Just How Far Has America Fallen?


    Just when I thought that America had sunk as low as it could go simply by virtue of having the most ignorant president in history and the most violent and greedy liars throughout the highest levels of our government, I come to see that the sickness is actually all encompassing.  Consider the following examples.

    When New York Times reporter and author of War is a force that Gives Us Meaning, Chris Hedges spoke at the graduation exercises at Rockford College in Illinois, he was booed as he made his case against the moron's wars.  His mike was cut, members of the class began singing God Bless America, and individuals began coming to the stage to challenge him personally.  His exit from the stage and the campus had to be with the protection of campus security.

    How did the local newspaper, the Rockford Register Star, explain the incident to its readers the next day?  With the headline, "Speaker disrupts RC graduation."  ( 1 )

    Here's a partial listing of reporters, columnists, editors and producers who have been fired for having or expressing views that differed from the ones acceptable to the current Nazi regime.

    Phil Donahue, fired by MSNBC for openly opposing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Henry Norr, fired by the San Francisco Chronicle for marching in a demonstration against the war.

    Dan Guthrie for writing in a Grants Pass Daily Courier column that Bush was "hiding in a Nebraska hole" rather than return to Washington after the 9/11 attacks.

    Tom Gutting for writing in the Texas City Sun that Bush "was flying around the country like a scared child seeking refuge in his mother's bed after a nightmare."

    Peter Arnett, a Pulitzer Prize winning correspondent for NBC after expressing on Iraqi television his view that the Pentagon had "misjudged the determination of Iraqi forces" and that there was "a growing challenge to President Bush about the conduct of the war."  ( 2 )

    File this under, "If they can't prove their point intelligently, enact laws against it."

    A number of states are in the process of passing laws written by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  These laws make it a crime to join, donate, or assist any group that they define as terrorists.  In Texas (of course), a terrorist is defined as any group or organization of "two or more persons organized for the purpose of supporting any politically motivated activity intended to obstruct or deter any person from participating in an activity involving animals or ... natural resources."  Politically motivated, by the by, is defined as, "an intent to influence a government entity or the public to take a specific political action."

    Folks, to bring these idiot measures down to their most basic form, it means that being a member of Greenpeace, the ACLU, or any other pro-environmental or anti-Franken foods or any other pro-human movement will be considered a terrorist organization and any association with them makes you a terrorist.  Just the simple act of saying publicly that you agree with a Greenpeace policy will give the government the right to make you disappear, to be sentenced and executed without trial or access to attorneys (Please read the USA PATRIOT ACT if you harbor any doubts about that warning).( 3 )

    A wonderful example of the moral code this nation adopted in Jan or 2001 is the event that happened in Wakefield Mass.  One of the far right's version of the perfect mother, one Valerie A. Yianacopolus told her 11 year old son to beat up another 11 year old boy who was cheering for the other team.  Valerie apparently didn't want the folks to think that she would send her son in where she feared to tread so she, too, attacked the other child by kicking the boy in the face after screaming "Hurt him, kill him".  Ah, America.  What a wonderful country.  ( 4 )

    And I still get e-mail asking why I equate Republicans with Nazis. 

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