Archive of Another Perspective's Articles

    Column 1: A statement of my beliefs.
    Column 2: A test of your knowledge of Welfare
    Column 3: Welfare Reform suggestions
    Column 4: An overly snide political comparison column
    Column 5: How the Republican's "Contract with America" affects you
    Column 6: America's villains?
    Column 7: First of three part "Contract with America II"
    Column 8: Part 2
    Column 9: Part 3
    Column 10: Another Welfare Knowledge test
    Column 11: Congress' plans for your pension
    Column 12: Thoughts on the militia movement vs. today's politics.
    Column 13: Dictionary definitions of party labels
    Column 14: Thoughts on the budget stalemate of '95-'96
    Column 15: Local Questionnaire
    Column 16: Do the poor need a PAC?
    Column 17: A Brief Description of a Possible PAC For the Poor and Middle-Class
    Column 18: Does California Need a Tax Cut?
    Column 19: America's Corporate Dinner Table Conversation
    Column 20: A Capital Conversation
    Column 21: The Heritage Foundation is Wrong, Again
    Column 22: The HMO's Gag Clause
    Column 23: What a Country of Ironies
    Column 24: Interesting Facts & Figures
    Column 25: Let's Play "Destroy the FDA"
    Column 26: Political Evasion
    Column 27: The Bible & Welfare Reform
    Column 28: Shop Locally
    Column 29: Family Values
    Column 30: A Republican Consultant's Memo
    Column 31: Bumper Sticker Politics
    Column 32: Campaign Money
    Column 33: "Welfare Reform" Reform
    Column 34: Scapegoats
    Column 35: A Fairy Tale
    Column 36: 10th Amendment Challenge to Conservatives
    Column 37: More HMO Lies
    Column 38: Bill of Rights Revisited
    Column 39: The Cost of Ceremonies
    Column 40: Crazy Politicians
    Column 41: USA, INC!
    Column 42: Land Mines
    Column 43: More Interesting Factual Trivia
    Column 44: Utility Deregulation's Many Pitfalls
    Column 45: Some Conservatives are Listening
    Column 46: Another Set of Futile Facts
    Column 47: A Little Free Verse
    Column 48: Why Do I Keep Writing?
    Column 49: Let's Compare Realities
    Column 50: Jaywalking vs. Murder - A Congressional Viewpoint
    Column 51: More Fun Facts & Trivia
    Column 52: The CPI Change is Purely Political
    Column 53: The Worship of Muscle Over Mind
    Column 54: A Clue to America's Ills
    Column 55: The "Telecommunication Act" Rip-Off
    Column 56: The Theft of the Airwaves
    Column 57: More Pharmaceutical Company Rip-Offs
    Column 58: The "Late Fee" Scam
    Column 59: Some Important Questions Revisited
    Column 60: More Questions Revisited
    Column 61: A Child's Tears
    Column 62: In Defense of the 1st Amendment
    Column 63: The Airlines as a Metaphor
    Column 64: More Useless But Fun Facts
    Column 65: Ignoring America's Veterans
    Column 66: Yes, Virginia, there is a Satan
    Column 67: The Village of 100
    Column 68: Another Dozen Questions
    Column 69: Capital Gains Tax Reduction and Other Capitalist Lies
    Column 70: News Programs Aren't
    Column 71: A Mere Symbol & the Constitution
    Column 72: The Myth About Capital Punishment
    Column 73: Republican's "Comp Time" versus Your Overtime Rights
    Column 74: A Cornucopia of Information the Media Ignores
    Column 75: "Purr" Words
    Column 76: More "Purr" Words
    Column 77: The Truth About the Communication Decency Act
    Column 78: The Newest "Middle-Class" Tax Cut Lie
    Column 79: My Party Affiliation
    Column 80: More Republican Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
    Column 81: Hatred & Violence Will be America's Downfall
    Column 82: The Clinton Presidency's Legacy?
    Column 83: PURR Numbers
    Column 84: More Congressional Tax Cut Lies
    Column 85: Bigots With Badges
    Column 86: More Interesting Facts in Search of a Sensible Solution
    Column 87: A Fable For Our Times
    Column 88: American Corporation's Child Labor
    Column 89: Bigots With Badges II (Advocate Newspaper Version)
    Column 90: A God Worth Worshipping
    Column 91: "Crack Baby" Lies
    Column 92: Stop Hating Labor Unions
    Column 93: The Misdirected Hatred of Labor
    Column 94: What Will Replace So-Called "Big Government"?
    Column 95: More Budget & Tax Lies
    Column 96: Two Subjects Only Slightly Related
    Column 97: Privatization Does Not Work For America
    Column 98: Proctor & Gamble Is Insulting Children
    Column 99: Miscellaneous Nonsense
    Column 100: Corporate America's War on Workers
    Column 101: More Miscellaneous Nonsense
    Column 102: Theft of the Airwaves, Part II
    Column 103: Words of Wisdom
    Column 104: How Well Do You Know the Constitution?
    Column 105: Even More Miscellaneous Nonsense
    Column 106: More & More & More Trivia
    Column 107: The Conservative's Destruction of the FDA is Going to Kill Americans
    Column 108: The Second Cold War is Beginning
    Column 108: A Bit of a Poll
    Column 109: Children First
    Column 110: Would the Far Right Just Shut Up, Please?
    Column 111: Who is Really Calling?
    Column 112: Where Do We Go From Here?
    Column 113: The Lie of "Class Envy"
    Column 114: The Shame of the Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power
    Column 115: Lay-Offs - Just a Cost of Doing Business?
    Column 116: The Constitutional Right to the "Pursuit of Wealth"?
    Column 117: A Child of the Sixties
    Column 118: Where Do You Get Your Opinions From?
    Column 119: Clinton Again Pretends To Care About Children
    Column 120: A Look Inward
    Column 121: Shortchanging America's Veterans
    Column 122: Let's Clarify Who America Belongs To
    Column 123: America - Point By Point
    Column 124: What Today's College Freshmen Have Seen. (Version 1)
    Column 125: What Today's College Freshmen Have Seen. (Version 2)
    Column 126: I'm a Communist S.O.B. (I'm Told)
    Column 127: What Do I Want For America?
    Column 128: America's Veterans Are Homeless
    Column 129: HMOs, Republicans and Other Trivia
    Column 130: Trivia For Those Still Thinking
    Column 131: I'm Not a Liberal, But I Play One On TV
    Column 132: More Trivia For Those Still Thinking
    Column 133: Even More Trivia For Those Still Thinking
    Column 134: Some Examples of the Cost of Corporate Welfare
    Column 135: More Proof of the "Liberal Media" Lie
    Column 136: Looking at America's Taxing Alternatives
    Column 137: The Big Book of Meanness
    Column 138: Top 40 Reasons To Fight The Far Right
    Column 139: Trivia, Trivia, Trivia
    Column 140: Musings On A Christmas Day
    Column 141: The Cost Of Corporate America's Export Of American Jobs
    Column 142: Patently Offensive
    Column 143: Are We Morally Superior to Iraq?
    Column 144: The Threat Of The Global Economy
    Column 145: The Global Economy's Investment In Prostitution
    Column 146: Trivia...Again
    Column 147: Who Is This Guy, Anyway?
    Column 148: I Changed My Mind! Forget You Saw This!
    Column 149: Fortuitous and Fortunate
    Column 150: An Obscene Attack On The First Amendment
    Column 151: The Republicans and Campaign Finance Reform
    Column 152: Tax Reform For Idiots
    Column 153: Another Look At Euthanasia
    Column 154: Imagine There's No Afterlife
    Column 155: What You Don't Know About The Paula Jones "Case"
    Column 156: Pork! The Unkicked Habit.
    Column 157: Unaccepted Truth Is Truth, Nonetheless
    Column 158: More Proof That The Religious Right Isn't
    Column 159: What Liberals and Conservatives Have Given America
    Column 160: Trivia Is Its Own Reward
    Column 161: Some Truths About The Tobacco Agreement
    Column 162: Trivia Is Still Its Own Reward
    Column 163: HMOs vs. a "Patient's Bill of Rights"
    Column 164: Trivia 101
    Column 165: Banks vs. Credit Unions
    Column 166: More on Banks vs. Credit Unions
    Column 167: Trivia 102
    Column 168: Bernie Sanders and America's Future
    Column 169: Trivia 103
    Column 170: The Misuse of Words
    Column 171: A Political Party That's Close Yet...
    Column 172: Trivia 104
    Column 173: A Bill of Rights For Children
    Column 174: Trivia 105
    Column 175: The End of the World
    Column 176: The Republicans Are Abusing Your Children Again
    Column 177: Trivia 106
    Column 178: Consider the Odds!
    Column 179: Trivia 107
    Column 180: A Small Defense
    Column 181: Just a Few Reasons Why I Write
    Column 182: Trivia 108
    Column 183: Trivia 109
    Column 184: Trivia 110
    Column 185: Again, the Lie of the "Liberal Media"
    Column 186: HMO's and the GOP
    Column 187: Two Facts in Search of a Solution
    Column 188: Trivia 111
    Column 189: A Simple Question
    Column 190: Scary Facts You Probably Didn't Know
    Column 191: Trivia 112
    Column 192: Some Results of the Contra/CIA Drug Running
    Column 193: Trivia 113
    Column 194: Two HUGE Reasons Never to Vote Republican
    Column 195: Facts Are Stupid Things
    Column 196: Another Deregulation Failure
    Column 197: Trivia 114
    Column 198: Gambling Away Your Social Security
    Column 199: Be All That You Can Be...Then Go Away
    Column 200: The Show That Buried The Myth Of The "Liberal Media"
    Column 201: Partisan Hypocrites
    Column 202: Trivia 115
    Column 203: The Hunger in America That You Never Hear About
    Column 204: Trivia 116
    Column 205: Trivia 117
    Column 206: Trivia 118
    Column 207: Trivia 119
    Column 208: It Isn't Anymore Constitutional This Time, Either
    Column 209: The Death of Outrage Leaves Much To Be Desired
    Column 210: Lott and His Warped View of the Impeachment Process
    Column 211: The Global Economy Begins Its Fall
    Column 212: HMOs Attempt To Feed At The Taxpayer's Trough
    Column 213: America's Food Supply Is Mostly Unprotected
    Column 214: Throwing The First Stone
    Column 215: The Religious Right Is Neither
    Column 216: The Republican Message Of Hate Is Killing Innocent People
    Column 217: 400 American Historians Speak Out Against Impeachment
    Column 218: How Words Alter The Public Debate
    Column 219: Wealthy Owners Versus Wealthy Athletes...The Nation Loses Again
    Column 220: Voter Turnout Is Important
    Column 221: Labor Must Find A Voice Again
    Column 222: A Look At The Trolls Voting For Impeachment
    Column 223: Who Cares For The Children?
    Column 224: Social Security Is Under Attack From The Right, Again
    Column 225: The Medication Prescribed For You May Kill You! Thank The Republicans!
    Column 226: Three Facts In Search Of A Conclusion
    Column 227: Who's Watching The Store While The Trolls Play Under The Bridge?
    Column 228: Once Again, We Act Superior To Another Armed Nation
    Column 229: Trivia 1A
    Column 230: Trivia 1B
    Column 231: Trivia 1C
    Column 232: Trivia 1D
    Column 233: Trivia 1E
    Column 234: Trivia 1F
    Column 235: Trivia 1G
    Column 236: Trivia 1H
    Column 237: Trivia 1I
    Column 238: Trivia 1J
    Column 239: Trivia 1K
    Column 239: Trivia 1L
    Column 240: The Failures of Capital Punishment
    Column 241: Trivia 1M
    Column 242: A Little Ditty To Sing While Picketing The Abortion Clinic
    Column 243: America - Arms Dealer To Anyone With Money
    Column 244: A Politically Correct Fairy Tale
    Column 245: Consider The Children
    Column 246: Trivia 1N
    Column 247: Trivia 1O
    Column 248: Make This War The Last
    Column 249: A Reply To A Reader
    Column 250: More Thoughts On War, Religion And Corporate America
    Column 251: Will We See Campaign Finance Reform In Our Lifetime?
    Column 252: Things Congress Should Be Debating Openly
    Column 253: First Thoughts On The Littleton Massacre
    Column 254: The Littleton Massacre And The NRA
    Column 255: Reason and the NRA - Oil and Water
    Column 256: Racism and the Republican Party
    Column 257: If It's Sponsored By Corporate America, Then It Isn't A Grassroots Movement
    Column 258: The Politics Of The Drug War
    Column 259: Random Thoughts Of Great Sadness And Small Hopes
    Column 260: An Ultra-Conservative Wish List
    Column 261: Some Late Night Thoughts
    Column 262: The Right's Complete Disrespect for the Separation of Church and State
    Column 263: More Nike Lies and Half Truths
    Column 264: The Government's Lies and Unnecessary Wars
    Column 265: Conflicting Thoughts On A Conservative Site
    Column 266: Trivia 1P
    Column 267: Trivia 1Q
    Column 268: America's Citizens Are Economic Hostages To Corporate America's Whims
    Column 269: Trivia 1R
    Column 270: Trivia 1S
    Column 271: Whatever Happened To The Idealism Of The 60's?
    Column 272: Trivia 1T
    Column 273: Two More Mean Spirited Republican Attacks On Children
    Column 274: Once More Through The Conservative's Looking Glass or How Republicans Stopped Worrying About Our Freedoms And Are Selling Out The Constitution
    Column 275: Four of the Many Conservative Myths
    Column 276: Three Truly Stupid Acts by the House of "Representatives"
    Column 277: The Conservative Reports of the Death of Labor Unions Is a Bit Premature
    Column 278: Conservative Judge Rapes A Young Woman One More Time
    Column 279: Trivia 1U
    Column 280: Thoughts On Illegal Drugs, Pharmaceutical Companies, Republicans And Political Lies
    Column 281: Gary Bauer; Another Boil on the Butt of America's Politics
    Column 282: OSHA, Deaths, Injuries, The Republican Party, and Pragmatism (With Just A Word About Ted Nugent)
    Column 284: Another Racist "Church", A Murderer and the Republican Right
    Column 285: Millions of America's Chidren Are Hurting. The Republican Answer? Let's Cut The Taxes on Million Dollar Inheritences and Capital Gains
    Column 286: The Criminal Activities of the Bush Family
    Column 287: Another Easily Disproven Lie From the Conservative Media
    Column 288: Woodstock '99 and George W.'s Drug Use
    Column 289: The "Surplus" and the Republican Tax Cuts For the Wealthy
    Column 290: Trivia 1V
    Column 291: It May Soon Be Illegal To Discuss What Chemical Dangers Lie Next Door
    Column 292: Trivia 1W
    Column 293: Everyone's Getting Rich? Bull Droppings!!!
    Column 294: Bush Must Come Clean About His History of Drug Use!
    Column 295: A Prediction
    Column 296: Measles and "Big Government"
    Column 297: Legalize Marijuana and Save Innocent Lives
    Column 298: The Average American Is Being Left Behind In This "Booming" Economy
    Column 299: Trivia 1X
    Column 300: Another $90 Billion From Your Pockets To Corporate America's Via The Republican Congress
    Column 301: Guns Do, Indeed, Kill People
    Column 302: AB84 and the Conservative Media's Unbelievable Lies
    Column 303: Trivia 1Y
    Column 304: Think The Highways Are Unsafe Now?
    Column 305: Campaign Contributions? Bribery? Six One - Half Dozen The Other!
    Column 306: The Difference Between A Campaign Contribution And A Bribe? Five Lousy Syllables
    Column 307: An Historical View On Social Security's Current Woes
    Column 308: A New & Better Primary Election System
    Column 309: Trivia 1Z
    Column 310: The World Trade Organization And You
    Column 311: Trivia 2A
    Column 312: Hunger Remains A Reality For Millions Of Americans
    Column 313: The Deification Of A Simpleton
    Column 314: The Damage That Political Bribery Can Cause
    Column 315: The Hidden Side Of The WTO Demonstrations
    Column 316: Answering For Our Actions
    Column 317: Term Limits - Another Example of "Distraction Politics"
    Column 318: Easy Answers To Conservative Lies
    Column 319: Nonsensical Books From The Religious Right And Lies From The Heritage Foundation
    Column 320: The Death Penalty And Bush - Justice Or Bloodlust?
    Column 321: Do You Know What's In Your Food?
    Column 322: Bush's "Compassionate Conservatism" And The Bible
    Column 323: Another Perspective Endorses Rick Lott For The California Senate
    Column 324: Prop. 22 - Protecting Marriage Or Just The Fumes From A Hate Filled Foundation
    Column 325: Profits vs Jobs, The Lives Of Children And Defective Aircraft Parts
    Column 326: The Failures Of Star Wars Revisited
    Column 327: Paranoid And Full Of Hate, That Pretty Much Defines The Republican Party
    Column 328: Trivia 2B
    Column 329: The Confederate Flag Is The Symbol Of Racists!
    Column 330: Not All Males Even Try To Be Decent Men Or Fathers
    Column 331: How Does One Explain a Spiritual Belief
    Column 332: Trivia 2C
    Column 333: Tumbleweed Murders Another Human Being
    Column 334: Gas Prices Are Fixed, Particularly In California
    Column 335: Greenspan and Fairness = Oil and Water
    Column 336: Rezulin Finally Taken Off Market After It Caused Over 60 Deaths
    Column 337: Who To Blame When Your Lights Go Out
    Column 338: Triva 2D
    Column 339: Trivia 2E
    Column 340: Trivia 2F
    Column 341: Trivia 2G
    Column 342: The Duplicity of the War on Drugs
    Column 343: Trivia 2H
    Column 344: Why The "War on Drugs" Is As Senseless As All Of Our Others
    Column 345: Kidnapping And Lies
    Column 346: Everybody Should Pay For The Services They Use
    Column 347: Questions From A Daydream
    Column 348: Let's Kill The Kids
    Column 349: Corporate America's Love Affair With Kids And Prisons
    Column 350: Three More Lies From Tumbleweed And His Campaign Stooges
    Column 351: Corporate America's Invasion Of Your Schools And Your Child's Mind
    Column 352: Everything's Related To Everything Else
    Column 353: Trivia 2I
    Column 354: Two Solutions, One Lie and the Curse of the Liberal Media
    Column 355: Is Gore the Next Waffle King?
    Column 356: Republican Hypocrisy and Moral Failures
    Column 357: What To Expect From President Tumbleweed
    Column 358: Do the Wealthy Deserve Your Surplus?
    Column 359: A Search For Closure
    Column 360: More Proof of the Lie of the "Liberal" Media
    Column 361: America's "Reality" Is Pretty Much Just Lies
    Column 362: Bush Must Envy Uzbekistan's Injustice System
    Column 363: Consider Ralph Nader For President
    Column 364: The Real Cost of Tumbleweed's Tax Cut
    Column 365: Tumbleweed's Plan For The Destruction Of Your Social Security System
    Column 366: The NRA and Recreational Marijuana Users, We're Both Fighting To Regain Our Freedoms
    Column 367: An In-Depth Study On The Failure of the War on Drugs
    Column 368: Compaq Computers and Actual Customer Service, Never the Twain Shall Meet
    Column 369: Nyah! Nyah! I Told You So!!
    Column 370: It Ain't Easy Being Green, Part 1, The Gore Saga
    Column 371: It Ain't Easy Being Green, Part 2, The Tumbleweed Tales
    Column 372: It Ain't Easy Being Green, Part 3, The Nader Story
    Column 373: America's Education, Part 1, The Gore Years
    Column 374: America's Education, Part 2, The Bush Record
    Column 375: America's Education, Part 3, The Nader Promise
    Column 376: I Get High With A Little Help From My Friends, Part 1, The Bush Tale
    Column 377: I Get High With A Little Help From My Friends, Part 2, The Gore Years
    Column 378: I Get High With A Little Help From My Friends, Part 3, The Nader Promise
    Column 379: Equal Access To Medical Care For All - The Bush Policies
    Column 380: Equal Access To Medical Care For All - The Gore Policies
    Column 381: Equal Access To Medical Care For All - The Nader Policies
    Column 382: Why I Support Ralph Nader
    Column 382: Trivia 3I
    Column 383: It Ain't Nader Beating Gore!
    Column 384: A Million Reasons To Vote For Nader!
    Column 385: The Lies The Rabid Right Tells About Our Remarkable Teachers
    Column 386: The Electoral College Must Go
    Column 387: Hungry Children and the Predatory Credit Card Industry
    Column 388: Trivia 1J
    Column 389: More Corporate Welfare Abuses
    Column 390: America's Third World Democracy
    Column 391: Philadelphia, the Republican Convention, and the Constitution
    Column 392: Trivia 1K
    Column 393: More Deregulation Follies
    Column 394: The Supreme Court & Stolen Elections
    Column 395: Gore's Defeat and the Democratic Party's Future
    Column 396: Murderers in the Executive Suites
    Column 397: More Thoughts on Gore's Loss
    Column 398: L.L. Bean & the Separation of Church & State
    Column 399: Global Repression of Labor Unions
    Column 400: Isn't Bailing Out California Utilities Just Another Form of Welfare?
    Column 401: The Overt Theft of the White House and A Silly Headline
    Column 402: A Few Humble Ideas To Keep The Oval Office From Being Stolen, Again
    Column 403: A Fine California Whine and Other Nonsense
    Column 404: Some Thoughts and Reflections On the World
    Column 405: Who Should Be President?
    Column 406: Tax Cut? Sure, But For Whom?
    Column 407: Antibiotics Will Be The Death Of Us
    Column 408: Let's Stop Nader Bashing and Focus on the Real Enemy
    Column 409: Ashcroft and Weenie Democrats
    Column 410: Gale Norton and the Weenie Democrats
    Column 411: More Confirmations By the Weenie Democrats
    Column 412: Trivia 1L
    Column 413: Can the Democratic Party Bring Progressives and Liberals Home?
    Column 414: Trivia 1M
    Column 415: Trivia 1N
    Column 416: Trivia 1O
    Column 417: Trivia 1M
    Column 418: Trivia 1P
    Column 419: Trivia 1Q
    Column 420: Now, THAT Includes Just About Everyone!
    Column 421: Trivia 1R
    Column 422: Trivia 1S
    Column 423: Trivia 1S
    Column 424: Trivia 1T
    Column 425: The Lie of President Chaney's Tax Cut Exposed Once Again
    Column 426: Trivia 1U
    Column 427: Trivia 1V
    Column 428: Trivia 1W
    Column 429: Trivia 1X
    Column 430: Ashcroft's Southern Charm
    Column 431: Humble Suggestions for a Richer Life
    Column 432: Compassionate Conservative? Bull Poop!
    Column 433: You Know You're a Conservative When -
    Column 434: "Green Bigots"?
    Column 435: A Few Questions To End The Dispute
    Column 436: Energy Plan Or Environmental Disaster?
    Column 437: The Impending Death of Social Security
    Column 438: Thoughts and Ruminations on Our Strange World
    Column 439: David Brock, Conservative Charlatan, Finally Comes Clean
    Column 440: The Farce of War & Reality TV
    Column 441: Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" in the 21st Century
    Column 442: Understanding the Green Party's Charter
    Column 443: The "Well, DUH!" Awards
    Column 444: Customer Service? Just Another Quaint Relic of an Earlier Era
    Column 445: The "Mine" Decade
    Column 447: Commercial Information?
    Column 448: Trivia 1Y
    Column 449: The Five Basic Principles of Consumerism
    Column 450: Trivia 1Z
    Column 451: Trivia 2A
    Column 453: Trivia 2B
    Column 454: Trivia 2C
    Column 455: Shouldn't the Death Penalty Be Required For All Mass Murderers?
    Column 456: Who to Believe? A Rabid Republican or an Admitted Liar?
    Column 457: Tumbleweed's Strange Planet
    Column 458: The Present Is Appalling, Must Our Future Be As Well?
    Column 459: Wisdom Versus Vengeance
    Column 460: True Bravery and Real War
    Column 461: Things Haven't Changed No Matter How Often "God Bless America" Is Sung
    Column 462: America's Recent History Doesn't Deserve Flag Waving
    Column 463: Genetically Altered Food Has Already Killed Too Many Americans
    Column 464: In Government, Smaller Is Only Better for the Suits in the Suites
    Column 465: The Transfer of Wealth From the Poor to the Rich
    Column 466: Little That You Hear About Afghanistan is True
    Column 467: Wall Street & Corporate America's Economic Insults
    Column 468: Are There Many Gods or None?
    Column 469: The Vilest Criminals Work In Corporate Suites
    Column 470: Nuclear Energy Is Still Dangerous To Living Things
    Column 471: Religious Hate & Intolerance is Nothing New in America
    Column 472: Media Propaganda Among Friends
    Column 473: Question After Question After Question ...
    Column 474: Using Lennon As Propaganda
    Column 475: It's Astonishing That We're Not More Astonished
    Column 476: Letters From America's Lowest Common Denominators
    Column 477: Trivia 2D
    Column 478: Topps Bubblegum Blows It Big-Time
    Column 479: Trivia 2E
    Column 480: Trivial Thoughts on a Trivial Writer
    Column 481: Three Tales That Expose Just a Little of the Right's Agenda
    Column 482: Falling For Propaganda Seems To Blind Some To The Need For Wisdom and Thought
    Column 483: Republican Attacks on State's Rights
    Column 484: Those Who Favor Wisdom Over Violence Are Not The Cowards
    Column 485: An Unholy Pair
    Column 486: Our Civilians Are More Valuable Than Your Civilians
    Column 487: Trivia 2F - Fun But Informational
    Column 488: Trivia 2G
    Column 489: Trivia 2H
    Column 490: Trivia 2I
    Column 491: Trivia 2J
    Column 492: Trivia 2K
    Column 493: Merry F**king Christmas
  1. Column 487: Reforming the Arab World
    Column 488: Trivia 2L
    Column 489: Kangaroo Courts and Secret Executions
    Column 490: Christians Don't Fly Warplanes
    Column 491: Christians Cannot Be Republicans
    Column 492: Trivia 2M
    Column 493: Enron & the Moron
    Column 494: Your Life is in the Hands of High School Drop-Outs
    Column 495: Defending American "Civilization" From the Peacemakers
    Column 496: Proposition 36 and the Right's Misinformation
    Column 497: A Boy and His Airplane
    Column 498: They Won't Forget
    Column 499: Enron and Campaign Finance Reform
    Column 500: Ashcroft, the Moron, and America's Freedoms
    Column 501: Trivia 2N
    Column 502: Bush's Nuclear Hell
    Column 503: Trivia 2P
    Column 504: What Odds Are You Comfortable With?
    Column 505: The Inaugural Address of the New Benevolent Dictator
    Column 506: Greed, Altruism, Republicans, Conservatives, False Prophets, and the Words of Jesus
    Column 507: A True Spokesman of the People
    Column 508: One Very Logical Reason to Fight the Conservative Movement in America
    Column 509: Trivia 2O
    Column 510: Trivia 2Q
    Column 511: Higher Education and Political Leanings
    Column 512: Equal Treatment Under the Law
    Column 512: Red Blooded, All-American, True Blue Cowards
    Column 513: Trivia 2R
    Column 514: The Global Ownership of Your Government
    Column 515: Time For a Little Reality
    Column 516: Trivia 2S
    Column 517: Editorial Alarm At Fascism Everywhere But in American Politics
    Column 518: Dark Thoughts and Crystal Clear Nightmares
    Column 519: One One Millionth of One Percent
    Column 520: Trivia 2T
    Column 521: A Few Thoughts on Various Subjects
    Column 522: Why I Hate What America Has Become
    Column 523: Religion and the Founding Fathers
    Column 524: The Capitalist System of Governance is Obsolete
    Column 525: When Did America Get So Ignorant About the Value of Its Freedom?
    Column 526: Looking Forward to the Next Civilization
    Column 527: Conforming to Mob Rule
    Column 528: Gods of Death and Gods of Destruction
    Column 529: Your Child Will Soon Be a Glowing Lab Rat For Corporate America
    Column 530: One More Government Sponsored Theft Disguised As "Reform"
    Column 531: Trivia 2U
    Column 532: Trivia 2V
    Column 533: Trivia 2W
    Column 534: Hypocrites and Morons - but I Repeat Myself
    Column 535: The Republican Party's Golden Rule and Your Retirement
    Column 536: The Death of Decency and the Onset of Hell
    Column 537: Trivia 2X
    Column 538: Trivia 2Y
    Column 539: Stop Wasting Your Votes
    Column 540: The New Right Wing Government's Gifts to the Wealthy
    Column 541: Since I Went Away
    Column 542: Some People Still Can't Face Reality
    Column 543: A Few Appropriate Words
    Column 544: A Few More Appropriate Words
    Column 545: A Basic Foundation for a Progressive Candidate
    Column 546: A Few Important Rules and Realities For Life
    Column 547: One Idiocy That Creates a Right Wing Conundrum
    Column 548: The Hummer's Core Audience Seems To Be Cheaters
    Column 549: Just How Far Has America Fallen?
    Column 550: Is It Possible To Find Unbiased Reporting?
    Column 551: Trivia 2Z
    Column 552: How Bad Has America's Economy Become?
    Column 553: The Nazi's "Current Traitor List"
    Column 554: Trivia 3A
    Column 555: Spinning the Spinners
    Column 556: A Return Visit to Nazi Land, USA
    Column 557: Trivia 3B
    Column 558: The Words of a Soldier on the Ground in Iraq
    Column 559: Distraction Politics & This Regime
    Column 560: So Many Unanswered Questions
    Column 561: Questions That Must Be Answered About 9/11
    Column 562: The Republican Party's Real Religious Values
    Column 563: The Need For A New & Improved Religion?
    Column 564: The Tone And Substance Of My Part In The Debate
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    Column 569: Why I Call This Regime "Nazis" and "Fascists"!
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    Column 571: "Who Said This?" Pt. 5
    Column 572: Bush By The Numbers
    Column 573: Seven Months Of Thoughts
    Column 574:  Morals? Whose Morals?
    Column 575:  We Need Precise Wars
    Column 576:  Regaining America
    Column 577: The Promise of a New America
    Column 578: No Comforting Reassurances

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