The Need For A New And Improved Religion?


    We have a truly stupid occupant in our nation's highest office that claims that God talks directly to him and ordered him to cause sickening carnage and death and agony in nations whose only crime was not being "Christian" and of having either oil beneath the land or a topography that lends itself to transporting oil at low cost.  This demented version of "God" has also instructed him to destroy every social program that was ever enacted to assist the poorest among us and to use the money "saved" to give the wealthy even more wealth through tax cuts.  It has commanded him to steal our taxes and to hand it over to religious schools, but only those that can fit into the tiny minded definition of "religion" that the moron "practices".  (Personally, I think it's just Cheney speaking to the little moron through the intercom and telling him it's "god" and the frat boy is too stupid to know the difference.)

    We have a brain dead Attorney General who anoints himself with a bottle of cooking oil on his first day of occupying an office he continually soils because "God gave him the right to that office".

    We have greedy, mean spirited and downright evil people pretending to instruct the "sheep" in the words and lessons of the greatest liberals in the history of humanity, Jesus, then proceed to use their positions as "televangelists" (another word for Pharisees)  to gain personal wealth at the expense of the poorest and of the nation's most gullible and then attack and demean the faith of anyone who follows spiritual words that differ from their narrow minded cult's.  If you haven't guessed by now, I speak of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell and all the bozos with the blown dried pompadours and the empty, black hearts and vicious minds.

    We have truly vile little creatures that use their position in this cult's power base to advocate the murder of anyone that espouses an "UN-American" or truly Christian opinion on anything religious, social, political or any other matter (that foul little animal Ann Coulter is the perfect example).

    Gentle readers, if there is a god and if it in any way supports these insects in their murderous and greedy and mean spirited plots against humanity then it isn't a god I want anything to do with.  If their god allows them to inflict such horrors on its other children solely to gain more wealth for the rich and more power for the powerful and more suffering for the most defenseless of the planet's children then I have no desire to accept that idiocy as any sort of "supreme being".  No, I'll just put that god down as another mean and evil Republican and work with all my might to defeat it's schemes for mankind's suffering.

    Instead, I will gladly wear the crown of the atheist or the agnostic or, simply, practice the concept of spirituality without the need to describe or even acknowledge anything as unknowable or unexplainable as whatever might have brought this immense universe into existence.

    So, if I choose to look at the universe in a manner in which any form of organized religion is completely irrelevant or, worse, just a distraction from the truth, then where must this train of thought lead? 

    Does it make much difference whether there is a god or not?  Perhaps, but not necessarily.  Depending on how flexible your imagination is, you might be able to dream of a reality in which everything exists because, well, simply because it does.  Is it absolutely necessary for a god to have waved his magic finger and suddenly everything became what you see?  Not really.  That only leads to the question of where god acquired the matter we see and why it would create matter and energy that was then set in motion under physical rules that state that neither energy nor matter can be created nor destroyed, only changed in its form?

    Can we can travel even further back and question the very birth of god?  If some can claim that god has always existed, then why is it so difficult to accept that the universe has always existed and that neither ever experienced what we would call a "birth"?  Could the origins of the universe be vastly different from what science has so far discovered and, in fact, could it be so different that we may never unlock that particular mystery?  The Big Bang theory that educated adults have come to see as the best guess as to the creation of the universe we inhabit is being called into question by other theories that postulate that ours is but one universe among literally countless others.  Some see each universe as a bubble that nestles among an infinite number of other universes, each growing and expanding in ways unknown.  Another is that there are both an infinite number of dimensions that contain an infinite number of universes and that these interact and parallel one another in ways we can only speculate.  In fact, a recent theory for the creation of this universe was the collision of two universes whose dimensions are beyond our comprehension.

    Must we accept the Christian concept of reality using the rationale that, since god created the universe, the universe exists so that proves that god exists because it created the universe which proves that god exists and around and around?  Of course not.  I can't prove that this circular argument doesn't contain a seed of truth, though, anymore than a Christian can prove that it does.  In fact, there is probably no absolute proof of any theory regarding the creation of this universe since that would require understanding the universe's shape and contents one billionth of a second before the Big Bang.

    Is it necessary to believe that any god would send some part of themselves into existence in our little universe in order to save us from the sins invented by the moralists of any period?  Do we need a Christ to exist to absolve us of sins that matter in one society but, perhaps, not in another?  And why would god blame his children long after the fact for the weakness of its two original creations in Adam and Eve?  Are you personally guilty of what your great, great, great, great-grandfather did or for what your grandchildren might someday do?  If not, then the death of Jesus was just another example of the cruelty that man inflicts on other men and the entire Christian theology becomes irrelevant in anybody's live.

    At the very base of the question, though, is do we need to have some sort of god watching our every move and thought in order to have loving and inclusive and peaceful thoughts and actions?  Of course not!

    If all of this is true, and it is in my life because I say it is (your life is your choice), then what path should we choose for ourselves in order to create a planet and society that promotes the good of all and the abolition of the greed and evil that all religions always fuel?

    Let's look as some of the tenets that I strive to follow (but too often fail miserably to succeed at in my daily life).

    First off, we can assume that any god that expects us to beg for our lives or our family's health rather than simply provide those benefits to all isn't worth bothering with.  The only god I could accept is one that offers each of its children the exact same benefits and rewards without measure and without end.  Since that one doesn't seem to exist, then I'll happily believe that either the god of religions doesn't exist or it does exist but it has a truly warped sense of justice and love.

    So, without the specter of the all-seeing and all-knowing anti-Santa Claus-type god, why should we behave in any way that might benefit others?  Why shouldn't we all just become Republicans and steal and lie and murder and horde and torture and despoil this planet to our heart's content?  Hell, the Republicans make it seem so easy and natural, why shouldn't we all just debase ourselves and become the filthy, nasty little creatures that they are?

    Instead of lowering ourselves to their level, let's look at some simple rules that will lift us above the pig sty of the right and into a world that actually improves with each generation and with each act.

    How about if we create our own version of the Ten Commandments, then?  Perhaps a new code of conduct is necessary, one that refuses to bow before the fundamentalist zeal and meanness and narrow mindedness?

    Number 1 - There may or there may not be a god that we will eventually answer to.  We will not force our personal opinions regarding that question onto any other human being nor on any other living creature on this or any other planet.  If we believe that god exists, it is a very personal relationship that we must form from that belief and to force any other person to follow that belief is to create the hate and anger and violence that is the normal consequence of every religion in mankind's history.

    Number 2 - We are all in this life on this small planet together and we must all work together to create the world that is most beneficial for all.  Selfishness and greed and hate are anathema to any hope of a heaven on Earth and, thus, must be acknowledged as the evil, mean vices that they are.  We must learn to love one another and to see the act of helping one another as a virtue. 

    We can begin this through the simple act of respecting and honoring those who do make the world a better place through their choices.  We must replace the silly, self-centered actors and politicians and others who offer nothing with teachers and nurses and public servants and others who leave behind a more positive, more caring planet.

    Number 3 - We are the stewards for this planet and do not possess "Dominion" over any part of it.  Our responsibility is to be caretakers for all living things that inhabit this tiny speck of celestial dust.  Our footsteps upon this realm must be minimized or eliminated in ways that allow us to have all of the benefits offered without the destruction so common today.

    Number 4 - The imaginary lines that we place on paper that separates us from one another through the unnatural creation of nations and tribes and classes must be eliminated for all times.  We are, without exception, created equal and are thus rightfully due the same privileges and benefits and happiness as everyone else.  The history that is full of the abuses of one people by another will be forgiven and forever forgotten in our eternal journey into that far more loving and positive future.

    Number 5 - Possibly most important of all, in all things regarding the material world, we must learn what the simple word "Enough" means.  We must come to terms with the idea of enough food and enough power and enough money.  The vile concepts of greed and the sickening sight of vast material wealth must be seen as the hate-filled and mean-spirited vices that they are.  Any and all gaudy displays of wealth should be met with scorn and ridicule since having such a shallow, silly personality shows only that tactlessness, not any tangible reason for respect.

    Let's be honest with ourselves.  The accumulation of wealth is not that much of a skill or positive character traits.  It is simply the result of greed and an overt hate of the well-being of others.  Look around at the people who have acquired great wealth.  If not for their wealth, would you even want any of them as friends?

    Number 6 - We must follow the very simple path of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  If each of us only follow this one rule, all other religions and cults become completely irrelevant and backward.  Yes, I know that many religions teach this simple rule but, in reality, none truly respect the idea in their daily lives. 

    So, this new religion or spiritual quest or higher calling or path to freedom or whatever one wishes to call it centers around the simple virtues of keeping god personal, treating the planet and all living species with respect, ignoring nations and tribal totems like colored cloth or silly songs,  knowing when to say "enough" and behaving towards others exactly as you would wish them to behave towards you.

    All in all, pretty simple.  There's no need to put it into a book and demand that others believe that god wrote it.  There's no need to build huge, wasteful and ungodly structures to show off the wealth of the people in it.  There is only the requirement that we each behave with respect and love towards one another and all other living things.  End of story.  End of article.


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