Bigots With Badges

The constant attacks on affirmative action and all other civil right laws since the early 80's by the far right political movement have employed one redundant defense. That is the claim that racism in America is a thing of the past and all laws directed towards assuring a fair and just society are now unnecessary and can be removed from the records. Of course, the sheep who blindly follow the far right manipulators and the Americans who simply don't care are assisting the destruction of any hope for a fair and equal America in the next few generations.

If these spreaders of racial divisiveness would look within their own government, they would find an awe inspiring record of continuing racial discrimination in just the U.S. Marshal Service's ranks.

The U.S. Marshals Service was created in 1789 by the first U.S. Congress and provided the authorization to support federal courts and to enforce all lawful orders issued by federal judges, Congress or the President. Until 1870, they even took the national census every 10 years. This is truly one of America's oldest and most elite law enforcement arms.

Just some of the documented charges against the U.S. Marshal's Service include:

Six Deputy U.S. Marshals continued to attend the Ku Klux Klan's 1995 annual "Good Old Boys Roundup" at a campground in southeastern Tennessee where a sign at the entrance proclaimed "Nigger Check Point". On sale were "Coon Hunting Licenses" and a skit was produced in which a black doll was pulled out of a watermelon and smashed over and over with a baton. This gathering was first exposed a number of years ago by the 60 Minutes TV show but continues to soil the American law enforcement psyche even today.

White Deputy Marshals made death threats against celebrated African-Americans, such as the Honorable, Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Reverend Al Sharpton, without any official sanctions or punishment.

White Marshals planted a loaded weapon near a notorious federal prisoner in a secured New York Federal Courthouse, endangering not only a white Marshal who had reported the mistreatment of black Marshals, but many other court employees and civilians, as well.

Senior white U.S. Marshal Service Executive Service officials engaged in open illicit sexual activities on federal property at the Headquarters Office in Arlington, Virginia. These individuals, who occupied the highest Marshal Service management positions, were indifferently disciplined and allowed to remain in their posts.

Transcripts from the District Court in a Washington D.C. case [Bryant vs. U.S. Criminal Case #94-249] show that the U.S. Marshal Service's highest ranking officials as well as high ranking U.S. Justice Dept. officials openly engaged in Federal corruption by assisting in the creation of ARGUS (Armed Response Group U.S.), a subversive and fanatically racist Militia group.

The creation of an illegally established federally chartered 501C3 (Tax Exempt) organization named the "U.S. Marshal Foundation", which is accused of theft and misappropriation of millions of dollars of tax payer government funds.

The misuse of federal property in the sales of U.S. Marshal badges for $500 or more. Senior U.S. Marshal's directing a policy of targeting black communities for drug enforcement activities, generating false arrest statistics which are overwhelmingly biased against blacks.

Senior white Marshals openly using the expressions "Coon" and "Nigger" and "Spic".

Finally, the U.S. Marshal Service has seen white deputies setting up their fellow black Marshals for beatings by prison inmates, white officers failing to provide backup for black officers, white deputies using a picture of Martin Luther King, Jr. for target practice during an annual firearm qualification, a white officer wearing a Ku Klux Klan costume terrorizing an office of black female Marshals and other white Marshals placing obscene and defaced photos of a 7 year old black murder victim on the desks of a black Marshal and his white partner. This same white officer was beaten by another white colleague and called "nigger lover" for supporting his black partner's discrimination complaint.

In April, 1978, Matthew Fogg, a 1976 graduate of West Virginia's Marshall University with a BS degree in Criminal Justice Administration, joined the service as a Deputy Marshal. Of the seven black officers in his initial training class, he was once one of only three who had not been harassed out of the service, the other two being assigned to career paths far below their abilities. He was instrumental in the apprehension of more than 270 fugitives and, in 1991, was awarded the U.S. Marshal's highest honor, the Director's Honorary Award for his leadership as a Fugitive Group Supervisor for the Metropolitan Area Task Force (MATF). His rank when forced out of the service was Supervisory Inspector Deputy U.S. Marshal.

It was while serving on the fugitive task force in Baltimore that Matthew Fogg's white colleagues abandoned him during an extremely dangerous arrest of an escaped drug dealer. As one of the top 15 fugitives in America, Michael Lucas, who had been doing 20-to-life in a Texas prison for major drug felonies, posed an exceptional peril to any officer who attempted to arrest him. During the arrest, Lucas attempted to shoot Inspector Fogg but was wrestled to the ground and disarmed by the Inspector. White officers from the task force, who were charged with providing backup and support for Inspector Fogg, had left their posts and returned to Washington, D.C. to complain about the assignment. This overt dereliction of duty endangered all of the officers who were temporarily assigned to the arrest, as well as, obviously, Inspector Fogg. Nevertheless, no charges were ever filed against these aberrant officers and, in fact, one was later promoted.

In 1984, Inspector Fogg was forced to initiate a Title VII discrimination case against the USMS, which was finally accepted by them in 1986. Thereafter he was denied promotions and assigned to a desk job and threatened with further retaliation if he did not rescind his complaint. In two dispositions, dated 10/92 & 2/93, the Service admitted to these violations and immediately began an program of harassment which created a hostile work environment and led to his Workman's Compensation disability claim due to devastating stress from discrimination and the resulting retaliations. Even though the claim was upheld by the Workman's Compensation Board, Fogg's superiors forced him back to work. When notified by Fogg and his personal physician that he was not ready, the Service dismissed him for insubordination.

Inspector Fogg's story is only one of the many instances of racism and retaliation in the nation's elite law enforcement agencies. Of course, if a Deputy Marshal dares to exercise his or her legal rights to attempt to end the harassment, the retaliation by the Marshal's Service is nearly immediate.

Ruth Worsely, a supervisory deputy marshal working in New Jersey, was forced to share the restroom with her male coworkers, never notified of supervisory staff meetings she was required to attend, forced to perform minor secretarial and administration duties and prevented from using the official vehicle assigned to her. Her suit also relates the story of a white male colleague terrorizing her and other black employees in the Newark, New Jersey office by accosting them while he wore a white Ku Klux Klan style sheet.

Worsely, who stated that she had no intention of quitting her job even in the face of this bigotry, has also initiated a discrimination complaint against the Service. A 55 year old Seizure and Forfeiture specialist, Joan Cobbs, however, was so disturbed by the racist attack that she quit the Service entirely. The white deputy was not only never disciplined, he was instead given the transfer to his home state of Ohio that he had requested.

A black deputy working at the Washington, D.C. office, Arthur Lloyd, described how, while in a cellblock removing the handcuffs from the ringleaders of a prison riot, a white supervisor locked Lloyd in the cell with the prisoners and left. He was released thirty minutes later only, "because they had to bring in the prisoner's lunch wagon and had to unlock the door".

Last year, 240 black ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) agents won a multi-million dollar lawsuit for the same type of racial discrimination. Many similar suits are pending or have been settled with black agents of the FBI and Secret Service.

Calls for an investigation of the complaints against the U.S. Marshal Service have come from such disparate sources as Republican Sen. Alfonse D'Amato, Rev. Al Sharpton, Sen. Daniel P. Moynihan, Gilbert Branch, asst. executive director of NOBLE (National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives), Wallace Roney, President, International Council of U.S. Marshals Locals, American Federation of Government Employees and Maxine Waters, Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman (D-Calif.).

All decent Americans will support these calls to root out the evil of prejudice within the very government which is charged with protecting us. Any malignancy such as this that so permeates law enforcement will always become a cancer which will affect the citizens these officers are entrusted to protect. You and yours, no matter your race, will eventually feel the effects of the turmoil within the hallowed ranks of law enforcement. How can these intolerant bigots be expected to safeguard our rights when they are such eager participants in the destruction of their fellow officer's civil rights? How can we trust their ability to honestly investigate cases when one cannot be certain that all suspects are scrutinized due to differences in the color of the suspects? How many criminals are free simply by virtue of their color?

These millions of dollars are coming out of the pockets of American taxpayers, you and me. These "Bigots With Badges" are seldom forced to pay for the acts of small-mindedness either through discipline or financial hardships. We, the citizens of this nation, are paying each time an instance of outright racism is allowed to occur. As usual, the wrong people are paying the price for other's malfeasance.

By visiting Inspector Fogg's web page (Bigots With Badges), you can add your voice in demanding action from various government officials and asking that a probe of this obviously racist government organization be begun immediately. You can also add you words of support to Mr. Fogg by e-mail and keep up with the ongoing drama through the frequently updated additions to the site.

Whatever your choices, always remember that if the Bible is correct and we are all made in His image, then a very small portion of our fellow Americans are viciously attacking those He chose to color darker.

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