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    Just more proof that the right wing fanatics really have no idea how obvious their stupidity is comes from the moron's Commerce Secretary Don Evans.  After helping push through the mean spirited tax cut for the wealthy that will be paid for on the backs of the poor and middle-class taxpayers, he decided to pretend that he cares about the millions of unemployed American workers that his boss's idiotic economic policies have created.  How is he going to help these millions of Americans who lost their jobs due to stupid tax and trade policies?  Why, by expanding international trade.  Hey, he must be serious because he added, "We're not standing still on this."  That's right, they're not but the record 6.4% of Americans out of work will continue to stand still as long as bozos like this infect our government.  ( 1 )

    Here's one more reason why the world finds America so evil these days.  When we proclaim the right to invade other sovereign nations using lies and half truths as justification, we are also fighting tooth and nail to keep and American politician or military leader from facing the legal penalties of this insane policy.  When 35 countries refused to hold Americans above the law by exempting them from facing prosecution in the UN's war crime tribunal, the moron cut off about $47 million in military aid. 

    What was their excuse for such self-important actions from the world's most dangerous nation?  Why, they are afraid that it might result in Americans being charged for "political" reasons.  In other words, accusing the United States of the massacre of tens of thousands of innocent civilian Afghans and Iraqis would be "political" and not "reality".  ( 2 )

    Just a little interesting note, have you ever wondered what the "zip" in the 40 year old "Zip Code" means?  It's Zoning Improvement Plan.   ( 3 )

    Want to know how to sound like a complete fascist when talking about a nation that you have just invaded and which is now rising up in rebellion against the occupation of their nation?  Well, if you're the moron, you tell the all of the Islamic fundamentalist fighters, "Bring 'em on.  We've got the force necessary to deal with the security situation."  Wouldn't a repeat of the simple minded, "It's a Crusade!" been more appropriate and less demeaning to America?  ( 4 )   

    How about the "Thought for the Day" from The Times of India?  "When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow."         Anais Nin  ( 5 )

    Next up on America's "Friends Who Suddenly Become Enemies" list is one Islam Karimov.  In fact, Karimov may well share the distinction of having a picture of himself and good old Donnie Rumsfeld being buddies just like Hussein's well known picture with Donnie back when he was our genocidal, murderous, torturing ally instead of the genocidal, murderous, torturing Hitler clone.

    Islam Karimov, is the dictator of Uzbekistan, the same ex-Soviet satellite that our oil barons want to explore for new petroleum fields and build pipelines across to Afghanistan.  His methods of crushing and all opposition warms the hearts of the Nazis on the far right.  He imprisons entire families in order to punish one member of the family or, when he urge strikes him, by dipping the opposition alive in boiling water until they are dead.

    His Republican-style discipline methods aside, he has declared that, in dealing with the radical Islamics and human rights groups, "Such people must be shot in the forehead!  If necessary, I'll shoot them myself...!"

    His staunchest supporters in America can be found in the far right wing Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.  This far right bunch of yahoos include such leading lights such as accused war-profiteer Richard Perle, the embarrassment to all of America Newt Gingrich and former CIA director James Woolsey.  Stephen Schwartz, another member of this less than august group, proclaims that the evil Karimov is simply a leader of an "aspiring democracy" and that anyone who disagrees with his methods are just modern-day Neville Chamberlains.  He goes so far as to state that, "The United States, which has entered into a military alliance with Uzbekistan, must support Uzbeks in their internal as well as their external combat, and must repudiate the blandishments of the human rights industry."  (I do believe that this is the only instance in the last thirty years in which a  Republican Nazi used the word "industry" in a negative way)  In fact, this soulless bozo goes so far as to declare that America should be, "[p]rotecting Uzbekistan's young democracy from radical Islamists and the human rights groups who defend them...[and not worrying about] some 9undoubtedly deserving) dissidents who were boiled to death in defense of democracy."

    Well, now we know exactly where the hate-filled USA PATRIOT ACT and its succeeding amendments are taking us.  The Nazis occupying the nation's highest offices obviously see torture and murder as just another method of protecting what they somehow believe democracy is.  They are already sending what they decided to call "enemy combatants" to Egypt to be tortured until the Nazis learn what they think they want to know.  They have pages on the web that dubs anyone intelligent enough to despise the moron as "traitors" and have expressed their admiration for fascism and Joe McCarthy.

    Folks, hell is just around the corner and, if you haven't noticed, it just keeps getting warmer.  ( 6 )

    Finally, someone in Washington is telling the truth.  Surprisingly, that truth is coming from the military leaders in Iraq.

    Rumsfeld, being the mindless Republican Nazi that he is, has refused to describe the situation facing American troops in Iraq as "Guerilla warfare".  This refusal comes in the face of the snipers, ambushes, land mines, booby traps and the obvious enemy organization in cells that operate independently from any real central command.

    Seeing the morale of his troops dropping like a rock, US Central Command's General John Abizaid stated clearly, "I would describe [it] as a classical guerilla-style campaign against us.  It's low-intensity conflict, in our doctrinal terms, but it's war, however you describe it.

    So, three months after the moron declared the war won, the war goes on.  In fact, there are now 148,000 troops in Iraq which is more than the 115,000 that were in place at the start of the invasion. 

    Gentle readers, we all know that no organized army can effectively subdue any nation that engages in guerilla-style attacks.  The Nazis learned it again and again in Greece and France and all the other nations they invaded and tried to bring to heel.  France learned it in Vietnam and the US relearned it twenty years later.  The Soviet Union learned it in Afghanistan and, again, the US is relearning it twenty years later.  You simply cannot completely control any people using bombs and bullets if they choose not to be controlled.  The US now faces the reality of relearning that lesson again and again.  Both Afghanistan and Iraq will, in the next year or so, become the newest snake pits for murderous and mindless Islamic fundamentalists and our children will pay the price for the idiots occupying our highest offices for generations to come.   7 )


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