The Nazi's "Current Traitor List"

    While reading the July, 2003 issue of The Progressive magazine's "Editor's Note" (by Matthew Rothschild, who has the honor of being on this list), I learned about a truly Anti-American site run by some truly Anti-American people.  This site,, has dedicated a page to what they proclaim are the Current Traitor List.     Among the people that these halfwits list as traitors are Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Rev. Al Sharpton, Susan Sarandon (who seems to be the number one traitor according to these bozos - read their explanation if you can stomach their right wing silliness that long), Sen. Ted Kennedy, The Dixie Chicks, Ramsey Clark, John Kerry, Michael Moore and, well, their list, like their idiocy, seems endless.

    The site begins poorly and goes downhill from there.  Across the top of the page is this wee attack on everything that America once should have been proud of: 


Treason: Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.

Traitor: If you do not support our President's decisions you are a traitor.

Get to know your traitor!  


    What angered me most, though, was the fact that I was not on their childish little list.  I mean, if anyone has led the charge to expose the complete lack of intelligence of the little moron and the complete lack of morals and decency of the Nazi thugs that surround and control him, it ought to be me, right!?!  Why, to be excluded from this silly list is paramount to being excluded from the Nobel Peace Prize candidate list offered by the U.S. arms industry or the Nobel Science candidates from the Creation Science Society or the Pulitzer Prize candidates of the Illiterate Bozos for Bush Committee (okay, that last one might not exist, but it could - woo hoo).

    It's just flat out insulting, that's what it is. 

    So, since they haven't gotten around to adding me to their little fascist list, I sent them an e-mail explaining why that omission is so important and needs to be remedied.  I mean, if they can't see the forest for the trees, then I say kill all the trees.  It works for the moron, it should work for me.

    Anyway, here is the message that I sent today electing me and my site for inclusion in their little directory.


    Finding this rather sick little site after reading about it in the July issue of The Progressive, I find myself truly annoyed at not being included on your list.

    I've despised and worked against everything that the little moron holds dear since I returned from a stint with the U.S. Marines in Vietnam in 1969.  You remember the Vietnam War, don't you? That's the war during which the moron went AWOL from the Texas National Guard rather than risk his soft, pasty white ass in?  It's also the war that the vast majority of his thugs also ran away from, if that helps to more clearly focus you on the era.

    I written articles exposing just how stupid he truly is and how the American people really shouldn't listen to anyone who claims that he is responsible for any of the policies that his owners are inflicting on this planet.  He is incapable of an original thought and simply parrots what his owners tell him to say and then offers that insipid little frat boy smirk that says to the world, "I may be dumb as a rock but I'm still president because I was anointed and you weren't."

    Your little god is directly and indirectly responsible for the lies and misrepresentations that have resulted in the murder of tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children, first in Afghanistan and now in Iraq, both wars being complete failures if compared to his owner's stated reasons for those massacres in the first place. 

    What is most stunning, though, is that he actually believes that some sort of warped god is talking to him and telling him to do all of these horrors.  Has he been checked for Early Onset Alzheimer's, by the way?  How about schizophrenia?

    Speaking of which, ever since that other moron, Reagan, infected this nation's highest office, I have warned again and again that this type of Nazi horde of thugs would, sooner or later, steal our once great government and begin their long anticipated destruction of that government, our Constitution, and every single freedom that America once treasured, all in the name of profits and greed.

    If you are going to declare that the First Amendment only works for the Nazi right when a Democrat is in office but is somehow suspended when the worst possible failure with the worst possible moral character was installed into that office by one vote of the Supreme Court, then count me as one of your greatest enemies and as one that will work tirelessly to elect anyone but the moron in 2004.

    In any event, keep up the good work.  Just telling people about your site will awaken them to just how sick and how anti-American you and your sort have become.  You're one of the best things that could happen to the Democratic Party or any other party or group of voters that remembers or have even read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

John Cannon
Author: Another Perspective

    Do you think that this wee missive will get me added to that exalted directory of real human beings and true Americans?  I mean, how great of an honor it would be to be added to that list of Americans speaking out against policies and wars that they oppose rather than following in the goose step of the Nazi's far right government?

    I'm going to ask all of you to do me a little favor.  I want you to wander on over to this foul little site and tell them to add Another Perspective - -  to their list of real, honest American citizens.  In as much as I speak out for a regime change right here in the good old U.S.of A., shouldn't that be enough to get added as one of the human beings that these little creatures so despise?  Anyway, just meander on over to the Current Traitor List and suggest that they add this pro-American, pro-Constitution, pro-Bill of Rights and ANTI-BUSH site to their ledger.  The link is at the bottom of the page and it would do my heart good.  Thanks ever so much.


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