A Statement of My Beliefs

This column is going to be about the problems we and our nation face. I am hoping to contribute
another perspective and possibly a better methodology for dealing with these seemingly
insurmountable crisises. Whether or not you agree with the entire scenario, I will have to rely on what I believe is mankind's basic instinct for positive change that you all will at least consider the options.

My basic assumption is this; we all believe in God in some form or other. From my studies of various religions, there seems to be many different views of Him but all seem to have the fundamental tenet that He in some way or other created all that we see and know. To extend the analogy to the most basic point, we are all created by the same God and, thus, are all His children and He loves us equally. (Yes, I know of some religions that proclaim that they are the ONE TRUE RELIGION. The problem is that there are so many that proclaim that view that most must be mistaken.) In any event, let's just work from the singular doctrine that we are equal in His eyes and that, as our most fundamental parent, He expects to at least try to get along with one another.

That decided, (it's decided because this is my column and I say so) I want to examine the
problems we face as a people and venture some opinions as to possible cures for our ills.

Understand this in particular; I am not stating unequivocally that all my views are indubitably correct and no other beliefs may be considered. I am not Rush Limbaugh nor Bill Press. I have no agendas that will get me elected to some office or that will make me wealthy. I am, rather, like you. I am sick of violence, of poverty, of undereducated college graduates, of racism, of divisive policies and campaigns, and of the constant rhetoric without measurable gain from our elected officials. I do not intend to make this a podium for any religious conversion but only to work from the fact that I believe that we are charged to do whatever we can to make His creation a better place for all His children, not just those who can afford it. It is possible to change the world for the better but as with all revolutions, some will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future. Some will not accompany the majority and that is just as well. Perfection in anything is unattainable. Let's just strive towards improvement.

In parting let me assure those of you who have no belief in any God that you still have a stake in our future. When fewer people are hungry, when more people are educated and employed, when we as a race (meaning the human race) are working to remove obstacles rather than erecting them we will all win.

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