Some Important Questions Revisited

Normally, unless I ask questions relating to religious beliefs, I can seem to find no one who is capable of answering even the most basic of queries regarding Corporate versus personal Welfare.

Granted, we've already been through the astonishment I expressed as to the fact that Jesus was very specific, over and over again, that His followers were to love and care for the needy women and children and to protect the children of God at all times, yet so many Christians spend years searching their Bible for anything that limits that demand to a far lesser level that they feel more financially comfortable with. If their book is perfect and if the center of their religion is Jesus, then His word must be obeyed without questions or limitations or qualifications using other people's words or writings or political philosophies. It's either completely God's word or not, one or the other.

What amazes me nearly as much as the above problem is the fact that so many otherwise caring Americans see no irony in the phenomenon of Corporations receiving hundreds of billions of dollars a year in Corporate Welfare (while laying off millions of Americans, paying the ones they keep the least possible with few if any benefits, all the while moving jobs and production overseas) while continuing to loudly hate and berate those individuals who were receiving the tens of billions of dollars that allowed single parent families to barely survive. Those who proclaim that Welfare for the poor is Socialism and evil must acknowledge that Welfare for the rich must be Socialism and evil, as well. No matter how firm your convictions might be, liberal or conservative, you must accept the reality that you cannot have it both ways and remain honest. If Welfare, to you, means giving away your tax dollars to those who have not worked for it, then Disney or General Motors or NBC TV have no more right to your taxes through Welfare than the ever popular Welfare Queen of Reagan's Revolution did. Welfare is Welfare, no matter who the recipient is!

There has even been the claim that the concept of individuals needing Welfare is insupportable but businesses can't survive without it (see campaign speeches by Steve Forbes, Robert Dole and House testimony during budget debates by Newt Gingrich). When asked what the purpose of business is if not to make money and, if any business cannot make money without taxpayer bail-outs, why shouldn't capitalism run its course and the business fail, the answer is that businesses produce jobs. Thus, the American taxpayer should expect to pay taxes to keep businesses alive and to create profits for them but must never be expected to pay taxes to assist impoverished women and their children to simply survive.

Of course, anyone promoting this warped view of capitalism can also tell you of the "hundreds" of Welfare women that they personally have known who constantly cheat the system and refuse to work. When asked to actually name them so that these tales of massive Welfare fraud can be verified, temporary amnesia occurs and anger at being doubted erupts.

Try it, folks! It really works! Ask for specifics from anyone who hates Welfare cheats and watch the rhetoric flow but notice how specific information is stunning in its absence.

If you want specifics about the proof against the fallacy of "massive Welfare fraud", I'll be happy to produce it (in fact, I've been providing it for nearly two years). If you want to continue living under the rather offensive delusion that the majority of underprivileged American women and children are lazy cheats and liars and thieves, then do so. Just don't expect anyone to listen to you who is willing to actually examine the evidence. But, not to worry, you'll find plenty of soul mates just by listening to the Rush Limbaughs of the world. They are always there to help you justify your malevolence.

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