What a Country of Ironies

Ah, what a great country we live in, today. It just abounds in irony and outright stupidity, doesn't it? Shall we look at a few of the latest examples? Of course we shall!

We'll start with the headline of the LA Times of June 8, 1996. The headline read "Economic Surge Adds 348,000 Jobs to U.S. Work Force". Good news? Not according to Wall Street! The first sentence of the following article read "A surging U.S. economy put 348,000 more people to work last month, the Labor Department reported Friday, but the good news sent waves of apprehension through financial markets ever fearful that tighter supplies of labor could cause a resurgence of inflation."

The four key words there are "tighter supplies of labor". Put simply, that means more people employed and less suffering the anguish of looking for jobs that didn't exist before. That means fewer folks on Welfare, fewer children going hungry, more people finally having some sort of a secure financial future and all Wall Street is concerned about is the smaller labor pool that might, possibly, cause a rise in inflation. This wonderful news caused the stock market to fall more than 80 points and the yield on Treasury 30-year bonds to raise from 6.9% to 7.03%.

So, let's put this reaction in context with other current events and political trends.

We have Wall Street and the U.S. Treasury unhappy with the news that fewer Americans are unemployed. Contrast that with the climate of Welfare destruction in the guise of reform, less money for education, less money for Medicare, less money for college student loans, etc., etc. Now look at the importance your Congress and now the President are placing on tax cuts and bigger tax breaks for the wealthy and big business. See a trend here?

It should be obvious to even the most uninterested observer that your best interests have nothing to do with the way your country is run by either the government or business. You, my friend, are the very least of their concerns. Their only objective is profit and income. Keeping enough Americans poor, unemployed, less educated and without any hope of bettering their lives enables your leaders to have a sufficient labor pool to keep wages low, benefits nil and hopes for anything better just out of reach.

Our second example of irony is the Congressional leader of the equivalent of the Inquisition; Senator Al D'Amato. While spending tens of millions of your tax dollars and 41 months investigating the Whitewater Scandal and having found pretty much zilch in the way of laws being broken and, also, while harping on the alleged ethical breaches by his versions of Satan, Bill & Hillary Clinton, he was racking up $37,125 in a questionable one-day stock market deal with a brokerage firm under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for the crime of fraud (for which it eventually paid a $2.5 million penalty). This ethical problem is compounded by the small fact that this profitable stock deal occurred while Sen. D'Amato was also the senior minority member of the Senate Banking Committee which oversees the Securities and Exchange Commission. Perhaps there is connection between all of these circumstances? Would he attack the President and First Lady for ethical lapses he himself were guilty of? He did, didn't he? What are we to make of this? Is it possible that Sen. D'Amato is a rank opportunist and politician of low repute? Or is he just a hypocrite? Perhaps all three?

That is about all I have to share with you this issue. Just a couple of news articles and some additional background that you won't find in your daily newspaper. Food for thought, you might call it. Two articles that show conclusively, first, who is actually running America and, second, that our government consists of alleged criminals investigating other alleged criminals and creating a wonderful political circus to distract us from the first fact. What a great country!

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