A Brief Description of a Possible PAC for the Poor and Middle-Class

Last issue the subject of PACs and their power over our daily lives was discussed. We ended with the suggestion of founding a PAC. A PAC dedicated to the proposition that those who are the most powerless, the most under-represented and the first to pay for the whims of those who control our representatives in government, now need a say in their own future. Both the poor and middle-class must begin to exert our power so that when sacrifices must be made for the common good of the nation, all of it's citizens share that burden equally. Conversely, when the country experiences times of wealth and prosperity then all benefit, as well.

This isn't really a radical idea, nor need it be labeled left or right wing ideology. It is only a much more fair method of governance. The Constitution promises a government "By the people and for the people". There is no mention of wealth or social status. Nor is it stated that those who are able to afford to buy influence should be better treated than those who cannot.

What should the purpose of such a PAC be? Should it be used as all the others now in existence are used; to buy representatives and congressmen?

No! The PAC I suggest would, instead, focus on those issues which are currently the matters most important to the country as a whole. These might include 1) vast voter registration drives as well as assistance in transportation to and from the polls, 2) ensuring that Welfare is truly reformed, and not destroyed in a partisan move, by publicizing the truth instead of the phony facts and figures politicians and ideologues use, 3) finding a way to expand health care to all of our citizens equally and fairly, 4) to assure all workers a fair retirement, untouchable by corporations or government, 5) forcing a change in campaign finance laws to take the vast amounts of money and its outright purchasing powers out of the picture, 6) to bring forward suggestions about returning the airwaves to the people by requiring all broadcasters to provide free air time to all candidates for the sole purpose of explaining their positions and goals for our future and 7) supporting those candidates with histories of supporting equitable treatment to all people and companies in America.

The list of possible directions such an organization could drive are endless. The only requirement would be that all actions be legal and in the best interest of all citizens. Any other ideas for the purposes of our PAC?

Who would organize and run this organization? How would we find someone who not only has the skills necessary to begin and carry out such a huge enterprise but also is someone whom the public would trust not to use the platform for their own purposes? That will truly be difficult, I agree. Any suggestions?

How would we finance this organization? Considering the millions of citizens who are considered either poor or middle-class, that shouldn't be difficult, even if donations were limited to an amount as small as $5.00 per person. All corporate and government funding would be refused as well as contributions larger than the maximum agreed upon.

Direct contributions to candidates or parties would be barred completely. Support would only entail a list published before each election as to which candidates and propositions the PAC feels are consistent with the needs of all Americans. Perhaps we could create a series of informational programs and articles to be regularly disseminated that would provide truthful information about the crisis de jour as well as the voting and speech records of the candidates. This would help clear up the nonsense that passes for political debate as candidates could not disown their past, with the major media's passive assistance, as is done so often now. It would also negate the manufactured anecdotal "facts" politicians such as Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich are so justly famous for.

Okay, these are my thoughts on the subject. I know there are thinking people out there who can further this discussion with ideas of their own. As always, I can reached through this paper or at jcannon@concentric.net. Again, as always, if your vocabulary has the distinct evolutionary disadvantage of an overuse of the word "Ditto", leave well enough alone.

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