closer to twice that number since Reagan's thugs decided to only count American on unemployment insurance or registered with a federal job placement agency.  Nobody else is counted as unemployed although the millions who no longer are eligible for government funds and who have fallen out of the race for jobs for whatever reasons would dispute that notion.

    All pollution laws are being altered from laws that are supported by fines and other penalties to "voluntary" regulations and all reports of the level of pollution will come from the industries themselves.

    The moron's thugs want to cut down redwood trees that are hundreds of years old in order to prevent fires.  Isn't that sort of similar to having your heart removed so that you will never fear a heart attack?

    The reason that so many middle-class Americans favor cutting taxes for the rich is that they have been seduced by the media and gambling interests into believing that they can be wealthy someday if they just play their cards right.  Hard work, intelligent investing (meaning simple savings accounts or long term reserves rather than the Las Vegas odds on Wall Street) is looked upon as old fashioned.  It is also means that the right can manipulate these believers of childhood fantasies into supporting a system that will tax them at a higher rate the rest of their lives since they'll never gain those riches using the rigged system in place.

    By the by, have you wondered what happened to the tanking economy, the criminal suits in the suites, the $2.00 a gallon gas, North Korea, Osama bin Laden, the failures of the FBI, the CIA, and the FOX News channel to protect America from the September 11 attacks, the influence peddling and outright purchase of our government by Corporate America and the oil industry, the shadow government that the Constitution prohibits but which exists in some cave or whatever outside Washington, the abject failure of "miracle of the marketplace" to bring affordable healthcare to the people, the cuts in funding for education at the same time that the schools are expected to test every single child as if every single child was exactly alike, the fact that Congress has rolled over like a bunch of weenies and violated the Constitutional requirement that only they can declare war, that the criminals in the White House are actually proposing a tax break of $87,135 on the purchase of a Hummer H1 priced at $102,581, that the voting lists were illegally purged in Florida before the 2000 election, that the 2000 election was rigged through that purge and that the Supreme Court was not Constitutionally empowered to overturn any decisions made by the Florida State Supreme Court but went ahead and crowned the little moron king anyway, about Treasury Secretary John Snow being sued because he was in default on his child support payments, that e-bay and PayPal executive Joseph Sullivan has offered to open all of their files to the government ("There's no need for a court order!  ...all you have to do is send us a fax with a request for information, and ask about the person behind the seller's identity number, and we will provide you with his name, address, sales history and other details - all without a court order.  We want law enforcement people to spend time on our site."  No shit, folks, that's an exact quote!).

    Does anybody remember that the Nazi law called "Leave No Child Behind" allows the military and other government agencies the right to access the school records of every child in America?  Do you also remember that any member of the faculty that informs the children or the parents of that access is punished by incarceration in a federal prison?  How about that the school will lose nearly $800,000 in federal aid if they refuse that access or even attempt to impede that access or inform parents or students about that access?

    Back in September, The New York Post reported under the headline "Saddam Aims to Give Terrorists Briefcase Bio Bombs" which, although quite frightening, was also completely untrue.  They were only reporting what "intelligence" officials had imagined possible.

    That same month, Chicago's NPR affiliate WBEZ refused to run an ad by the Quaker's American Friends Service Committee because it contained the objectionable words "peace", "candlelight" and "vigil". 

    Why the hell do the wealthy need another massive tax cut when the IRS is unable, due to budget constraints, to pursue 56% of unreported income from filers earning more than $100,000, 79% of offshore tax evasion, and 75% of individuals and corporations that simply refuse to file any tax returns.

    Even college students, normally among the thinkers and supporters of the freedoms we value and this regime hates, has moved too far to the right and are emulating their nastiness.  Case in point, students at New School University marched into the offices of president Bob Kerrey and demanded that he cease his support for ousting Saddam Hussein.  Folks, that's the Limbaugh style of debate, shutting it off whenever it threatens his long held but ultimately stupid and uninformed opinions.

    By the way, who won the War on Poverty or the War on Drugs or the War on Illiteracy?  Will I be asking the same question about the moron's War on Terrorism?

    Finally, here's my prediction for the coming years.  The moron's owners will win this stupid little war for oil simply because it's the nation with the most advanced weapons on earth against a poverty stricken Third World nation run by someone just a hair less evil and sickening than the one that infects the Oval Office.  This regime will immediately set about stealing the oil that so many Americans died for and selling it only to the U.S.  This will bring the price of gas down dramatically.  Those bozos who own those massive, dangerous, polluting, metal penises called SUVs, but which are nothing more than stupid station wagons, will suddenly find themselves able to ignore the fact that they get just 12 or 13 miles to the gallon.  They will thus feel like all is right with the world since the rest of the world can go suck ditch water as long as Americans feel okay about their waste and over consumption and they'll pay whatever is necessary to re-elect the moron and his band of thugs.  By 2008, America's decline into irrelevance and the role of pariah will be too far along to slow.  There won't be any election in 2008 in as much as the thugs will have suspended the Constitution and rounded up the "dissidents", disappeared all of the progressive leaders, and pretty much brought about the end of democracy.  At this point, the religious fanatics that have infested the nation will have one of their vicious Inquisitions, leading to open rebellion leading to the Nazis using small yield nuclear weapons on their own citizens.  The other nations see this and realize, rightly, that crazy mother f*ckers that will nuke their own people will nuke anybody else they like (see the twisted logic that began the carnage in 2003 in Iraq) and the missiles will fly.  Sadly, the Soul Harvesters and Bible Thumpers will believe that Armageddon has arrived and will fall on their knees and thank the same god who, by now, is as disgusted at the stupidity and violence and outright evil that has ever walked the face of the planet.  He will turn away, swearing to himself never again to create such a base, useless bunch of vermin.  


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