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Faces of the Fallen  Photos of those who have given their lives protecting America's right to invade other nations for Corporate America's gain. If you don't feel like crying when you see this, then you must be a true blue Republican.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War   Just exactly what is says.

Veteran's Party  A new political party founded by Vietnam and other veterans against the little moron's wars.

www.barepolitics.com  Discussion community for National and World political and government issues.

Bush Watch  Bush Watch is a daily political internet magazine. It is highly entertaining and very informative. Well worth a visit.

Social Security SSN - Your online resource for Social Security!

Conservative Think  Everybody gets a say on my links.

Share The World's Resources  STWR (Share The World's Resources) is a non-politically affiliated network campaigning for justice and peace through the fair and equitable distribution of world resources.

Vote For Change  If you can't find a reason to vote for someone, anyone, other than George Bush at this site, you are simply not looking hard enough...or perhaps you have not come here as an objective voter.  Check out Monkey Boy Flings Poo for some primitive but cool cartoons.

Indy Media Center  Indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage. Indymedia is a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth.

Indymedia Print Project The print arm of the Indy Media Organization.

The Dr. Rath Health Foundation   Responsibility for Health, Peace and Social Justice.  Some very interesting health information and a world view that readers of Another Perspective will find fascinating.

CND - Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament  Live in the UK? Here's a grand site for all of you who despise the morons on both sides of the pond.

Democrats.com  Maybe the best site for real news and commentary and Bush jokes (two words that mean the same thing) that you'll probably find. Very intelligent and very funny and very, very scary.

Too Stupid To Be President  Refusing to lower the bar for Dubya since March 13, 2000.

He's a Nazi  "A five-minute song based entirely on the sampled words of Mr. Limbaugh. I don't know how many hours of the man's output they had to wade through but the resulting ditty "I'm a Nazi" features the man himself performing such choice lines as: "I'm a fat conservative butthead, a sick republican sleazeball, a fear-mongering scumbag, with the face of a horse's ass" and "I am nasty, insulting, basically revolting,. I'm a concentrated pile of human waste."  I owe this description to Stewart Kirkpatrick of skirkpatrick@scotsman.com.

zen15631.zen.co.uk/bb.mpg  Enjoy the little moron and Tony Blair lip-sync to Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross's "Endless Love". Tony sings Diana's part, of course.

George W. Bush Speech-O-Matic  Just hit the "refresh" icon over and over.

CampChaos  Watch the little moron lip-sync to "Gay Bar" from Electric 6. Hear him sing "Let's start a war, start a nuclear war!" (Although they can at least pronounce the word correctly)

George W Bush Automatic Speech Generator  Now you, too, can misunderestimate the English language.

Bushisms.com  Now you can easily understand just how stupid and uneducated the little moron truly is and in his own words to boot. Too cool.

Mini Clip  See the little moron dancing with Britney Spears. You even have control over his dance steps and lighting.

Mark Fiore's Gallery Some of the finest and most thoughtful political cartoons and animations I've ever found.

Democracy Means You It's factual, it's funny, and it's worth a few minutes of your time.

Public Citizen  Ralph Nader's flagship operation. "Protecting Health, Safety and Democracy."  A grand site.

There They Go Again   Opening the windows of the smoke filled room.

Naked Wood Nymphs For Inquisitor General AshKKKroft  If you have to ask you shouldn't get your undies in an uproar.

Practical Radical  A great pro-liberty, anti-idiocy, anti-Bush (but I repeat myself) site. Loads of information and some very helpful and informative links. Extremely worth the visit.

InFact  A national grassroots corporate watchdog organization. Remember the Nestle's boycott?

Americans United for Separation of Church & State  Precisely what its name implies and precisely what the Constitution and Bill of Rights demand. A great group.

Center for Constitutional Rights Fighting for your rights as an American as well as well as the rights of people around the world.

HumanRightsNow  A premier site for information about the continuing theft of your Constitutional freedoms. Michael Ratner, an international human rights lawyer, is obviously a national treasure in this time of America gleefully giving away freedom in exchange for absolutely no increase in real security.

Dean and Justin's Political Journal  An effort by two Americans to make sense of the crimes of the 2000 election and beyond.

TomPaine.com  A public interest journal. Very informational site.

How the US Government Created the Drug Problem in the USA. Good information with a believable premise. Something to think about, at least.

Coup2K Just about every factual event regarding the overthrow of the American government by Baby Bush and his owners.

ReclaimDemocracy.org Read the truth behind the sanctioning of Corporations and the real limits once placed upon them in a saner time.

Pie Man Just check it out! It's a little of everything.

Psycheocracy I haven't the slightest notion as to how to describe this site. No kidding!

13 Myths Exposes the Conservative agenda, the 2000 election and more to come. Recommended reading for those who seek intelligent answers to politically charged questions.

SmartGroups SmartGroups is a place to discuss politics in all of its glory. You can even debate European politics here.

Bigots with Badges A black U.S. Marshall is suing the service over an amazing amount of racism and government negligence concerning the issue. Look for an article in Another Perspective covering this man's ordeal. Once again, Uncle Sam is showing its true "colors".

Common Cause The nonprofit group that watches our politicians and their politics. A tremendous amount on info on campaign finance reform, Constitutional amendments, corporate welfare and lots more. Join them and work towards a government we can again be proud of.

Executive Pay Watch Check out how your salary stacks up to America's CEO's. Brought to you by the AFL-CIO. Careful, you won't be happy with what you learn here. Go here for the AFL-CIO's home page.

The Banneker Center for Economic Justice A site devoted to reforming tax laws. Check out Dr. Quiggly's Museum of Tax Oddities or vote for your favorite Corporate Welfare Queen.

Los Angeles Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility Search a database on radiation hazards, ways to prevent gun related violence and news and proposals on health care issues.

Federal Election Commission Lots of very useful information as to who bought the election and the candidates this time around. Highly recommended!

The Gallup Organization Polls appear constantly and on just about any issue you're interested in.

CapWeb The on-line guide to Congress.

The Concord Coalition The central location for budget balancing information.

Congressional Quarterly Voting records, speeches for your Representative & Senator

Read and search the Declaration of Independence and other important American documents. Surprisingly, most have never read this important document, they only try to talk as if they have.

Read the Bill of Rights Highly recommended for the scum that sees this document as an obstacle to their illegal regime's plans - the moron and his thugs.!

Search the US Constitution I particularly enjoyed the First Amendment part.

World Church of Deism (Formerly the The Jefferson Project) I Highly recommend this site!!!

Title Unknown I don't know what this site is called but it contains an awesome amount of information...from government statistics to full copies of books like "Peter Pan" & "The Strange Case of Doctor Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde". A wonderful site in which to spend a rainy afternoon!

Public Opinion Polls on Everything And I do mean "Everything"! Once you make your selection, it shows you the results of everyone's opinion - a little slow on the updating, though.

Skeleton Closet Learn bad stuff about bad people - your elected representatives.

Top Ten Overlooked Stories from Project Censored This site proves that the "Liberal Press" is a right wing invention.

Votelink Vote like the real thing - Divided By Country.

First Amendment Cyber-Tribune An Amazing Source of Internet Related First Amendment Issues.

Committee for Freedom of the Press

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Amnesty International The Premier Human Rights Organization.

Refuse & Resist The Climate of Resistance.

United States Holocaust Museum Very Impressive Site.

Peace Corps One of the greatest government programs ever.

The Right Side of the Web:The Speaker's Corner   A Love-In for Newt Fans (how would you like that on your tombstone?).

Far Right news and political cartoons   Heritage Foundation & Progress and Freedom Foundation links.

League of Conservation Voters   Check How Your Representative Does On the Environment.

World Constitutions Current and Historical Constitutions From the Magna Carta to 1992 Estonia Republic.

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