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Here are some links that kids might find either useful for their schoolwork or just plain fun.. Some subjects overlap so keep looking if at first you don't find what you need.


Welcome to Letter Lane  A beautiful site that teaches the alphabet in ways appropriate to the youngest minds.  Pretty cool for the child in all of us, actually.

Washington Post Comic Page Comic strips galore!

Frank Potter's Science Gems Frank is a physics professor at the University of California, Irvine. Topics are sorted by grade level.

The Exploratorium Learn about particle physics and the brain and sports and your body and ...

Project Gutenberg An ftp site of over 640 free downloadable electronic texts. More added each month. Can't find that reference book in your local library? Check here.

On-Line Books Page at Carnegie Mellon University Search by author or title or just browse. Truly cool place.

Cambodia: Beauty and Darkness A beautiful site. Has photos, history and cultural information about one of recent history's most tragic countries.

The War Times Journal A great research site for any subject relating to military history.

Stony Run One of truly nice pages developed by a poet. Read his self-published poetry or works by Edmund Spenser and other 17th & 18th century English authors.

Particle Adventure Atom anatomy for the beginner.

The Children's Literature Web Guide A valuable resource for children, parents & teachers.

Think Quest Student science and technical projects.

Perseus Ancient Greece. The Romans should arrive soon.

Quest! Home of NASA's K-12 Internet Initiative A great source for science-educational material.

Thunder Lizards Dinosaur facts and fiction.

Windows to the Universe See the stars through pictures and movies. Sounds like its owned by Bill Gates, huh? Not yet, but soon!

The US Naval Observatory The most accurate clock in the country, sun & moon rise & set and even instructions to build your own sundial. Lots more so go check, yourself.

The Museum of Dirt Earth from around the world. Will it help with your homework? Who cares? This is the Web!!!

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Fish facts & habitats.

The Aurora Page Check out the Northern Lights.

University of Maine's Lobster Institute No, it ain't a school for lobsters. Well, maybe it is. Go see for yourself.

Explore the Universe with Nasa's Astro-2 Lots of NASA links and "Ask the Astronaut" during missions.

The Comet Hale-Bopp Home Page Keep coming here for information on the comet as it approaches Earth.

The NASA Stardust Discovery Mission A mission to be launched in 1999 to return a sample of comet's coma and interstellar dust to Earth in 2006.

The Mars Project Register to participate in this long term simulation of a journey to Mars.

Space Frontier Foundation A grass roots group for a superior route to space than the government's failures. Check out "Mars Direct" & "Mars Prize".

Mega List (Volcanoes) The place for links to many, if not most, volcano pages. Start here in your search.

Volcano Watch From NASA; maps, eruption updates, help on building volcano models and "ask a volcanologist".

Smithsonian's Volcano Page America's museum. If it isn't here, it probably isn't important. (Well, that might be too strong a statement. See for yourself.)

increase & diffusion The Smithsonian Museum's Web 'zine. Learn about the stories behind the millions of acquisitions to their collection. Fascinating.

Virtual Frog Dissection Designed for high school biology classes.

Netfrog Not quite as good as "Fluffy" (above) but still a good way to check out a frog's innards.

The Why Files Brought to you by the National Science Foundation - gives clear and easy to understand explanations of the science behind the headlines

Ask An Expert Cardiologists, engineers, math tutors and the like are here to chat with and answer your questions.

Hubble Space Telescope See photos that are truly cosmic..

Sunspots From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The American Presidency Multimedia lesson in little known facts about various presidents.

fastWEB A database of over 200,000 financial awards and scholarships for college. Fill out a ten minute questionaire get scads of info.

Candle Light Stories Kids can follow illustrated stories or check out the gallery of pictures and links to other story telling sites.

gURL A Great Place for Teenage Girls to Hangout.

Her Online Explore your own "room", visit a virtual pizza place and a field house.

GirlTech Check out "Chick Chat" and then go to the Games Cafe and Write Your Own Wierd Tale.

G.I.R.L. Girls Internationaly wRting Letters. World-wide key pals - like pen pals.

Femina A directory & search engine for women's sites but also a section devoted to girl's sites.


University of California Museum of Paleontology A time machine exhibit of plants, animals and other neat stuff.

Library of CongressWalt Whitman's notebooks, Harry Houdini posters, Civil War photos and a special exhibit on the American variety stage. Many displays and recordings can be downloaded.

United States Holocaust Museum Very Impressive Site.

Los Angeles County Natural History Museum One of the premier sites.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art Beautiful site.

Museum of Bad Art Well worth a visit to see some truly bad art.

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