The Hummer's Core Audience Seems To Be Cheaters


    In a commercial that's been playing over and over on television, we see a young boy noticing a hand made sign that advertises a soapbox race.  He runs home and immediately begins building his own entry.  He comes out of the barn he was working in and we see that the vehicle he built is a child's size Hummer. 

    He and his Hummer are next seen at the top of a hill lined up with four or five far more normal looking racers.  Almost immediately after the starting gun, this boy sees that he's far behind the sleeker, better built entrants and he leaves the track and begins simply driving straight down the hill, all the while with a fun, light little song in the background, beating the competition not through intelligence or ability or talent but by the time honored Republican way of cheating.  Nevertheless, even though this boy has cut probably 90% of the distance off his journey compared to the other racers, he still just barely beats them to the finish line.

    So, what does an ad like this tell us?  Well, consider the fact that the president of some sort of Hummer group has said, "Those who deface a Hummer in words or deeds deface the American flag and what it stands for."   I can only imagine that it's telling us that, just like this kid and just like the moron in the Oval office, it doesn't matter what you stand for as long as you'll stoop to cheating to win. 

    Let's consider this commercial as a door to the reality that America finds itself deep inside of. 

    Since the moron was crowned by five right wing ideologues who ignored both the Constitution's clauses on State's Rights and the will of the majority of American voters, what other disgusting instances of cheating and lying and outright illegal behavior can we note that have never been punished?

    First and foremost, of course, is the lie that the little moron has enough intelligence to eat a pretzel and stand up at the same time without banging his head on a table as he falls down (or was that because he was drunk once again?).

    There were the illegal meetings between that idiot Cheney and his lovers in the oil industry that resulted in a travesty of an energy policy that benefits absolutely no one but those same lovers and adds both to the warming of the planet and also to the many illnesses and birth defects that our children will now face.

    There's the illegal shadow government that completely by-passes the Constitutional chain of succession and will force America to be run by mid-level Nazi bureaucrats no one has ever heard of.

    Next, there were the dozens of CEOs who outright stole money both from their corporations and from their employee's pension funds but who were allowed to go free without even a hint of legal action taken against them.

    There's the entire WTC attack that anyone with an ounce of sense knows was permitted to happen by this regime in order to begin the Nazification of this almost great country.

    There was the invasion of Afghanistan that was supposed to be about capturing Osama bin Laden but was really about getting rid of the Taliban so that America's oil industry could build a pipeline across the nation.

    There were the manifold lies that led up to the illegal and outright criminal invasion of Iraq (see the definition of "War Crimes" from the Nuremburg Trials), lies that ranged from falsified reports of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and labs that never existed to the absolutely infantile statement by the Washington, D.C. village idiot that "He [Hussein] tried to kill my dad."

    There's the 200 plus American lives (over 3500 Americans and nearly 1,000,000 innocent Iraqi lives on 6/12/07) that the moron has sacrificed in the course of those two wars misleadingly wasted in the course of the lies but were solely for oil and access to more oil.

    There is the lie that stealing the Constitutional rights of all Americans through the USA PATRIOT ACT somehow makes us safer rather that just less free.

    Finally, there is the reality that America is becoming precisely the dictatorship and hate-filled nation that was the dream of Osama bin Laden and all of his ilk the world over.

    The nation has become a stupid, unthinking, greedy, materialistic Hell that teaches the next generation that all that matters is winning at any cost and with the maximum amount of useless carp.  This regime is intent on supporting that view regardless of how many real human beings are murdered in deserts and cities and the world over.  They have found that the most effective road to that evil is through the media.  Because the media is owned and operated by far right conservatives and Corporate America, that road is paved with gold for the meanness and immorality that covers this regime like a festering scab.  This Hummer ad is simply the latest evidence of that disgusting notion.

        I'll get the usual insipid and meaningless messages accusing me of a lack of patriotism (which all fall short of the reality that I have zero patriotism for any man-made borders but absolute loyalty to the human race) and I'll get the usual "Get a life" messages from people who fail to see the lessons that commercials pass into the minds of our children and the adults who find themselves with the IQ but not the loving mentality of a child.  If you've read this far, then you know that I have no interest in such silliness.


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