More Useless But Fun Facts

Some more information that you probably won't be seeing on TV or hearing from old Rush.

Number of federal laboratories operated by the EPA for testing pesticides: 0.
Percent of independent laboratories used to test pesticides inspected by the EPA in the 90's: 23%.
Percent of the reports that these labs produce that the EPA has audited since 1990: 3.5%
Number of free trips abroad that chemical companies provided members of Congress in 1990-96: 214.
Percent of America's approximately 1650 pesticide scientists employed by chemical companies: 90%.

Still wonder why state and federal government employees can't seem to detect any of the health crisis' that have affected Americans over the years or why the chemicals outlawed in the U.S. are immediately okayed for export to Third World countries? Might there be a bit of a bias towards the Corporate structure and away from the health of any of this planet's citizens?

Now just a couple of facts that I found and figured you might appreciate. By the way, the second equals one and a half times the size of the Owens Valley in California.

Percent of the world's forests destroyed since 1950: 33%.
Acres of trees cut in the US yearly: 800,000.

The following shows just how little government unemployment statistics can be trusted (not at all, if you hadn't guessed already):

Number of citizens working in the US in 1996: 127 million.
Number of registered unemployed: 7.4 million.
Number of unregistered (not looking, discouraged, etc.): 7 million.
Percent unemployed per the US government: 5.4%
Actual percent including the unregistered: 11.3%.
Number working part-time: 38 million.
Number working full-time but not earning above poverty line wages: 54 Million.
Total of the labor force unemployed or working for substandard wages: 54%.
Unemployment level that the Federal Reserve's Alan Greenspan considers "good" for the economy: 6% or about 8.5 million Americans.
Number of manufacturing jobs lost in New York City and Chicago 1967-87: 836,000.
Actual difference in average yearly cost between medium security prison and Ivy League education: $0.

Well, I realize that this list is fairly short but it's just information I thought you might enjoy. Putting out this sort of factual data that is not considered news elsewhere is the whole purpose of the 1st Amendment. Do you have some information that you would like to share? My e-mail address is below. Enjoy.

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