No Comforting Reassurances


    I'm afraid this time I can't offer any profound reassurances.  It's worse than even I can comprehend and it finally lifts away the mask of a "conspiracy theory" and places events squarely on the table as evil personified.
        The reality is that America has become a conservative's form of a wet dream.  They have strangled the government's ability to provide for the needs of its citizens by cutting the taxes of those who least deserved it while engaging in numerous adventures that now lack any necessary funding or plans to react to emergencies.   We can bomb the fuck out of any Third World nation that irritates our glorious leaders but we can't get canned food to people on rooftops in New Orleans.
        New Orleans was just an unanticipated opportunity to test out all of this regime's blueprints for massive damages within America's boundaries.  Ignore the stink arising from FEMA's lack of response because that was the intention all along.  Having a lying halfwit lead FEMA was just a mirror image of the moron that the conservative gang of thugs placed in the Oval Office.  That should have come as no surprise to anyone.  Competence is not only NOT a job requirement to work in this regime's bureaucracy but it is absolutely the quickest way to be refused a position or to suddenly lose a position within it.  There isn't one single department head that was ever capable of acting in a professional manner.  They were hired solely to dismantle their programs.  Subservience is key while ability is seen as a fatal flaw in one's character.
        Actually, New Orleans stands as the perfect example of what is planned for America in the coming months.  Watching these events unfold offers an opportunity to view what's ahead for all of us.
        First, the delay in providing services and supplies wasn't an arbitrary reaction to a disaster of this magnitude.  It was part of the plan to remove as many of the poor from the city as possible either through forcing them out or allowing them to die.  This wasn't truly a racist move even though the vast majority of the poor in New Orleans, like in the rest of this country, are black.  Instead, it was simply part of the plan to evacuate that part of the city where they lived that has always been eyed for its land values.  It isn't a coincidence that Halliburton was again given a no bid contract to "rebuild" New Orleans, either.  Where the housing that the poor once occupied stands will soon be the scene of massive hotels and casinos and high rent apartments and office spaces.  That I guarantee!
        The fact that it took three days for the first supplies to enter the city can easily be explained through the reality that, as one of the National Guard officers stated, "We want them to evacuate, not be comfortable in their old homes."  Thus, even though Wal-Mart sent dozens of trucks filled with food and water and other supplies, hundreds of shallow draft boats were offered to rescue the stranded, hundreds of volunteer doctors and so much more were refused entrance into the city because FEMA refused to authorize anyone to enter the city except National Guardsmen and the Blackwater Security thugs who were sent in to "protect private property" (banks, stores, the homes of the wealthy and other corporate interests) and to remove those who refused to evacuate.
        Those that did choose to leave were ALL forced to submit to a thorough search of themselves and whatever possessions they managed to bring.  The only items that were confiscated were guns and cameras - including camera phones.  That was and is simply a part of the decision to limit or preclude any images of the destruction and death and Gestapo tactics employed by the Guardsmen or Blackwater Security forces.  Remember, only "authorized" media reporters are being allowed in and they are being greatly restricted as to where they can go and what they can report.  Can you say "Iraq", boys and girls?  I knew you could!
        Okay, here is where others will see paranoia and where I see this government's scheme for America.  Understand, I can't state when or where it will occur, just that everything is pointing to these events unfolding in the next few months.
        Two reports that gained minor attention in the media and then pretty much disappeared relate to battle plans originating at the order of this regime.
        The first one was an investigation by the Office of Budget and Management (or perhaps the DOJ) into what the law requires in order that the "Posse Comitatus Act could be lifted (this act blocks the military from attaining any control over local governments or American citizens on American soil).  Lifting that act would immediately result in a state of Marshall Law being instituted across the nation.  It also precludes any of the Constitutional freedoms we think we currently have.  This will institute a nationwide curfew, give the military and private security forces the right to shoot on sight and will allow the government to round up any "dissidents" whose demands for justice will be seen as "supporting or abetting terrorism".  In other word, don't expect to hear anything more from folks like me.
        The second report referred to STRACOM (Strategic Air Command).  This organization was tasked with a very simply objective; to create a battle plan in which American forces would bomb Iran using conventional and tactical nuclear weapons with two goals in mind.  First, to completely destroy any military capabilities and, second, to ensure that Iran's oil fields and refineries were not damaged.
        Understand, both of these items were reported on.  They just were placed either on page 5 or deeper in the paper where very few Americans can maintain attention long enough to get to or as small parts of related reports on the airwaves.  These reports weren't meant to inform anyone, they were meant to soften the minds of America so that the reality of employing nuclear weapons can be made less objectionable and more excusable since we were just "fighting terrorism over there".
        Cheney has repeatedly threatened Iran with attack over its nuclear programs.  He and other regime spokesmen have clearly stated that America may be the first to use tactical nuclear weapons if it is felt that Iran or other "state sponsors of terrorism" poses some sort of risk to Americans, our allies or anyone else.  That pretty much covers all of the bases, doesn’t it?  In fact, two stories reported today support the realization that these criminals are planning these horrors (#1 & #2).  One explains how these criminals are getting their lackies in Congress to authorize the building of what they nicely term "Bunker Buster" nuclear weapons and how the military can now "request" the use of those weapons as well as any other option in our nuclear armory.  The other outlines the reality that we will now be the first to employ nuclear weapons if we decide to.
        So, here's where some will see a depressing wanker conspiracy and others see as the future.
        Even though America has been warned that any attack on Iran would be illegal, Cheney has repeatedly stated that all America needs in order to attack Iran is what he calls a "tipping point".  In other words, all he sees as necessary for that attack is some sort of threat or actual attack by Iran and he will have what he believes is sufficient cause to murder millions of Iranian citizens.  A nuclear attack, from a ship that had visited Iran, on an American seaport would do the trick quite nicely.  Of course, that attack will, in reality, come from within America and from the highest levels of government, not from any Iranian plot.  Americans, of course, are too stupid and willfully uninformed to question exactly what really happened until, like the 9/11 conspiracy, years later.
        You can be certain that any nuclear event in Iran will echo throughout the world.  Russia, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea will see their opportunities to settle some of their festering old scores with enemies and things will quickly deteriorate from there.  What the world will be like a week later will be the crowning achievement of the sick, mindless Hell-bent fundamentalists of all stripes, Armageddon.
        Personally, I recognize these sick and mindless criminals in Washington for what they are; the lowest and most hate filled animals that have ever disgraced our government.  They will happily murder millions if it results in either of their two lustful objectives; increased power and wealth or the end of life on Earth.  They seek the former because they know that the American people are simply too stupid and obedient to ever question their acts, at least as long the Republicans control the government and the media.  They seek the latter because they have convinced themselves that they are doing god's work and they, and only they, will be lifted up to heaven on the day of the Rapture, leaving we sinful, immoral peace freaks behind.
        Reality today isn't exposed to the light of day.  Reality hides in the shadows, leaving only to drag some hapless American into its sick bowels.  Reality is painted over with fear and hate for anyone "not like us".  Reality has become a diseased costume for fundamentalists, of all forms, meant only to cloak the true evil it represents and the dangers that it poses for any future we might hope for.
        As for me and mine, I am doing my best to prepare for this catastrophe.  I am stockpiling food and water and medical supplies and other "essential" equipment.  Will I need them?  I hope to whatever god that might exist that my entire rant has been based on paranoia and a massive misunderstanding of the events now unfolding..  I hope to see the 2006 elections come to pass and the vast majority of Republicans swept from office on a tidal wave of disgust and anger with the hell that these animals have already inflicted on this planet.  I hope to see a time where all of these criminals and their corporate owners are shoved into the defendant's chair in a court of law and made to answer for the carnage and destruction they are directly and solely responsible for.
        I would love to offer comforting reassurances.  I can't.  I believe that we're closer to the end-times than we can imagine.  Is there hope?  Of course.  There is always the possibility that sanity will suddenly appear within the highest levels of the military and they will refuse to carry out the murderous orders from the criminals.  There is always the hope that Americans will turn off their damn TVs and go to the streets and demand that rational people forcibly evict the creatures that soil our government.  There's always the hope that the Republicans in Congress will tire of being the legislative slaves to the most corrupt and violent gang of thugs to ever infect our nation.  There's also the hope that Jesus will come down from heaven and take over the throne he was once offered by Satan out there in the dark, dry deserts of the Middle East.  And I believe that we will be informed of all of these grand events by flying pigs and talking trees.
    That's what I hope.  It's not what I believe, however.



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