Local Questionnaire

Here is a little test to check out just how much we all know about our government and those who represent us. There is no partisan point to giving the test or in your taking it. I simply wonder how much we really understand about something so very basic to our lives and futures. Remember, we aren't keeping score. This is basically just for fun and learning.

Some of these questions first appeared in the Feb. 5-11, '96 issue of the Washington Post. The others are simply from facts gleaned here and there.


1) How many Senators represent California in the U.S. Congress and what are their names and party affiliations?
2) What is the name of California's Governor and what party does he represent?
3) In the past three years, has the number of Federal employees increased or decreased?
4) What is the name of the Senate Majority Speaker?
5) What is the name of the Speaker of the House?
6) Who has the ultimate responsibility to decide if a law is constitutional or not?
7) Which accounts for a higher percentage of the budget; foreign aid or Medicare?
8) Who is the Senate Minority leader?
9) Who is the House Minority leader?
10) Who is your Congressional Representative and what district do you live in?

1. Two. Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. Both are Democrats.
2. Pete Wilson. Republican.
3. Decreased.
4. Robert Dole, a Republican.
5. Newt Gingrich, also a Republican.
6. The U.S. Supreme Court.
7. Medicare accounts for about 13% of the budget while foreign aid is at about 2%.
8. Tom Daschle
9. Richard Gephardt
10. Olancha & Lone Pine - Howard McKeon - 25th Dist.
Independence - William Thomas - 21st Dist.
Bishop & Mammoth - John T. Doolittle - 4th Dist.
If your's isn't listed here, just check at your local post office or look here - Search for your Representative.

Actually, since this was published it has been pointed out to me that the answers to #10 may be wrong. I'm having some difficulty finding the correct information but what I gave as answers were the names the Web Site I show gave me when I looked. Sorry!

I'll go back and try again and if the results are the same I will e-mail the site and complain. Okay?

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