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Too Stupid To Be President  Refusing to lower the bar for Dubya since March 13, 2000.

Welcome to Letter Lane  A beautiful site that teaches the alphabet in ways appropriate to the youngest minds.  Pretty cool for the child in all of us, actually.

Funny Times  The Funny Times is America's leading liberal monthly humor review.  Cartoons and commentary sure to rile the Rabid Right and tickle the funny bones of more intelligent readers.

Democracy Means You!  It's factual, it's funny, and it's worth a few minutes of your life.

Useful Trivia  More trivia on more subjects than you can imagine. Very easy to get happily lost in.

Point of Life  Journey to enlighten your mind, body, soul, wealth, and happiness.

Entertainment -  A directory of websites related to fireworks, kites, pets, travel, guns, cars, tobacco, and dozens of other topics.

Greenwich Mean Time   Greenwich is where World Time is set (GMT).  

Link Exchange  Links, links and more links. A visit is better than a description.

Boy the Bear's Age Guage   Enter your date of birth in the little pop up window and see who you're older and younger than.  It's a lot more fun than my meager description.

Apoplectic Press  I DARE you to buy these cards and send them to your boss and your banker and that greedy, materialistic gnome down the street. These are magnificent rants for every occasion.  In particular, check out the Xmas cards.  In fact, send a few to the White House in care of

The Moron
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

He's a Nazi  "A five-minute song based entirely on the sampled words of Mr. Limbaugh. I don't know how many hours of the man's output they had to wade through but the resulting ditty "I'm a Nazi" features the man himself performing such choice lines as: "I'm a fat conservative butthead, a sick republican sleazeball, a fear-mongering scumbag, with the face of a horse's ass" and "I am nasty, insulting, basically revolting,. I'm a concentrated pile of human waste."  I owe this description to Stewart Kirkpatrick of  Enjoy the little moron and Tony Blair lip-sync to Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross's "Endless Love". Tony sings Diana's part, of course.

George W. Bush Speech-O-Matic  Just hit the "refresh" icon over and over.

CampChaos  Watch the little moron lip-sync to "Gay Bar" from Electric 6. Hear him sing "Let's start a war, start a nuclear war!" (Although they can at least pronounce the word correctly)

George W Bush Automatic Speech Generator  Now you, too, can misunderestimate the English language.  Now you can easily understand just how stupid and uneducated the little moron truly is and in his own words to boot. Too cool.

Mini Clip  See the little moron dancing with Britney Spears. You even have control over his dance steps and lighting.

Mind Connection  A BAZILLION quotes and links to even more.

Elf Bowling  Just what it says! Download Elf Bowling and Frogapult or Elf Bowling II or any other of a number of really twisted but highly enjoyable games.

Frank Potter's Science Gems  Frank is a physics professor at the University of California, Irvine. Topics are sorted by grade level.

Explore the Universe With Nasa's Astro-2  Lots of NASA Links and 'Ask the Astronaut' During Missions.

Space Weather Now    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's wonderful site that tracks solar storms and other aspects of the conditions in our immediate area of space.

GOES Solar X-Ray Imager  Beautiful, no, make that STUNNING images of our personal star. An amazing place to wander through.

The Exploratorium  Learn about particle physics and the brain and sports and your body and ...

Artist Ron Straka's Original Oil Paintings   Ron has an affinity for blues and greens, which adds greatly to his beautiful works (My two favorite colors, obviously). Also, if you enjoy Debussy's "Claire de Lune" then you're in for an added treat.

Teen Voices OnLine   Teen Voices is about girls being themselves and realizing their potential.  Teen Voices honors the authentic voices of teenage and young adult women. Teen Voices challenges the mainstream media's image of girls by providing an intelligent alternative packed with original writing, poetry and artwork.

Pie Man  Not just for those who remember the Sixties but great for those who lived in the Sixties but don't remember a lot about it.

Dilbert Comics  The jokes are hilarious until you hear the exact same words come out of your boss' mouth!

Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall  My main man Zonker's hang-out. It is, however, one of those sites that keeps trying to place a cookie no matter how often you tell it to "Cancel". Very poor practice. Write to them if it irritates you, too.

Publishers Clearing House  Enter every day to win their multi million dollar prizes. Lots of cookies, though.

The Adventures of Herb Urban   Pretty strange.

Urban Legends Reference Pages   These tales are divided into categories like radio & TV, Disney, music and, of course, sex, among others.

The Infamous Exploding Whale  I finally found this site again after it moved and after an alert reader pointed out the broken link and suggested another way to find it.  No kidding, kids, watch a huge whale be blown up with a half ton of dynamite. Needless to say that since the government, namely the Oregon State Highway Division, was involved it all went terribly wrong in a wonderful way. Not cruel as the whale was long dead and stinking up a beach.

Great Urban Legends   Ranks truth or myth status of rumors listed.

SloWWWenia  Billed as a "guide to virtual Slovenia". Huh? Interesting mix of languages, though.

The East Village  Another soap about 20 somethings. Graphics kind of suck but an interesting story, at times.

Grape Jam  A very interesting and unusual net soap opera.

101 Hollywood Blvd.  This time it's about filmmakers. Could be worse.

The Squat  A hillbilly spoof of The Spot. Actually pretty funny.

Comedy Central  A highly entertaining site from the Comedy Channel. Games, contests and other completely wierd activities.

Positive Press  Only good news at this paper. Where optimists meet to read.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium  Fish facts & habitats.

The Aurora Page  Check out the Northern Lights.

B-Eye  A bee's eye view of the world.

University of Maine's Lobster Institute  No, it ain't a school for lobsters. Well, maybe it is. Go see for yourself.

Virtual Pet Cemetary  Leave a written memorial to whatever pet just died or read the words of other grieving pet maniacs.

Ultimate Taxi  A Net-connected taxi in Aspen, Colorado. Very visual and you can even e-mail the driver. Whoa!

Ask Dr. Science Tongue in cheek answers to many of today's mysteries. Dan Coffey from Ducksbreath Theater is here to help.

Disgruntled  More suffering in a 'zine form. (Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever heard of someone being in a gruntled form of mind?)

Supermodel.Com  The latest fashion models, today's fashions and so much more. Not porn, so a good place for kids.

Wacky Patent of the Month  Hadn't changed in a while, the last time I checked, but neat for a first look.

gURL  A Great Place for Teenage Girls to Hangout.

Her Online  Explore your own "room", visit a virtual pizza place and a field house.

GirlTech  Check out "Chick Chat" and then go to the Games Cafe and Write Your Own Wierd Tale.

G.I.R.L.  Girls Internationaly wRting Letters. World-wide key pals - like pen pals.

Femina  A directory & search engine for women's sites but also a section devoted to girl's sites.

The Thinker  A collaboration of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - 60,000 digital images from ancient art to 50's & 60's Beat art.

Steve Mann has a wireless webcam attached to his body and you can see what he sees as he sees it.  Huh?

Editorial Cartoons  Nice collection of Editorial Cartoons.

Warner Brothers Animation  Games, photos, video clips. What's up, Doc? This is.

The Animaniacs Page  Hello, Nurse!

The FBI's current 'Ten Most Wanted Fugitives'  Recognize Any Friends?

Send Postcards From Places You Haven't Been  Also Fine Art Cards.

Economist Jokes  Pretty Funny But Kinda Highbrow.

PhoNETic Change Your Phone Number Into Letters & Words.

The Excuse Generator  Doesn't Actually Generate Anything But See If They Work On Your Boss.


Emergency Preparedness Information Center  Preparing for natural disasters - probably should have listed on the "politics" link page, huh?

Peterson's Education Center  Find your future college and maybe apply on-line.

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Unique gifts for Buddhists and those who appreciate the loving messages of Buddha and Buddhism.
Unique, funny, silly gag birthday gifts for men and for women of all ages.
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