Why Another Perspective Exists

I am an idealist and I happily admit it. I truly believe that this nation can do what no other nation in history has ever done before. I believe that we can, with a great and concentrated effort, redirect the human race away from the dismal, greedy, violent, selfish, egotistical and self-destructive present in which we are wallowing and to lead the world into a peaceful and just future for all of mankind.

We have the technology and the wealth to bring fairness into the lives of every human on Earth.  We have the ability to bring health care and an education and decent nourishment and justice to the world's inhabitants. We have the ability to limit, if not outright end, war and famine and disease.  We have, above all else, the power to make this world safe for every child on Earth, both now and forevermore.

What are we doing, instead?

We are allowing our government to be openly bought and sold by the wealthy and the already powerful.  We are allowing our government to distract us from that horror by their finger pointing and constant criticizing of any group that is too defenseless to protect themselves. We are informed that all of our problems are caused by immigrants and feminists and labor organizers and liberals and Mexicans and gays and lesbians and on and on and on. The source of our problems change as quickly as the public unconsciously allows it; from civil rights activists in the 50's and 60's to hippies in the 60's and 70's to liberals in the 70's and 80's to immigrants in the 90's. Never does the debate focus on the true nature of our national ills; the greed and selfishness and black hearts that was epitomized by the vile Reagan Revolution and the Clinton idiocy and the outright evil and punitive Republican Revolution.

The freedom of the press that the America's media once embodied has become completely controlled and negated through the simple act of allowing Corporate America to consolidate nearly all major outlets into the five or six conglomerates that currently control them. While preaching the mantra of the "Liberal Media" to the unthinking masses, the conservatives who own the media have fundamentally changed the national debate through the act of offering only that information which their owners desire Americans to know and think about. Conflicting thoughts and voices and viewpoints are essentially nonexistent in this world of the conservative's media. Any dissenting voice that attracts the public's attention is ridiculed and attacked. Any group who finds a way to publish their opinions find that the financial support of their advertisers will suddenly disappear due to back room warnings and threats by the neo-Nazis that infect this nation and its government.

Self proclaimed "Christians" greedily take from the poor and helpless. They judge all of America"s needy as "lazy" and "shiftless" and begrudgingly offer or outright refuse to offer even the most basic of assistance to them, even though the God which they claim to worship demands that they happily and without pause care for the poor and needy and elderly and, most importantly, for the children. These "Christians" proclaim themselves members of the "Conservative Christian Coalition", ignoring the fact that the most famous and outspoken ultra-liberal in all of Earth's recorded history was their Messiah, Jesus Christ, whom they believe to be the Son Of God. Every belief that Christians must align themselves with in order to call themselves a conservative flies in the face of every commandment given them by Christ. His all-encompassing love and inclusion is their bigotry and hatred. His charity and kindness is their greed and selfishness. His calls for peace are their love of war and guns and violence. His demand that his followers give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's is their love only of what is Caesar's and amusement or gleeful dismissal of or, ofttimes, their outright opposition to those who truly follow God's path. His love of children is their prisons and war and consumerism. His demand for sharing one's wealth is their whining about "Welfare Reform" and "my money" and "no taxes" and "smaller government" and on and on.

The Internet and the World Wide Web was developed and became available to the masses at exactly that point in our history when a means of freely speaking out was most needed. The Internet permits open-minded and thinking Americans to compare and hone their beliefs and to come together and to act as one in forcing the debate back to reality and away from the greed and the bigotry and exclusion of Reagan's and Gingrich's America. It allows us to create the foundations that will be needed to wrest control of our nation's heart and soul away from the evil that the conservative movement poses and the inertia that the now passive and compromised liberal movement demonstrates.

Another Perspective is written in hopes that we can offer some small part of that information which will be needed to recharge the national debate. We are here in hopes that one more voice can add to the growing cry demanding that our nation be taken away from the grasping, greedy clutches of Corporate America and the wealthy few who own it. We are here because we know that we are hated and reviled by those who wish to silence every rebellious and unconforming soul. Finally, we are here because we cannot allow the meanness and filth that passes for politics and politicians in America to destroy the future for this small, sweet and trusting child.

Another Perspective exists because it must exist. Without channels such as this for honest, loving, sharing and caring Americans to speak out against the evil that is America today, we are all doomed to a future that will be bleak, painful, greedy and violent.

That is why Another Perspective exists.

Write me at:jcannon@anotherperspective.org