So Many Unanswered Questions


    What happened to the investigation into the anthrax attacks on Congress and certain other individuals?  It was determined that the strain used in the attacks came from an Army base (Fort Dietrich) that specialized in the production and testing of anthrax but no one ever explained who stole it or how it was removed from such a high security military base nor why the spores were sent to the individuals affected.  Even today, federal offices are being isolated and evacuated when tests show the presence of more evidence of anthrax but there is still no effort to uncover the criminals that are responsible for the filthy acts.  Is there even an on-going investigation happening or is it just another crime committed by the moron and his thugs that has successfully been swept under the rug by the "Liberal" media?

    What happened to the investigation into 9/11?  After fighting to keep any investigation from even happening, this regime allowed it to go on but insured that the information would be classified top secret and that absolutely no information would ever be reported.  Why haven't the survivors been allowed to learn the truth about their lost friends and relatives?  Why hasn't there been more of an outcry over the secrecy around the blatant failures of the regime to stop these attacks?

    Why do so many intelligence specialists maintain that Bush knew in early 2001 that there were rumors that a plane might be used to hit the World Trade Centers -- contrary to what Condoleezza Rice said on a Press Briefing right after 9/11.  They also maintain that the CIA/White House knew as earlier as 1998 that a plane was going to be used as a weapon.

    Why, if the FBI said that even though they knew of the threat, they couldn't have searched all flight schools in the US as there were over a thousand then why did they go straight to Embry Riddle right after 9/11?

    Why did the Bush Administration prevent 9/11 families from suing airlines and airports for the negligence on their parts, by bailing out the airlines industry and completely removing all legal liability?

    Where is the outcry over the recent "news" that this administration forced the EPA to cover up the massive human toll that will result from their refusal to acknowledge that every single
person the breathed in the air from the WTC both as it collapsed and then for the months and months it took to clean it all up were exposed to extremely high levels of insanely toxic chemicals and known cancer causing agents in all that dust and debris?  In fact, why hasn't there been a loud and insistent demand that the cover-up itself came for the very highest offices in this appointed administration?

    Why hasn't the Saudi Arabian connection to the 9/11 attacks been more fully explained?  Fifteen out of nineteen terrorists were Saudi citizens.  Saudi television produced and may still produce telethons whose sole purpose is to collect funds that are passed directly to the families of the Palestinians who strap explosives to themselves and enter populated areas in Israel and detonate these human weapons.  These telethons have also been alleged to have sent these funds directly to Hamas and Hezbollah and Al Qaeda.  Why hasn't Saudi Arabia been included in the moron's "Axis of Evil"?  Has any of that money found its way into Iraq to fund the constant attacks on our under equipped and pathetically under protected men and women?  If so, why do we continue to buy even one drop of oil from a nation that funded the first attack on America and may well be funding attacks on our sons and daughters and husbands and wives and friends in Iraq?  Just how stupid and corrupt is this appointed administration and why have the Democrats become such irrelevant weenies to allow it to continue?

    The regime declared that they were sending certain "suspects" to Egypt for interrogation.  The information about Egypt's wide spread reputation for legal torture (written into its own Constitution) was never mentioned in the corporate media although it was widely reported in England and Europe and many other news media.  Were American citizens tortured and possibly murdered in Egyptian torture chambers?  Is it continuing?  Have any illegally tortured humans been murdered in this abhorrent way and who will stand accountable for that carnage?

    The regime is holding children as young as 13 years old in their illegal prison in Guantanamo Bay who are possibly citizens of the United States as well as of other countries considered, supposedly, allies.  How can this regime defend themselves from the reality that these are minors and, in any treaty ever signed concerning the treatment of prisoners of war, bars any such treatment of children (and these prisoners are POWs regardless of this regime's sick desire to label them "enemy combatants", a completely meaningless term).

    What happened to the reports in many foreign news media that there was never an attack on the Pentagon?  Never have any photos been produced that showed anything more than a few airplane seats and a piece or two of what was alleged to be a huge passenger airplane.  Instead, telephoto shots are published that supposedly "prove" that there was an attack, although other questions loom large such as why, if that wing of the Pentagon was attacked without warning, weren't there more than just a few deaths and why did the plane only penetrate one wing of the building instead of continuing on through the other four inner sections?

    What happened to the promised Congressional investigations into the massive thefts that occurred over and over on Wall Street?  Where is the panel that was supposed to uncover where all the profits and employee pension funds went and return it all to its rightful owners?  Why do the police continue to arrest users of medicinal marijuana at a cost of millions of dollars while ignoring the crimes that cost real human beings hundreds of millions of dollars because Republican owners and lackeys looted dozens of corporations?

    Why hasn't Cheney been forced to reveal which members of the oil, nuclear and coal industries he allowed to create the regime's laughable "energy policies"?  We can see the results of that stupidity and greed in the renewed high level smog alerts in Los Angeles and Houston and the increase in lung and heart disease everywhere.  Now that the latest "energy bill" (read corporate welfare scam of billions of tax dollars) is being readied in Congress, why aren't Democrats screaming bloody murder about the infinitesimal funds allocated to alternative and renewable energy sources while billions are wasted on the oil, coal, and, worst of all, the nuclear industries?  Why are the Democrats not fighting to repeal the obscene tax rebate on the dirtiest, ugliest, and most insane penis-substitute station wagon of the last twenty years, the Hummer, while limiting rebates on real vehicles that minimizes pollution and wasted fuel and funds for terrorism; hybrid and electric and hydrogen powered cars?

    Where has the outcry from real human beings gone over the massive tax cuts that benefits only the wealthy while destroying most social programs and increases the taxes, in many ways, on the poor and middle class?  Why have these millions of Americans so blithely gone along with such obvious lies and distractions by some of the dumbest and most evil creatures to ever soil our government?

    Where is the protest against the reality that the vast majority of the foods you'll find on you supermarket's shelves contain hidden ingredients made from genetically modified products?  None of these products have been tested for short term or long term safety so you and your families are the lab rats for the GMO industry.  Where is the anger at this illegal dumping of untested chemicals and plants into the bodies of Americans?  Why does the rest of the world know precisely what is in their foods but only in America has Corporate America so totally bought control of your government that is ILLEGAL to place the letters GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms or any other indication that you and your children are ingesting chemicals and genetic material completely untested as to safety or medically acceptable standards?

    Why aren't questions being asked about how the moron invaded Afghanistan and then left it devastated?  Why isn't it important that the poppy crop in 2003 was something like three times larger than ever before, meaning heroin and morphine is being imported into this nation that should never have existed?  If we supposedly won that "war" why are Americans still dying at the hands of the Taliban and Al Qaeda that the thugs claimed had been defeated?  In fact, why has the Taliban suddenly become so legitimate that they are being invited to be a part of the government while, at the same time, they are quickly growing strong enough to present a strong danger to the government's very future?

    Why hasn't there been multiple investigations into the causes of the thousands of innocent men, women and children who were murdered by our military because of the lies and distractions of the tribal leaders that our "intelligence" personnel slavishly believed without thought or question? 

    If America is so stridently anti-drugs, why are American fighter pilots given the equivalent of methamphetamines in order to keep them awake and killing at a rate acceptable to the "leaders"?  Is murdering under the influence a higher "moral" purpose than having sex under the influence?

    Why hasn't anyone from this administration attended even one burial service for the brave and honorable men and women that gave up their lives on orders from cowards and deserters that ran away from their duty to serve their country?  In fact, why hasn't the ultimate sacrifice of even one single dead soldier ever been acknowledged by the thugs who started this war and the moron who was so infantile and brainless as to mutter, "Bring' em on" in reference to the very terrorists and freedom fighters that are now massacring the troops from Italy, Poland, and America?

    Why hasn't this site or this site or, most important of all, Faces of the Fallen (a very sad place to visit) become far more known and talked about?  Why, if the thugs in Washington refuse to allow photos of the hundreds of body bags containing the remains of our children and our families to be taken, can't the American people be informed and disgusted by the opportunity to see the real people behind headlines like "Two More Dead In Iraq"?

    Quick, name even one of the soldiers that was killed when Pvt. Jessica Lynch and her unit were ambushed after getting lost in Iraq.  I dare you.  In fact, I'll bet that maybe one or two out of ten haven't the slightest idea who Lynch is.  Why is she so damned important but the two others who died have been completely forgotten?  Why aren't more questions being asked about the convenient way her stories have warped from being dragged away by Iraqis into, well, she was taken away on a stretcher but the hospital refused to treat her wounds to, well, maybe they treated her wounds but they tortured her while in the hospital to, well, there was this made-for-TV rescue by her comrades against massive Iraqi resistance to, well, actually there wasn't any resistance at all and , truth be told, the medical personnel quite happily led the rescuers to her room to, well, she was raped while in captivity, a fact never mentioned in the hundreds of thousands of words about her (and is still stridently denied by all of the attending Iraqi medical personnel) until it became clear to everyone on earth that she was being manipulated only for the evil purposes of the thugs in Washington?

    Where is the "Liberal Media" when stories that would shine the light on the evil and corrupt thugs who force military personnel to pay for their own meals while in the hospital recovering from their wounds and to pay for their own transportation home whenever allowed a week's freedom?  Where is this so-called left wing media when over 40,000 of those men and women on the front lines must place their lives on the line every day without the Kevlar body armor that would protect them from most every hand held weapon aimed at them?  Why isn't it being reported in the evil anti-Republican papers that these soldiers know that they either have to ask their families to buy them this protection or die the first time they get a chest wound?

    Where is the outrage at the budget cuts that the Republican Congress and the thugs in Washington made to the Veteran's Administration ($1.5 BILLION - the wait for a sick veteran to be seen by a doctor is already over 6 MONTHS), to military housing and child care and base schools ($1.5 BILLION) and then refused to extend the child tax credit for nearly 200,000 low-income military families while also cutting off thousands of National Guard reservists from health insurance once deactivated and is in the process of REDUCING the modest increases in monthly imminent-danger pay (from $225 to $150) and family-separation allowance (from $250 to $100) all the while creating the largest deficit that this nation has ever known by giving literally trillions in total tax cuts and welfare to the moron's wealthy owners in Corporate America?  Why the HELL isn't anyone talking about that?

    Why isn't the reality that Halliburton and KBR (Kellogg Brown and Root) are vastly over charging the military for the fuel it provides ($2.65 a gallon for gas when it can be imported directly from Dubai for $1.12 a gallon) and then, because the insurance premiums would cut into their theft of taxpayer funds, refusing to honor the contract's clause that says that they will provide transportation for that fuel and forcing the military to waste valuable men and equipment doing what Halliburton is still paid for?  Where is hue and cry about the horrendous shortages of simple bottled water for our troops who are limited to just two liters of water as opposed to the eight liters that were provided every single soldier in the last Gulf War massacre?  Why is KBR allowed to continue the contract for providing meals to the troops when they have already been causght overbilling the government for four million meals it never served at five Iraqi bases?  Why isn't the health and well being of your families and friends existing in the line of fire in an increasingly hostile environment more important than where Kobe Bryant's penis was or wasn't?

        Where is the outcry over the fact that this administration played a sick and traitorous game of vengeance by leaking the name of a CIA agent to the world just because her husband had the courage and honor to tell the world that the administration had lied about every single aspect of their charge that Saddam Hussein had attempted to purchase yellow cake uranium for his nuclear program that they knew, long before, never existed?  That, gentle readers, is punishable by a very long stretch in a federal maximum security prison.  Why have the Democrats allowed one of the very thugs who might be the cause of the leak to control any investigation when they know beyond any doubt that this administration is neither honorable nor truthful enough to ever allow for a serious investigation?

    Where is the outrage over this regime's military and arms support for paramilitary groups in Columbia that then massacre peasants and union organizers and anyone else that demands a democratic society?  Why do we continue to simply shoot down any aircraft that is suspected of involvement in drug trafficking within Columbia's borders but always hide these murders behind the claim that it's the responsibility of the Columbian military and government to be certain of that "rationale" for each murder?

    Why hasn't anyone exposed the fact that, during the first half of the massacre in Iraq, over 64% of the talking head experts that "explained" the war were pro-war while less than 3% were anti-war (and those were limited to man-on-the-street interviews).

    Why isn't there more anger at the fact that the little moron said, "If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." (Dec. 18, 2000)

    Where was the "Liberal Media" when Greg Thielmann, Powell's former chief of intelligence, reported on 60 Minutes II that key evidence in the speech to the UN was misrepresented and the public was deceived?  Why was information such as this that held the potential to bring the ceiling down on the thugs who stole our government, never mentioned again in print or the media?

    Why isn't there more and more reports on the fact that CBS folded under pressure from the right wing lunatics who, having never even seen the program nor having even the slightest idea what the script was about, still whined and moaned enough to get a mini-series about that senile old fool Ronald Reagan moved to cable because they considered it an attack on, well, on a senile old fool (although they phrased it as "on an old man suffering from Alzheimer's")  Why, in fact, weren't they as protective of someone who is dead and has no way to stand up for himself whatsoever in the History Channel's "JFK: A Presidency Revealed"? 

    Finally, why aren't more people just plain furious at the idiocy that passes for social reality?  The vast majority of Americans think they live in a god damn sitcom and refuse to perform any act more significant than running to the refrigerator for another beer during commercials.  I'm disgusted!   

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