Distraction Politics and This Regime


    Remember when we talked about "Distraction Politics?  That is where our representatives and the conservative media get together and claim to be attacking a serious problem but are only, in truth, chipping away at the edges of the symptoms. Last time the public's attention was focused on term limits when the actual root problem was the fact that our representatives were being bribed by the wealthy and Corporate America through the guise of "campaign contributions".

    Today, the exercise stays the same but the basic problems are different.

    This regime wants to have you believe many lies and to swallow shallow half-truths that, with just the slightest knowledge of reality, fall apart on closer examination.

    When every foreign newspaper that looked at the 2000 election and the Constitutionally illegal interference of the Supreme Court and deduced that the moron had lost the election in Florida and, thus, had lost the election to Gore, America was distracted by the conservative media's call to "move on" and allow the moron to soil the nation's highest offices.  It was stated over and over that all the Supreme Court had done was to alt the counting of a few insignificant ballots when the reality was that the decision ignored the fact that tens of thousands of legal voters were expunged from Florida's data base of registered voters, illegally (and knowingly) crossed the Constitutional separation of the rights of a central government and the issue of State's Rights (read the damn thing for yourself if you doubt that), and had nullified thousands of already counted votes for Gore which thus gave the appearance that the moron had won.  In fact, their decision clearly stated that they were interfering in order that the moron's administration would not be clouded by those silly issues like the actual vote count and electoral votes and things and stuff and nonsense like that.

    Obviously, this regime should have resigned in disgrace on 9/12/00 since there is mounting evidence that they were aware of an attack being imminent but chose to do nothing to protect the lives of Americans.  This topic is rich with distractions in that so many, many questions were never asked let alone answered.

    Nevertheless, while the culpability of the moron and his thugs have been suppressed, the public's attention was focused on Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda terrorist organization.  Instead of investigating how such a tragedy could have been allowed to happen, America was given an external enemy to hate.  Can any of you remember what this regime offered as evidence that Osama bin Laden was involved in these attacks?  No?  Maybe that's because both the moron and his little British lapdog Tony Blair only stated over and again that Al Qaeda was behind the attacks but they couldn't offer any evidence because of some "national security" issues. 

    When we demanded that the Taliban turn bin Laden over to our "justice" system, does anyone remember just why the Taliban refused?  No?  Well, they very clearly stated that, as Muslims, their Quoran (sp?) specifically forbade them from giving over another Muslim to any non-Islamic courts (we're known as "Infidels" to Muslims just like our un-Christian crusaders call them "Godless heathens").  If they were to do so, they would most certainly be condemned to an eternity in their hell.  They did offer to hold bin Laden for trial under Islamic law and that America would be allowed to provide any and all evidence that bin Laden had ordered the attacks to be carried out.  Granted, even if he was found guilty, the Islamic code of law would have probably held him to a punishment far gentler than he would find in our justice system.  Nevertheless, they didn't refuse to turn him over just to piss the moron and his thugs off, they did so because they preferred not to spend eternity with the moron and his thugs.

    The reality that we invaded Afghanistan purely to remove the Taliban because they were refusing to allow Unocal and other oil industry players to build an oil pipeline across their nation wasn't spoken of except by those who weren't fooled by the moron's diaphanous lies.  The reality that opium production was falling during the Taliban's reign also wasn't discussed outside of the few who understood that the wealthy need drugs to be imported and sold so that the injustice system can continue to suck hundreds of billions of dollars a year out of our economy and keep those "Negroes" "Wetbacks" and "single mothers" in poverty or prison or dead where they belong.  None of these, however, was used as an overt justification for our invasion of Afghanistan and the over throw of its legitimate government.  Instead, the American people were only told that the Taliban were protecting bin Laden and his organization and off we went on our murderous and savage way.

    When the moron began pushing for the first insane and greed-filled program of tax cuts for the wealthy and his owners in Corporate America, what were we told was the basic policy that was being implemented?  Instead of acknowledging that the Trickle Down theory was shown long ago to be a Republican farce when the original moron was in office between 1980 and 1988, they proclaimed that cutting the taxes of those who needed the cuts the least was an economic stimulus which was going to expand on the $334 billion surplus that Clinton left them with.  Instead, as anyone with even a glancing knowledge of economics could have predicted, the only thing to trickle down wasn't green in color but yellow and brown.  The wealthy used the newly obtained money to invest in more stocks or bigger houses or more expensive cars, none of which benefited the average American worker since whatever was bought was made in China or at the least, wherever possible, by non-union workers.  Corporate America used their new found riches to lavish even greater benefits and bonuses and stock options on themselves and their fellow executives and little, if any, was used to expand production or higher more American workers.

    Now we're seeing a replay of those lies and tax cuts and the same idiots that believed the original lies are swallowing them whole once again. 

    (Try this simple trick.  Pick out any four of your friends who think that they understand current events.  Ask them this simple question, "If a worker earns less than $20,000 a year, how much tax relief will this worker receive under Bush's new tax cuts?"  The answer, by the by, is either zero dollars or it may end up costing them an increase in taxes, depending on their tax bracket and dependents and the state that they reside in.  I doubt that one in a hundred will know the answer and that's just plain old damn sad.)

    Back to the subject of distraction politics and the reality of the tax cuts.

    While the moron and his thugs are pushing through cut after cut for the wealthy and Corporate America and calling it a "jobs and growth program", just what is happening to the federal budget?  Well, considering that we started the year 2000 with a surplus of $334 billion, three years later the moron is demanding that his fantasy budget be passed which will place you and your children in debt to the tune of $445 billion THIS YEAR ALONE!!!!!!!  Now, using a population estimate of 250,000,000 Americans, just how much will you, personally, owe if this deficit budget passes?  Each member of your family will find themselves $1780 deeper in debt.  For a family of four, you folks owe $7120.  And that's just for this year ALONE.  Next year the projected deficit will be $475 billion or an additional $1900 per person and $7600 for a family of four.  Yes, kind folks, you and yours will owe $3680 each and $14,720 for your family of four in just two years.

    Now figure in roughly $ billion a week to occupy Iraq (Newsweek, 7/21/03) and close to that number to occupy Afghanistan while we pretend to be rebuilding it and, as Senator Everett Dirksen said, "A billion here, a billion there - pretty soon it adds up to real money."

    Now, how would you expect a pack of habitual liars to describe such a crushing debt load for the American people and their children and children's children?  "A minor nuisance" and "manageable".  Now go back and ask those same folks if they consider the fact that their personal debt, and it is personal , is something they now feel comfortable with?  Hell, the reality is that, of the $445 billion deficit for this year alone, $375 billion of it is directly due to the loss of those funds through the moron's tax cuts.  At the end of ten years, you and yours will be in debt for a total of $4.1 TRILLION.  That's $16,400 for every man, woman and child in America who will still be paying taxes once the moron and his thugs finally leave office.

    Even should your friends finally understand just how miserable these idiots are at taking care of their taxes and their future, you can then inform them that the real end result that the dirty little animals in Washington are achieving will be the destruction of Social Security, Medicare, National Forests, Food Stamps, Welfare, regulatory agencies such as the Federal Department of Agriculture and Office of Safety and Health Administration and every single government program that either assists real Americans or that slow Corporate America's sick drive towards profits at any cost to real human beings (see GMOs and AIDS research and pollution ad nauseum). 

    Finally, pilfering those hundreds of billions of dollars from federal revenue will have one more indirect effect that will cost you and yours a lot more of your meager income.  When the government runs a deficit, that doesn't mean that they buy things directly on credit like a credit card that only affects the government, per se.  Instead, they borrow those billions from banks in America and all over the world.  That money is now no longer available to you and I or to small businesses.  When the supply of money is tight because the government has soaked up nearly every penny just to pay their bills then the little remaining and available to be borrowed by real human beings becomes very valuable.  The interest rates go up which costs you more and more of your salary just to buy a home or a car or just make the occasional credit card purchase.

    So, can anyone please explain just exactly how these insane tax cuts are going to improve the economy for real human beings?  Can anyone explain how the corporate media can keep this information from the American people with such ease?  (Alright, that last was a rhetorical question.)

    So, with just these few examples we've learned just how easily the public's attention can be misdirected from the truly evil and destructive problems that we face through the mere expedient of lying and misleading and pretending that your government is working for your best interests when even a cursory examination of the facts proves beyond doubt that we are, as the old saying goes, being screwed blue and tattooed by them. 

    One final note, in a Gallup poll covering July 7-9, 2003, only 3% of the respondents believed that the expanding deficit was the most important problem facing America.  The corporate media has done its job very well indeed.

    You can have some family fun by trying to uncover your own examples of distraction politics, too.  Just read the paper or listen to the corporate news and see how many times you can unearth the lies and half truths being spewed on a daily basis.  Remember, the family that thinks together, stays together.    ( 1, 2,  3, 4, 5 )


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