Hatred & Violence will be America's Downfall

The best proof of this nation's decline is in its complete lack of respect for human life or simple individual dignity. Granted, the history of the human race has been one of death and murder in the furtherance of whatever the cause of the day was and/or is but one would think that, after two thousand years of pretending to believe in some sort of loving Higher Power we might have improved our record. The fact seems to be, though, that we are sliding back into the darkness of the soul that characterized Medieval cultures or barbaric tribes from our dim past.

It is the disregard for the sanctity of life that I find most puzzling. We no longer seem to care about the suffering of our children, we show nearly universal indifference towards our elderly and we happily send off the best and youngest hopes for our future to die in a desert 10,000 miles away in order to insure a good supply of oil for our Corporate masters.

We cheerfully allow the two greatest chemical killers of all time to advertise everywhere and to be sold nearly anywhere, alcohol and cigarettes. In fact, we allow chemical companies to sell toxic compounds on the basis of "only" killing or injuring an agreed upon number of adults and children annually.

Your children turn on the TV and watch costumed "heroes" who fight and kill their adversaries without even the pretense of attempting to use their minds to solve problems. Each episode ends with the total annihilation of their "enemy". Only death is an acceptable result.

We had a President who watched a very poor actor in a very violent movie pretend to kill some other actors portraying "terrorists" and was then not only able to initiate military air attacks on an African nation but was not immediately impeached when he admitted the connection.

Hundreds of thousands of women, children and the elderly are massacred by attackers in the night using machetes and axes in the nation of Rwanda only because of the tribe the victims were born into and we as a nation not only stand by and watch but then we later offer foreign assistance money to the leader of these animals and no one cares.

Instead of trying to solve the problem of illegal immigration, we utilize teenage U.S. Marines to intercept these Mexican nationals. Under the pretense of the failed "War on Drugs", these kids, who were only trained to kill in defense of their country, stalk and murder an innocent American child herding his goats along the border. The story was as quickly forgotten as were the ominous lessons the death of this child should have taught our thick headed "leaders".

Tens of thousands of children in America become pregnant or contract sometimes fatal, sexually transmitted diseases but the very idea of providing information or medical protection is fought in the "Name of God" or "sex should be taught at home". The fact that no mere mortal has the right to decide God's wishes nor are many parents capable of explaining the complicated facets that is sex in 90's America is ignored.

Gentle readers, the easy acceptance of hatred and violence and killing this nation ignorantly embraces shines a powerful light on our decadence. America may be able to honestly claim to be the finest nation on earth but, look around, the other nations are just more inadequate and corrupt than even we are.

We have perfected wickedness and selfishness like no other people on earth today. We blame our personal woes on anyone but ourselves and then hate and hurt anyone we can convince ourselves should be the scapegoats for our second-rate lives. We don't know when to stop, either.

Our children will, as always, pay for our mistakes. We pass laws making what we did as kids illegal for our children and then self-righteously put them in prison and ruin their lives in the name of our newly found "morals". We destroy any hope of our children growing up healthy unless they were fortunate enough to be born into a wealthy family. We convince the children to fight our petty battles because we are too cowardly to fight them ourselves.

We stink.

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Copyright 7/15/97