Thoughts on the Militia Movement vs. Today's Politics

I was going to write a scathing column regarding the militia movement in this country. I was going to until I researched what their basic message truly is. Once you work your way through the sewer of conspiracy theories and unmitigated hate speech, their basic contention is that the government often abuses its authority in preparation for a mythical One-World Government.

Most of that is a very difficult proposition to argue with, indeed. The only problem for me, however, is that we see those abuses, and what they mean, differently. What I see our government doing is constantly exhibiting its complete incompetence, not its desire for some ethereal "One-World Government".

Consider just a few of the opportunities our glorious government has bungled.

Let's begin with the most famous incident in the near past which the militias pound on as the perfect example of the government's conspiracy to completely take away our liberties. It's conveniently ignored that the entire episode began with David Koresh's acquisition of unlicensed automatic weapons (which is, like it or not, currently against the law). The rest of the story pretty much proved only that the ATF and the FBI couldn't think their way off of a one way street. Given innumerable opportunities to arrest Koresh away from his "fortress", they instead tried to sneak up on the compound in the full light of day. Later, with the nerve-racking glare of the media's cameras full in their faces they chose to attempt to end the long stand-off with tear gas instead of simply continuing their course. The ensuing conflagration was either the fault of the inhabitant's oil lamps or the ignition of the tear gas or both, it really doesn't matter. The point was that the government screwed up on nearly a daily basis before the world. Where is the possibility that these clowns could ever hope to actually conspire to take over anything, particularly the world, without completely fouling it up?

Let's talk next about Bosnia, a situation ripe with chances to show America's power and might to the world. For the last three years or so the former Yugoslavians have been giving the world a repeat of the horrors that Nazi Germany visited upon its neighbors. The rape, murder and torture of tens of thousands, if not millions, of innocent women, children and the elderly was an excellent opportunity to show how much better the world be if only America forced a peace. What did we do? Both Presidents during this "war" (Bush and Clinton) tried to make it a European problem in hopes that it would just go away. There were no business interests involved; no oil, no terrorism on our soil, no Evil Empire to contain, no reason whatsoever to intrude in that filthy business. So we wavered and made brave threats which we had no intention of following through with. We talked about lifting embargoes, we talked about NATO and UN leadership, we talked and we talked. Only when our incompetence was completely on display and the entire country nearly in the hands of the Serbs did Clinton finally authorize air strikes against artillery and ammunition dumps. This finally brought the involved parties to the bargaining table where they have since participated in inconsequential blabber while continuing the war.

Next let's talk about Iraq. When we had the chance to eliminate Saddam Huesein, the man Bush compared to Hitler, we stopped and allowed him to not only retain power but to continue murdering his own subjects. The only reason we fought in the first place was over the oil supply in Kuwait that the Iraqi's had "stolen". Imagine, my friends, hundreds of thousands of lives extinguished in the name of cheap oil but no sure conclusion to the war. Surely a sign of a government capable of world domination.

I don't see any possiblity of our government or the United Nations or any other current organization having the intelligence, let alone the power, to control the world. We should be disgusted with the fundamental incompetence of our elected leaders, not their power schemes.

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