How Bad Has America's Economy Become?


    We all know just how depressing our economy has become as a result of the moron's greed and the Democrat's cowardice but have you wondered just how bad it's become?   Well, with a huge debt of gratitude to the AFL-CIO publication America at Work and to Brian D'Arcy, Business Manager for Local 18 of the IBEW, let's look very closely at those numbers.

    All of these figures come from these sources:

    Net number of U.S. jobs lost between January 2001 and January 2003: 2.6 million (JH)

    Manufacturing jobs lost during the same period: 1.85 million (BLS)

    Private-sector jobs lost during that same time: 2.3 million  (BLS)

    Long term unemployed Americans without work for 27 weeks as of Jan. 2003: 1.7 million - an increase of 500,000 over the figures for Jan. 2002 (BLS)

    Percentage increase in long term unemployment: 184% (JH)

    Number of Americans who want jobs now, but cannot find them: 10 million (EPI)

    U.S. consumer confidence level in Feb. 2003: 66%, the lowest in nine years. (TCB)

    Number of state reporting budget gaps midway through fiscal year 2003:  36.  (NCSL)

    State with the largest shortfall - California with a $38 billion deficit (NCSL)

    Real average hourly earnings increase for U.S. workers between Jan. 2002 and Jan. 2003: six cents (BLS)

    Number of Americans without health coverage in 2001:  41.2 (USCB)

    Number of working family Americans without health coverage in 2001: 33 million (USCB)

    Number of American children without health coverage in 2001:  8.5 million  (USCB)

    Number of Americans in working families who lost health coverage in 2001:  1.66 million (BLS)

    Portion of people without health coverage in 2001 who were Latino:  45%  (TCF)

    Portion of workers, in 2001 without health coverage whose income was less than $20,000: 49% (TCF)

    The 2000 federal budget surplus:  $236 billion (OMB)

    The 2003 federal budget deficit:  $400 billion.  (HBC)

    U.S. 10-year budget-deficit projections, excluding war costs and Social Security Trust Fund resources:  $1.2 TRILLION (CBO)

    Amount of 401(k) savings lost in March 2001:  $175 Billion (IAF)

    Stock market value loss between March 2000 and Feb. 2003:  approx. $6.6 Trillion (CBO)

    Percentage of elderly Americans whose sole income in 2000 was Social Security:  18% (SSA)

    Personal bankruptcies in fiscal year 2002:  1.5 million (ABI)

    Increase in personal bankruptcies from fiscal 2001:  7.7%

    Increase in average personal debt since 2000:  4.9%  (ABI)

    Potential revenue loss for states over the next ten years if proposed tax cuts are enacted:  $64 Billion (CBPP)

    Range of total 10-year funding loss to state and local governments if proposed tax policies make revenue bonds less attractive to investors:  $75 - $155 Billion. (CSTO)

    Percentage of Americans who approve of unions; from a Feb. 2003 national survey of 1602 people:  66%  (PHRA)

    Median income for the CEOs of the top 100 companies in Fortune magazine's 2002 survey:  $13.2 million (FM)

    Percentage increase for those CEOs from 2001 to 2002:  14%  (FM)

    Percentage decline in the worth of the corporations these CEOs ran in 2002;  down 21%  (FM)

    Folks, America is completely screwed and the screwing just gets worse day by day.  I'm not, in any way, saying that the nation would be far better off with a Democrat in that office but it's obvious beyond words that the moron and his thugs are the worst thing to happen to the American workers since, well, since never.  What I find most disgusting, please understand, is the number of union workers who voted for this little piece of feces, votes that harmed their own families and the families of every other worker in America.  Self abuse is okay when it's practiced in one's own home but to force that abuse on the millions of innocent workers in America is unforgivable.

    Pass these numbers on to anyone you think might listen.  Granted, they aren't as flashy as pictures of American military personnel pulling down statues of Hussein while pretending to be surrounded by "free" Iraqi citizens.  These facts do, however, reflect just how desperate the real human beings in America find themselves in and give a very clear picture of how much, must worse it will become if the moron and his thugs are allowed to continue their contamination of this nation's highest offices.  Face it, folks, even a Democrat with the inability to act like a Democrat would be vastly preferable in 2004.


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