The suspense is over, folks! We no longer need to worry about just who is being represented in Washington, D.C. or Sacramento. I'll admit, my previous statements not withstanding, that I harbored a tiny spark of hope deep within my heart that you and I still mattered in some miniscule way. That spark is now forever dampened. Business rules, ladies and gentlemen, and Gov. Pete Wilson will always be remembered, by me at least, as the messenger of that depressing knowledge.

We have been forced to listen to the lies of the "State's Rights" people for many years, particularly the last three, since they found themselves in power in Washington and state houses nationwide. The individual states, so their reasoning goes, are in the best position to manage the programs meant to support the nation's neediest citizens. Give the states the funds that the federal government budgets for this assistance and the states can provide the most cost effective and most humane local programs. Well, gentle readers, I have heard their arguments and am seeing the results and I have this to say...cockroach droppings!

Our esteemed Governor is proposing to privatize the Welfare system in California. That's right! Give the program over to business and mega-corporations like Lockheed Martin, IBM, Electronic Data Systems Corp. or the giant accounting firm Arthur Anderson & Co. For the hundreds of thousands of Americans on Welfare who were forced there by the lay-offs of these same corporations, this must seem like a dream come true. They get to be victimized by the same wealthy few, again and again. They earned the opportunity to be moved to Welfare through purely profit motivated corporate lay-offs, then off of Welfare, with it's small but guaranteed benefits and health care, to dead-end, minimum wage, no benefit jobs in other divisions of the same corporations, or their ilk, that run the program. All this in the service of these corporations and their executives who receive tax breaks that cost the federal treasury six or seven times the original cost of Welfare.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is surely the beginning of the end of fairness of any sort from our government. If this depressing trend continues, and it appears to be unstoppable, our lives will be run, not by representatives whom we elect, but by huge corporations whose only responsibility is to their own profit. They will answer only to politicians who the corporations outright buy through campaign contributions each "election".

The list of government services on the way to (or already fully at) "privatization" include our prisons, state highway construction and maintenance, Welfare, Post Office, OSHA and aviation safety inspectors (that was difficult to type because the thought of business inspecting and regulating itself is hilarious), most government record keeping and accounting, some city police forces, ad nauseam.

President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address is now completely out of date. America is now "of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations". We, the puny taxpaying citizens are now, or soon will be, just dissatisfied customers calling a constantly busy, $10 a minute, 900 complaint department number (which will employ the same folks that the corporations first laid off then moved off of Welfare and into this complaint division).

In the future, if these corporations feel as if they aren't making the profit off of us that they desire, they only have to tell their chattel politicians to raise your taxes and pay them more. You, of course, will have no choice in the matter since it will only be middle income and not corporate taxes that will be raised. Wait a minute, I guess that function already exists, doesn't it? Okay, so some things won't have to change all that much.

Let's recap, shall we? The loud minorities in the Republican's Christian and far right conservative wings convinced enough Americans that it was okay to hate "Big" government (whatever that meant) as well as women and children on Welfare. They explained that the services that "Big" government provided would be better off in the hands of "local" government. Now, it appears that the true definition of their movement should be "replace big government with big business". This way the stock portfolios of these misguided fiscal missionaries will grow even larger while your government turns its full attention to its real masters, corporations. Cool, huh?

It sounds to me like the word "fair" will only be applicable to baseball and the weather, from now on. You lose, citizen! America is well on the path towards the day when this nation will be a democracy in name only. Let's see! How about calling it the United States of America, Inc?

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