In most of mankind's history, one of our more destructive propensities has been the need to find easy scapegoats whenever our lives become difficult. This is a process that the more radical leaders in each era have found very useful. It enables the few in power to distract the majority's attention away from the true causes of their distress, which is almost always the leaders themselves, and onto whatever minority these leaders believe are currently distrusted or disliked or that they can convince the many to distrust or dislike. The usual victims the leaders choose are the weak or defenseless or simply the minorities.

In pre-Nazi Germany, the economy was so depressed that it took actual wheelbarrows full of their worthless currency to buy a loaf of bread. Jobs were scarce or nonexistent and things were only getting worse. Adolf Hitler came into power by pointing the finger for their woes, not at the demands of the World War I allies who were exacting a terrible price from Germany for reparations from that war, but at the Jews and Gypsies and homosexuals. These, he claimed, were the real villains. They were easily recognized, easily separated and easily vilified since they were the minorities of that era. The Holocaust became a natural outgrowth of this condemnation.

More recently, in the country once known as Yugoslavia, after the Communist regime fell, the Serbian people found themselves in the majority of population but holding a minority of government positions. Reaching back a thousand years in history, the Serbs found instances of Croat and Muslim atrocities against them and decided to exact revenge. Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of deaths of Muslim and Croat women, children, army aged males and the elderly by massacre later, the Serbs have their "Cleansed" country.

In Rwanda the Tutus hate the Hutsis and vice versa and kill each other in horrible and bloody ways; Germans hate the Pakistani immigrants and burn down their homes with the families still inside; after thousands of years of constant strife, the Arabs still hate the Jews and attack Israeli citizens on buses with machine guns and bombs; the Irish hate the English for a 12th century massacre so they attack the English and anyone who even appears to not support their hate, even their own citizens. I could go on for page after page but I think you get the idea. Hate is a huge part of any nation's identity and it seems it always has been.

America is absolutely no different in this disgusting aspect than any other country. We have always looked for a scapegoat long before we have spent any time at all looking for the real obstacles. The current villains are the nation's poor and the Mexicans who cross the border into America, without the proper permission, to do the work we won't. They aren't the only groups we point the accusatory finger at but they are the main characters in this on going drama.

Can't get a decent job at livable wages? Must be them dang illegal aliens stealing our jobs! Corporate greed the cause of this problem? Government tax policy encouraging business to move out of the country to third world nations? Nope, can't be, cause I don't want to spend too much time looking for answers and that one would too tough a solution to find.

America's educational system ranked below countries like Bulgaria? Must be those darned Liberals and lazy school teachers and their unions or them dang illegal aliens, again. Could it be that parents just won't get involved either at school or, after, at homework time? Could it be that our society diminishes intelligence and learning while worshipping wealth and raw power or simple athletic ability? Could it be that our schools are so top heavy and uninspired that teachers must buy vital supplies out of their own pockets? Whoa! I'll get back to you on that. Seinfeld is on and I just love that Kramer fellow.

Social Security and Medicare about to go broke and leave millions destitute and without health care? Can't be those dang aliens, this time, so it must be somebody else, but who? Ouch! That hurts, trying to think about that and all. I know, we'll blame the Medicare mess on Welfare families. That works for me.

Folks, the time is long past to grow up and stop the never ending search for someone to blame for our troubles and to finally become involved with searching, instead, for the truth. When people of voting age won't even register and less than half of those who are registered even bother to vote, then we as a nation are truly on the road to calamity. When citizens of this great country can't see the irony in cynically objecting to the political choices each campaign season and complain about the actions of these figures (once everyone else elects them) and then proudly proclaim their refusal to vote, we are truly in deep doo-doo.

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