A Return Visit to Nazi Land, USA


    I've been giving the truly fascist-inspired site that we talked about last time some more thought (which is more than its creators did).  I returned this afternoon to see, first. if they had gathered the courage to add Another Perspective to their list of traitors (they haven't), and second, to see if they had at least had the courtesy to add my message to their "Feedback" page (they haven't, although there are HUNDREDS of anti-Bush messages there) and finally just because I find that I cannot, on any level, find any other site that more perfectly illustrates everything that is wrong with this hateful and ugly regime and all that it forces America to wallow in.

    I honestly believe that, had the Nazis of the 1930's enjoyed access to the world through the same Internet that this gang of thugs have in 2003, the list of traitors would have pretty much been the same, although in some cases, the rationale would be slightly different but no less abhorrent.  Instead of committing the unpardonable sin and crime of valuing their freedoms, they would be listed because they were Jews or Gays or Lesbians or Gypsies or any other category that the hate-filled animals could invent.  The end result would be the same, only the underlying justification would change.

    Try as I might, I can only envision the author of this site as just one very sad and lonely little fellow living in a rundown trailer surrounded by rusty heaps lost in the tall grass, a front tooth or two missing, and typing with one hand while the other is busily caressing his sister's breast.  Okay, that might be unfair to his sister so I'll retract that (but not delete it).  If not this description, what would one use to describe such fascist, anti-American behavior?

    Actually, after researching just what this site and the moron's mindless followers reminded me of, I discovered what I was looking for in the German Propaganda Archive.  Let's compare these two fascist movements and see if my calling them both "Nazis" isn't pretty much a perfect call.  (I had to correct a lot of misspelled words off the ProBush.com site but it was necessary for it to make any sort of sense.  The syntax and grammar have been left as written and is often as poor as mine.)

    1.    On the ProBush.com's "ABOUT US page, we find only this silly little statement - WE HATE BUSH HATERS!

    From Joesph Goebbels, Hitler's Propaganda Minster - There are no distinctions between Jews.

    2.    From the ProBush.com's home page - I had made it clear to the world that either you're with us or you're with the enemy, and that doctrine still stands.

    From Joseph Goebbels - The Jews are the enemy's agents among us. He who stands by them aids the enemy.

    3.    From the newsletter this pathetic site put out 6/28/03 -  I will be completely honest with you here.  The tide in America is changing, and thanks to the failures of our system during the McCarthy era, the far left in this country has dominated our media and our policy driving us closer and closer to a quasi socialist state. Some say McCarthy was actually correct and was one of the truest patriots this country has seen in some time.

    From Joseph Goebbels - How stupid and thoughtless are the arguments of the backward friends of the Jews in the face of a problem that has occupied mankind for millennia! How they would gape if they could ever see their dear Jews in power! But that would be too late.  That is why it is the duty of a national leadership to take all necessary measures to keep such a thing from happening.

    4.    From the same newsletter - You see freedom in America is a fishy topic. Just because freedom is what it is, it can never be limitless. Why would we want to give people the freedom to destroy our system. There is and always have been people in America
who express their freedom in a way that would want to bring down the United States.  How can we leave that as acceptable. We cannot extend freedom to people who hate our country and want to use it's freedom to destroy it from the inside out.

    From Joseph Goebbels - Carelessness here is not only a weakness, it is disregard of duty and a crime against the security of the state. The Jews long for one thing: to reward our foolishness with bloodshed and terror. It must never come to that. One of the most effective defenses is an unforgiving, cold hardness against the destroyers of our people, against the instigators of the war, against those who would benefit if we lose, and therefore also against the victims, if we win.

    5.    From the same newsletter - And when the United States starts acting like that again, and we all drop all this privacy nonsense, we'll realize that complete privacy is implicitly bad. It enables people to do things they wouldn't do if everyone knew they were doing it. It enables people to plot maliciously. Should you have privacy with your spouse or significant other. Of course, but should you be able to assemble in a dark corner accountable to no one plotting God knows what? We don't think so.

    From Joseph Goebbels - We have often said that this is not a matter of fundamentals that we want to maintain forever. We are the last to call for privatizing public and private life. When however there is no other alternative, we must have the courage to toss overboard all the old comforts and conveniences.

    6.    Last, and certainly most important, from the Current Traitors page -   Traitor: If you do not support our President's decisions you are a traitor.

    From multiple Nazi sources - Adolf Hitler is Germany and Germany is Adolf Hitler. He who takes an oath to Hitler takes an oath to Germany! ( 1 )

    To you, our Führer, we pledge our loyalty — Adolf Hitler, we believe in you! ( 2 )  

    He is now what he always was, and always will be: Our Hitler!  ( 3 )  

    From all the Reich, from all German hearts on every continent, in foreign nations and on the wide oceans, the thanks and praise of millions rise united. May he remain to us what he always was and is: Our Hitler!  ( 4 )

    Be true to Hitler's spirit! Ask in all that you do: What would the Führer do. If you act accordingly, you will not go wrong! (I REALLY love this one - it would make a great bumper sticker - Hitler on the left and Bush far to Hitler's right, just like in real life.) ( 5 )

    He is a granite wall we need not worry about, who is everything that is good and brave and true in us, who warms us with the glow of his great soul: the Führer!   ( 6 )

    All I can say is about what the Führer means to me is this: I want to love him because he is Germany. ( 7 )

    I admire this man so much that I would defend him even if he were in the wrong, but he cannot be wrong since he is truth and justice themselves.    ( 7 )

    Our Führer is the most unique man in history. I believe absolutely in him and his movement. He is my religion. ( 8 )

    If the Führer calls and commands, each of us must obey without question, whatever he may say. With the Führer we are everything, without him we are nothing. ( 9 )

    Our loyalty demands that we fulfill this mission, which binds us completely to the Führer as the agent of that law that we obey. (10 )

    I guess that there simply isn't any doubt, is there?  Nazis and fascists, regardless of the era or the nation that they hold hostage and foul by their very existence, will always be with us.  As in Nazi Germany, the American people are so distracted and uninformed that they can believe that this new Adolf Hitler wannabe is the sheep's clothing that the media and the propaganda agents in his cabinet allow the people to see.  They are, mostly out of ignorance and apathy, unable to see the fact that a very real and present evil is beneath, down below the surface and behind the closed doors and under the rocks from which he and his kind emerge every fifty years or so.  The American people have convinced themselves that there can never be a fascist state in America and, thus, the fact that they refuse to involve themselves in the process of voting and learning and listening and thinking allows such a state to easily and openly steal our government from us.

    Will it take a time when the entire world is against us, when we must send our children off to murder and to die in distant and defenseless lands before the public awakens from its drunken slumber and sees what we have become?  Will it take one last world war, one in which we are the evil that must be cleansed from the earth, before Americans see how depressingly malevolent their government has become in the eyes and hearts of the world?

    I owe all of the research for the Nazi quotes to the German Propaganda Archives and to one Randall Bytwerk who is responsible for the site and the translations of the Nazi works.  He is a Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MichiganYou can reach him by e-mail through the archive's FAQ page.   It is a stunning place to see the evil of the Nazi propaganda machine regardless of when or where it raises its ugly and diseased head.


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