More Republican Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

What is the rallying cry of this Republican Congress whenever they want to destroy any program that doesn't directly benefit the rich? We all know it's that fraudulent, "Balance the Budget". As any even slightly intelligent American has come to understand, this wonderfully positive statement only covers up the overweening desire of this Congress to shift the wealth from the poor and middle-class directly to their wealthy contributors.

Now that the Republican Congress, with the able and enthusiastic assistance of the counterfeit Democratic President, has pretty much destroyed nearly every existing safety net for the poor and needy, what is their next all-American objective? Why, giving those same wealthy masters another huge tax break and lying to the rest of the nation, claiming it's another of those famous "across the board" cuts.

Once again, these servants to the affluent are giving them a cut in their capital gains taxes, from 28% down to 20%. I've written about the lies that Congress has been telling Americans and, of course, the lies that Americans have happily swallowed simply because anyone but a Democrat is telling them. I've told you how this 28% tax is actually far less in percentage for the rich's stock portfolio's increase in value than you pay on the money you actually go out and work for, but that the Republicans have somehow convinced people that this isn't important. I've actually had middle-class individuals try to explain how they would pay less taxes whenever they sell property but then admit that they have yet to sell any property. If this is what the voters want, to cut middle-class taxes when they sell their small investments, then all Congress has to do is target these instances for cuts. But, of course, a targeted tax cut is only valuable for politicians when it can be used to repay campaign contributions.

The other phase of this indecent attack on the majority of American's wallets is another of the income tax cuts that they are so justly famous for. As in every "middle-class" tax cut that this Congress has offered in the past three years, 87% of the benefits go to the top 20% of wage earners. As usual, the bottom 20% end up barely keeping up or, in this case, probably falling behind when all of the other benefits that have been stolen from them.

Ladies and gentlemen, it has become a simple and unalterable fact that whenever a Republican says "middle-class tax cut" they mean another tax break for the rich paid for by the self same middle-class. They have yet to introduce any legislation whatsoever that benefits the poor, the middle-class or any group but white, rich, campaign contributors. Even when given the opportunity to help hundreds of thousands of Americans in immediate and deep need in the flood regions in the Dakotas, they try to slip a couple of highly partisan amendments onto the bill that could only be vetoed by even the nonsensical President we currently have. Once again, given the chance to do something good for America, The Republicans find a way to look like fools.

I suppose this column will basically serve to reinforce the perception that I have become a bit too cynical or just outright distrusting. Guess what?! Either answer would be pretty close to the truth. I'm so frustrated at watching the vast majority of Americans act so astoundingly gullible and sheep-like. I can't believe that it is all that difficult to see right through the lies and deceptions that signifies any politician, from any party, is talking. As Harry Truman once said about Richard Nixon, but which describes any and all politicians, "If he ever slipped and told the truth, he'd tell a lie to cover it up".

Does anyone reading this have any idea how to wake this nation up? Does anybody know what it will take for the average American to stop listening to the lies and actually begin thinking for themselves? Personally, I don't have much hope. The vast majority of people I know are far more interested in who wins in sports contests or what is on TV that evening. Do you realize that more people watch the Academy Awards than voted in the '96 election? Can you imagine a sadder fact?

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Copyright 7/2/97