Yes, Virginia, there is a Satan

Yes, Virginia, there is a Satan.

He lives in the hearts of all humanity, hidden, watching, waiting for the moment when the power of righteousness born within each of us subsides, allowing him to exert the smallest measure of control over our actions. Like smoke or the stench of decay, he can escape through even the slightest opening to wreak havoc upon the life of he or she who relaxes their vigilance for even a moment.

Each infant is born with a heart pure, full of decency and compassion. Every baby, from the moment they arrive into this world, wants only the warmth and comfort of the body of their mother. It isn't until they are forced into the company of society that children learn the ways of evil and wickedness that are the hallmark of the so-called maturity in these sad days of the late Twentieth Century. It isn't until adults begin to exert their influence over these malleable minds that Satan finds the opportunity to creep in to make a little nest for himself. There he waits, biding his time until the heart that is his home is soiled by the greed, the envy, the love of material wealth and the horrors that are the marks of what passes for growing up in America.

It is now, when the heart is open but the mind is closing that his work can begin. The heart that gave its love to everyone in its world, the heart that found joy in small pleasures now can only want and desire. The heart that Satan needs to thrive is one that lusts for the accumulation of the world's treasures but that cannot find room for the concept of communion with others who have gained less. The heart that Satan cherishes is one that has room only for the selfishness of the one, never charity for the many. It is here that he flourishes, still hidden but, this time, hidden behind the words and concepts of invention, masquerading as undefined "family values". Showing to those outside his face of reason, his mask of deception. Pretending to be causing pain and need in others only for their "own good", he takes what isn't his and gives nothing that is.

His power grows as the hearts in which he lives shrinks. His influence is magnified by the self importance and self interest he encourages each small heart to trust. The belief that "greed is good", that wealth is God's proof that the heart is pure is constantly reinforced, not only from within but from the other insignificant hearts that each hateful creature gleefully surrounds itself with, as well. Eventually, these malignant beliefs control a large enough multitude that he can begin causing harm to the many who now have no power to protect themselves.

It is now, when his power is greatest, that he is best hidden by being so transparent. His followers are allowed to believe that their actions are their own, that the horrors that they perpetrate on the less fortunate are merely "God's Will". He encourages them to hate, to refuse to love but to pretend to care.

Yes, indeed, Virginia, there is most assuredly a Satan. He is within each of us to some extent but, now, his power is growing stronger. He rules over many who try to appear as saviors of the nation but who wish to change the spirit of America to the darkness of the soul that he so loves. Yes, Virginia, he is here. He is us.

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Copyright 6/4/97