Regaining America


    Other than a dramatic shift in the awareness of voters, there is no possible way that we will ever remove the Republican infection from our highest offices.  By that I mean we must bring enough voters to a socially responsible viewpoint so that there will be no way that the half wit and his thugs can blatantly steal those offices again (and any future right wing nut) without the vast majority of Americans immediately understanding the nature of that treasonable crime.

    This won't be an easy task.  With the conservatives firmly in control of the media, the government and soon the courts it will take a massive effort to clean out this deadly disease once and for all.  I am NOT advocating violence.  I AM advocating a deep, grassroots movement that must gain the attention of the Democratic leadership in such a way that they will see, without doubt, that if they want to continue sucking at the public's teat then they must heed our voices and behave accordingly.  Why the Democrats?  Because, while I deeply adhere to the policies of the Green Party and other like minded movements that speak for the powerless, I also recognize that only the Democratic Party has the base and followers to truly wrest this nation away from the maniacs and return it to the people.  I'm not happy with that reality but reality doesn't exist to make me happy.  With Dean as the party's chairman, we also have someone with similar views already in place.

    Where do we begin?  Frankly, I think it starts with the true Christians in America.  By "true" I mean those who can both see the lies that the so-called "Conservative Christians" employ to blind the mindless and greedy and violent and intellectually lazy as well as to then speak out with the reality of Christ's message and how it actually applies to our nation's policies.  These Americans must come together and, as one, demand that the right wing maniacs explain, in depth, how their warped version of Christianity supports the mean spirited, greedy and violent acts of their party.  It must also be accomplished without the divisiveness of the Republicans in that we are trying to help them understand the real message rather than exclude them from the process.  If god is on their side, have them prove it.

    Let's hit a few of the topics of those "talking points", as the conservatives like to call them.  Above all else, demand that their answers come from the lips of Jesus, not the rest of that silly little book that only offers loop holes for the evil and other Republicans.

    First, demand an explanation as to how Christians can demand tax cuts when they can plainly see that these cuts harm the nation's poorest, the nation's elderly, the nation's disabled and all of the other "least of us".  This is the heart and soul of America's responsibility to its most defenseless citizens.  As Christians, these are the very souls that Christ demanded that all others protect and love.  Ask how cuts to education and to Social Security and Medicare and pre- and after-school programs and on and on stand up to Christ's message.

    Next, demand an explanation as to why the conservative Christians can proclaim abortion a mortal sin of murder but the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children in Iraq not a sin.  Ask how the murder of a fetus is evil but the death of that same being from lack of medical care five minutes out of the womb becomes "just the way it is".  Isn't the preventable death of a child, at any time, nothing but murder?  If a child came to them in need of medical care, in whose name would they refuse to help and in whose name would they forget that child?  How is one child different from the tens of millions that have no access to health care?

    Have them explain exactly how capital executions fall within Christ's teaching that we are not to judge lest we be judged?  How would they explain the documented 7% of all human beings who are executed that are later found innocent of that crime?  Murder is murder, isn't it?

    Demand a reason, based on the teachings of Christ, that corporations can pollute our air and water and soil without fear of punishment.  Ask why anyone would support the totally misnamed "Clean Air Initiative" that will put tons of mercury into our air and water and soil?  Ask why automobile manufacturers aren't required to continuously improve the mileage and lower the emissions?

    Ask why guns are so disgustingly easy to get and carry?  What part of the message of Jesus said "And ye shall be armed to the teeth in order to kill those who aren't like thee or who have stolen your cloak?" 

    Ask what part of his message that we love one another does their sick, unchristian hatred of gays and lesbians fall under?  Again, refuse any answer that doesn't come from the lips of Jesus and, if necessary, remind them that they are "Christians", not "Biblicans" or "Old Testamentarians" or anything other than professed followers of the teachings of Christ. 

    The reality is simple, gentle readers.  As I've proven so many, many times, it is literally impossible to follow Christ and vote Republican.  You are, without any doubt, lying and cheating the former in order to gain material wealth from the latter.

    As to the message the Democratic Party must scream from the highest hill (since they won't get any play in the media, where to begin is harder that what to say)?

    The first and most important message must be that the party is returning to its roots with the families and workers and children and minorities and elderly and all of the other segments of society that are beaten mercilessly by the rabid right.

    The party must explain exactly what they plan to do and why it is vastly more beneficial to the whole that the right's benefits to the few.  It must state clearly that every American must have access to either an education or gainful employment.  They must explain why a universal health care system is vastly more beneficial to the whole than the current access for only the fortunate.  They must explain that the drastic tax cuts that the half with and his thugs pushed through Congress will be reversed and the progressive income tax returned to its rightful place.  They must firmly declare that they are on the side of Americans, not Corporate America.  They must clearly state that their entire platform will be the improvement of life for real Americans, not suits in the suites or other people who gained so much from the half wit's theft of money and power.

    They must guarantee that the wall that separates church and state will be rebuilt even stronger than before.  Every American has the right to vote their spiritual conscience but none have the right to inflict their views on any other human being, for any reason, at any time.  America will restart the War on Poverty with even greater programs than before.  That won't be accomplished by anything resembling welfare but rather through the offering of free educations for all Americans, the right to a living wage and safe and healthy workplaces.  It will be accomplished through the voiding of all economic treaties and the renegotiating of new pacts that protect the workers and families and environment and will provide decent wages to all nations.  It will be accomplished through greatly increased taxes on any and all corporations that move their operations overseas so that this revenue can be used to continue to offer all Americans the benefits of this nation.

    The party must loudly forsake the use of force to protect corporate America's overseas assets.  Our military will, instead, be used to help those nations that follow a democratic path into the 21st Century.  Instead of bringing war and carnage and all the evils that it entails into defenseless countries, we will bring construction equipment and supplies and teachers and all the other necessities of life.  We will build a new world, not destroy the present one.

    The party must promise to always prosecute any corporation or individual who steals even a dime of the funds dedicated to this rebuilding effort.  Anyone or any corporation that is convicted twice will be forever barred from receiving any government contracts and the executives involved will be charged in federal court with the appropriate crimes. 

    We must involve the entire industrialized world in this undertaking.  Only with their cooperation can such a massive project be considered.  No longer will we insult and ignore those nations who refuse to blindly follow the half wit and his thugs but we will consider them just another player in this world wide effort.

    The Democratic Party must not only propose these measures and policies but they must strive constantly to both initiate them as well as to protect them from the greed and meanness and lies from the right.  Every charge brought by the right must be truthfully and factually answered.  Each charge that the right brings and the party disproves must be brought into the spotlight and each instance used to expose the reality that the only power that conservatives possess lies in fear and greed and selfishness and pure, unadulterated meanness.  When the majority of America finally sees what they have supported for so long, at least those that retain the ability to think independently of the stupid little Ditto heads, will, with any luck, see that decency and sharing and offering a better world for all rather than the privileged few will make our lives and those of all that come after us vastly more peaceful and comfortable.

    This is, at best, a truly basic outline of where the Democrats must take us if we are ever to remove the Republican infection from our nation and our world.  It is, though, a place where the debate can begin in earnest.  That's all we really need, isn't it, a place where the debate can begin?



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