A Little Free Verse

There are those who accept the existence of God without question yet torture and kill His children without remorse.
There are those who proclaim the perfect word of their Savior but are silent in the face of the hunger and misery of millions of His children.
There are those who travel many miles to witness to strangers about their religious beliefs yet turn and walk away from the poor and needy.
There are those who labor to control the body of all women yet blissfully ignore the offspring of these females once born and in deprivation.
There are those who acknowledge God's right to judge yet lust for the legalization of capital punishment.
There are those who quietly give to God's children out of love while there are those who do so loudly and before as many cameras as possible.
There are those who quietly live their love of God while there are those who stand before the multitudes and crudely proclaim their love of God and His need for your money.
There are those who believe God grants wealth to His favorites and so hate the poor as forgotten by God.
There are those who claim to value life yet support death in wars for control of wealth.
There are those who loudly proclaim their support of particular political and religious ideologies but who cannot explain their ideology's truth, only the falseness of their enemy's.
There are those for whom power is a means to an end and there are those for whom it is just the end.
There are those who believe themselves a conduit of God's love and there are those who believe themselves to be the deserving recipient of that love.
There are those who view the world so simplistically that they can only establish their reality if all things are labeled.
There are those who try to speak up for the least of God's children but who are ridiculed or crucified for their efforts.
There are those who cannot accept a God who actually requires them to love one another.
There are those who cannot accept truth unless it vindicates their lives.
There are those who love to hate.
There are those who try to love.
Who are you?

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