The Tone And Substance Of My Part In The Debate

    I've been asked one question quite often lately and I suppose it's time that I stop just considering an answer and explain, once and only once, the real answer.

    I write in a very blunt, very descriptive way.  I have no problem calling a moron a moron nor do I shy away from the label "Nazi".  This tendency to express the depth of my anger seems to dismay some people and distract others from the main thesis of the particular articles.  Thus, they ask, can't I tone down the anger and invective and just make my point using a kinder, gentler nature?

    Well, here's the final answer to that question; After much thought and soul searching, the reality is that I despise the Republican party and everything evil, greedy, mean, miserable, self-centered, hateful and anti-American that they stand for.  Bush is a moron and calling him anything else isn't expressing reality.  His cabinet is full of thugs and the dregs of the Republican Party and to say anything less is a lie.  The media is owned and operated by the few to manipulate and coerce and spread propaganda to the many.  The government and all of its minions lie and cheat and steal and cause misery and death throughout the world every second of every day.  We, the people, cannot afford the luxury prices that our "representatives" charge in bribery money so they simply don't give a damn about our needs or desires.

    America sucks right now and the masses haven't the slightest idea why anyone would say that.  I am expected to support our troops (which I whole heartedly do) but the media demands that I also support the most ignorant, evil, religious fundamentalists at the same time (and I refuse to do that on any level whatsoever).  The entire world is sick of America and so am I.  And, for those of you inbred morons who are itching to tell me "America!  Love it or leave it!", FUCK YOU!.  I have every intention of staying exactly where I am, using every ounce of my strength in the process of wresting my government away from the products of incest that rules this nation.  I am disgusted that your ilk haven't been cleansed from the gene pool but look forward to the moment when your inbreeding produce sterile children that can never soil this planet again.

    Does that sound a tad angry?  You're damn right it does.  I'm angry, frustrated, disgusted and appalled at what my nation has sunk to because of the greed and idiocy that the Republicans can force and inflict on the majority of us.  I'm sick of watching children in poverty suffer so that the wealthy can buy another ugly station wagon or another house to vacation in or even just to spend it gambling on Wall Street.  I'm sick of the death and misery that this nation wreaks on the planet's most defenseless people in the name of greed and superstition.  I'm sick of mindless cowards being dressed up like a hero for photo-ops while screwing the nation's real heroes through the theft of their pensions and the production of pollution and toxic chemicals in which they must work.

    I will not tone down my invective. I honestly don't give a rat's ass if anyone reads what I write since the entire site is solely an outlet for my anger and frustration and, no, I doubt very seriously if I'm going to change what passes for a mind in Republicans anywhere.  AND I DON'T CARE, EITHER!

    Okay, that should settle that argument.  I will understand if some of you regular readers can't abide this intensity and will ask to be removed from our newsletter lists.  I'll happily remove you because I respect the right of each of us to be exposed to the level of debate that we can handle at any particular point in our lives.  I'll also understand if I've confused anyone with my wavering intentions over the last few months as I worked out for myself just what I can and can't accept in my writing.  I was confused myself but the reality is simple and I will address it as such. 

    Until we can find some people that will run for office and then govern as representatives of the people rather than suck at the tit of the wealthy and corporate America, then the only path I can walk is the one I chose.  Until that distant time, I ask no one to walk beside me nor to follow or lead.  Your path is your choice.  Mine has been chosen by my moral obligations to the poorest majority.


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