Some People Still Can't Face Reality

      I thought for certain that people had finally grown past the stupidity and finger pointing from the 2000 presidential election.  Apparently, I was wrong.

    After writing an article further explaining the platform and benefits that the Green Party offers and offering the opinion that democracy was best served when Americans voted for the best candidate and resisted the urge to vote for just another loser simply because that one isn't as bad as the more vile opponent, I received the following demand to be removed from our newsletter's list -

"I'd rather spend my time/energy reading more rational stuff.
You Greens-in-Denial are likely to end up getting the little toad elected AGAIN!
...hopefully enough Greens will understand that this is NOT the time to waste their votes pretending that it's not a two-party
Things are depressing enuff without that kinda idiocy.

I'm Green myself, when it makes sense."


    Gosh, where to begin?!? 

    Apparently, this person is still deeply into the wide spread denial that has infected far too many people and which is obviously not curable through an injection of factual and reasonable information.  That denial takes the form of the belief that Al Gore would have won the election if only, oh, if only the Green Party hadn't run an intelligent, progressive, believable candidate.  They just can't seem to understand that the candidate, Ralph Nader, energized and won the votes of those millions of Americans who hate the Republicans simply because the entire party is filled with evil, greedy, hateful and violent morons and are sick of the weenies from the Democratic Party who have become sick little Republican wannabe weasels. 

    Let's look at this sad credo one point at a time.

    Our political system is a two party system for two simple reasons. 

    First, third party candidates are given little if any media attention since the platforms of these candidates center, among other things, on the rights of the people to own the airwaves.  Should a Green Party candidate, in particular, be elected to a powerful position, the media would find themselves once again regulated in ways that benefit Americans and not the powerful few.  Also, since some folks can't bring themselves to become involved enough to write letters to the editors of their local newspapers or to speak out against that selfsame two party monstrosity among their friends and families, the corporate owners will always insure that their two parties are the only ones visible to the public.

    Second, third party candidates cannot accumulate the massive amounts of campaign funds necessary to confront the two party system across the nation.  Most true third party candidates, in fact, refuse these tainted bribes believing, rightly, that once one has sold their soul to the powerful, their futures would be controlled and manipulated just as the candidates of the two party system are now.

    We have a two party system because the American people have sat on their hands while the wealthy purchased the government and used it to benefit only them.  The same people who whine about Gore's loss are the worst of that lot. 

    Next, Gore couldn't even win his home state of Tennessee.  If a candidate can't even convince his constituents that he should be elected then he doesn't stand a hell of a chance of convincing the other 49 states.

    Gore did win the popular election.  More Americans voted for him than for the smirking little frat boy moron.  What Gore didn't do was win the rigged election in the state that the moron's brother ruled over and which illegally removed thousands of registered black voters from the voting lists.  He won the right to make certain that every vote was counted at the state level but lost by one vote at the Supreme Court level.

    The Supreme Court had absolutely no legal power to interfere with the decision of the Florida State Supreme Court's decision to count every ballot and Gore did not demand that they follow the Constitution's requirements to butt out.  Basically, Gore just went back to his weenie ways and slithered off into the darkness rather than fighting this evil and illegal ruling.

    Gore ran as a weenie Democrat with a right wing Republican platform.  He tried to pretend that he had no ties to President Clinton, a two term president that was still widely respected within the Democratic Party. 

    The moron ran as a dyed in the wool right wing Nazi.  He proudly acknowledged the hundreds of people he had put to death while governor of Texas and overtly lied about his platform promises.  The people decided that they preferred a Nazi who blatantly lied over over a weenie Republican who wasn't as skilled at lying.

    The voters that cast their ballots for Nader would never have even bothered to vote had Nader not been on the ballot.  Nader took a very tiny number of Democratic votes away from Gore.  What Nader accumulated was the votes of the millions of Americans that are sick to death of voting for the lesser of two evils, knowing that no matter who wins, evil will prevail.  Nader attracted those voters that cared about the American Dream, the voters that cared about the conditions that workers and women and children endure all over this planet.  His message of wresting the power away from the wealthy and Corporate America and giving it back to the people of America resonated with millions of people.  Nader was simply the anti-Republicrat or anti-Democan candidate and people showed their desire for his beliefs to rule the nation by voting with their minds and hearts and not out of fear of the worst of all possible choices.

    Gore lost because he took on the baggage of Joseph Lieberman as a running mate.  Between those two, it was difficult, if not impossible, to see any difference between them and any other far right wing lug nuts.

    Gore knelt before his corporate owners with as much subservience and obedience as any true Republican.  He showed no shame in being bought and paid for by anyone with a few extra thousands of dollars to spare.  He proved that he could be just as loyal a puppet to the wealthy as any Republican.

    Gore lied again and again and the people knew it.  They expected the little moron to lie since he was a Republican but they hoped, falsely it turned out, that Gore might try to tell the truth about his beliefs and policies.

    Nader spoke of renegotiating all of the trade treaties that Gore and his boss Clinton had signed.  Nader spoke of fairness, justice and security for workers all over the world.  Gore spoke of plans that his corporate owners loved, plans that abused, injured, killed and disabled workers all over the world. 

    The American people weren't used to hearing the truth that Nader spoke and millions of them used their votes to say that they wanted those truths to be America's policies.

    The reality is this; Nader stood proudly for every single idea that the Democrats had once embraced.  He spoke out for a progressive society that was founded on the principles of justice and fairness.  He spoke of a pro-family, pro-worker, pro-environment, pro-child, pro-human future that was the polar opposite of everything the sick, diseased Democratic Party now proposed.  He offered the first real choice at the polls and he did so humbly and without pause.  Voters responded to that honesty through the ballot.

    The coming election holds little hope for any new Democrats running as Democrats.  The entire slate of potential candidates, save for one, are nothing more than common, sad, hopeless Republican wannabes.  They have voted to give the moron powers that the Constitution relegated to Congress and they have backed a war that cost tens of thousands of lives just so that the moron's owners could acquire that nation's oil and to benefit Cheney's Halliburton lovers with billions of tax dollars.

    The one exception to the abnormal Democrats can be found in Dennis Kucinich , the only Democrat that has offered a truly progressive, thoughtful and honest campaign in decades.  Naturally, the fact that he wants to represent the American people rather than Corporate America and the wealthy means that he stands little or no chance of winning.  We saw what happens to Democrats that stand up for the people and attempt to put Corporate America back in its place as subservient to labor when both John and Robert Kennedy were murdered.  Is there even one American so stupid as to believe that these murders were anything other than the wealthy tearing their government slaves back into line and back under their control?

    Finally, millions of Americans refused to be led down that same old path of voting for one Republican over an even more evil Republican.  Instead, they voted for the candidate that represented their hopes and dreams and beliefs.  Ralph Nader, as a candidate from the Green Party, was that person.

    I am not ashamed of voting for the best candidate in 2000 and I will vote for the best candidate in 2004.  If Dennis Kucinich is allowed to to run as the Democratic Party's candidate, I will not only vote for him, I will also do what I can locally to make certain that his platform and his policies are explained to the voters.  If the Democratic Party produces another right wing, corporately owned, moron supporter then I'll look further down on the ballot to find someone that does espouse the truths that I support.  I refuse to waste my vote ever again.  People like the person who wrote the above quoted e-mail can believe that it's my fault when their candidates lose.  Hell, losers always look for someone else to blame for their failures and ignorance.

    Until the Democrats return to being the party of the people, their candidates will always lose because the Republicans, even being the smaller party, will get out their voters while the majority of the Democratic voters stay home and gag at the idiots that Corporate America placed on the ballot once again.  The American people have voted repeatedly against the evil that represents their choices but they have voted not through the ballot box but through simply not bothering to cast a ballot at all.  In any contest in which Democrats are energized enough to vote, the Democratic candidate wins.  When they see nothing but Al Gores as far as the eye can see, they vote by their absence.  Until Democrats understand that we will have lying little weasels like the moron in office.

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